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What are Your Present Inspirations to Experience as Infinite Consciousness
January 23, 2017

2017 Contemplations and Aspirations as the Infinite

, now is a great time to continue expanding infinite consciousness for some radical aspirations. We can leave behind all the old past ways and fears, and move into embodying the Infinite more consciously and fully.

In the newest web-page, Infinite Self, we are not stretching our imagination, we are instead expanding more of the Infinite in our Body. We are not striving to become a better person, we are allowing the true Infinite to be who we really are and living it.

We are consciously through awareness wiping clean by inquiry and contemplation of all that’s been implanted as ideas we’ve lived and believed that are false and limiting. This opens the space now for us to be living from the most powerful Infinite Self that we either know we are, or becoming more familiar with.

We are becoming the evolved Infinite Being consciously in the body, and using all the most elegant divine powers we’ve always had available. The limited personality masks have hidden our true self for way too long. Are you ready to dive deeply into contemplating the radical truth? With your most open mindedness, read on through this link. Infinite Self

Big Infinite Cheers to the Evolving Future

Infinite Cheers to the Infinite One that’s empowering us all. Big cheers to living that infinite consciousness in every way, situation, encounter, in all you think, do and feel. Celebrate the unveiling of the One Priority over everything else. As you do, the unified power and love will energetically become reflected in all and everything as a result.

Infinite Cheers and Love, Anna

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