Infinite Self Now

New Future Aspirations

Being the Infinite Self Now is not only knowing who you really are, and using the greatest power universally available to be utilizing, but also is the greatest service to humanity too.   To no longer strive to being the best person's we can be, we are striving to be the Infinite Self consciously in embodiment.  Staying self-aware as the Infinite, we drop the person as being the first priority and of who we believed we were. 

When we take off all the personality masks of different roles we play and wear, and instead BE who we know in our heart to BE, we have the ONE power available.  The biggest mask to remove ourselves from is the ego, not the mind, the mind will expand without ego/fear.  The ego is only recordings from past conditioning's that keep us in fear and limitation.  The more we become aware to notice and no longer engage in fear, the veils become thinner for the Infinite to come through.   

Whether it’s panic, anxiety, stress, depression, limitation, actually any negativity will be under the mask of fear.  Fear has been a great teacher when it was needed to inform and alert us of any dangerous situations.  But what have we really learned?  For instance, we learned that fire can harm us.  Though we were not taught until later that as our Infinite Self we can walk on fire, touch fire and not be burned, as fire walking shows us.   Whether you’ve experienced that possibility yet or not, you know it’s available to experience.  It all depends on the ideas we’ve had implanted from limited past or instead from infinite ideas.

Past Fear Ego or Present Power of Love

If we are still living from fear then we will not be living the change we prefer to experience as our reality.  If we live from our Infinite Self Now, we will be living as our highest and best potential, not only for ourselves, but also as an embedded service to humanity.  Being of service to humanity is being the Infinite Self now, which adds to the collective consciousness in the most infinite evolutionary ways.

Throughout every part of our day, we must stay consistently consciously present as the Infinite Self.  Because if we are not, we are living unconsciously and reacting from the ego of fear?  This is the most profound and important awareness to be noticing because every reaction has a result, and those results are infused with energy that also has a domino effect.  So being consciously aware and living in the present moment is where all the powerful energy really is.

Bringing Everything and Everyone
back to Neutral is Being the
Infinite Self

Stop Being Robotic to Conditioning or to the Matrix

When we truly bring everything and everyone back to neutral, we bring it back to the greatest infinite power of the present, which is where the Infinite One and Power always is and will always be.  When we stop to take a deeper look at the most mundane things we do, we can expand ourselves immensely to see the infinite truth that everything really is neutral.  Though below may be some advanced choices that we may pick to experience, or we may not, it's great to know we have many infinite choices compared to the limited ones.   

Why do you eat food?  Do you eat out of fear because of the implanted idea that you must eat for the body's nutrition and energy, believing the body will deteriorate without eating?  And what and why do you eat what you eat?  Do you have complicated ideas that you have to eat certain foods because of the beliefs of nutritional values?  Who created that belief or implanted that idea  and fear in our minds?  Or do you eat simply for the love and enjoyment of what you eat?  Blessing your food simply with intentions that it doesn't matter what you eat or how often, you just eat for the enjoyment and the body naturally enjoys it, and anything you eat will automatically be nutritious for the body.  These are profound inquiries to contemplate because when you do, you’ll realize and open the door to use this same inquiry about everything. 

I reposted the video I shared in the last newsletter webpage,  feeling it’s important to go over it again.  Joseph Murphy shared about Dr. Viktor Frankl that when imprisoned, Frankl and the other doctors experienced breaking through all the false ideas that have been implanted as being truths, which really were implanted ideas that held no truth at all.

If the limited ego is distracting you by thinking this is so mundane and not important, when it’s the most important inquire you can make.  Taking everything and everyone back to neutral, zero is the biggest step to undoing all that’s been programmed in fear.  Once we realize that Neutral is the Infinite Conscious Awareness, the true one we all are.  Just by investing the time needed to being consciously aware not only of "why" we do everything, but also if it's done because of conditioned unconscious fear?  This will unravel all the power we have leaked out and bring the power back where it belongs, to our true selves.

Infinite Force and Some Deeper
Contemplative Inquiring

Infinite life force is what is really sustaining us completely, not all the programming from the past.  Some of the most essential tools that the Infinite Self uses… is the mind and body, time and space, and it doesn’t need anything else to keep us perfect, whole and complete.  Any idea’s other than this is what keeps us limited.  Though any tools we use will always be empowering when we know they are just tools and not get confused that we are the tools.  This way we as the Infinite One will always be the master, and the tools will be the loving tools the master uses as the greatest service universally. 

When we are fully alert, consciously aware and present while doing everything as the Infinite Self, we are living the most powerful force universally.  And then we begin to experience all the seeming in the past impossibilities becoming possible, doubts drop away, and trusted knowing takes over.  This breaks down all the doors for us as the infinite self to really enjoy, and creatively create life in the most perfect, complete, wholly harmonious ways.  New infinite ideas come through so easily too.

The More We Know, the More Choices
We Have to Choose from

Keeping in mind that all these contemplation's is to know more about what's possible, which allows us many more choices to choose from.  We get to choose whatever resonates with us individually, which will expand collectively.  So that what seemed impossible in the past, becomes our experiences, our own proof that breaks through that false implanted ideas of the past.

Contemplating that even oxygen we use for breathing is a tool, a medium for the life force for breathing?   Which is "Pranayama"   That’s the reason some masters of reality can keep the body going even when they’re vacationing into other dimensions for long lengths of time.   Or be buried under ground for months or years, and then come out as if nothing has happened.

Contemplating that the idea of food sustaining our body of life is also false?  We already heard of many of people who have gone without food or liquids for decades.  So many ideas we’ve been programmed to believe are false, however, we choose to come into this physical play to experience the most dense reality for the experience and challenge to remember and get above it all.  When the body absolutely knows that we don’t need food for survival, the body is then able to live fully and perfectly without food or the drinking of liquids.  Then the body can be sustained from the Infinite Source itself.  But just as everything else, the body’s old conditioning must be changed, or reprogrammed to the new infinite conditioning.

Contemplating that even ideas of sleep have been programmed?  Though I haven’t experienced going without sleep for days, but I have experienced awakening at 3am and going and doing so much all day long.  And then after a busy day, come home and stay up until after 1am and still have lots of energy.  As the day and night unfolded, the energy actually increased, not decreased.  I would sleep for 3 or 4 hours and go at it again.  Though this wasn’t an intention I was consciously aware of when doing it, I just kept going naturally. 

When recalling and speaking about this, I realized I was also in bliss the whole time, which means I was as The Infinite Self, not the personality.  I was going about the day and night as the Infinite One without paying any attention to any limiting programming.  And when any desires I had popped up, the river of thoughts had no past doubts either.  Just a feeling of yep, absolutely, they will all manifest.

Contemplating that death may the same kind of idea and programming that can keeps us dis empowered, especially when we truly know who we are?

What about not following the white light after death?  And instead stay as your infinite self with all memories intact and producing another body in a different way other than being recycled without any memories.  Just to be open to inquiring that death may be a similar type of programming, just as eating food out of fear..  Fear of living and expecting something much better after death, instead of expanding with intact memories into the process of physical immortality

Now of course because all possibilities are possible to choose from, you can die consciously and know what you are doing too, and go on to other dimensional realities.  Or you can also do that while in a body right now.  Who has convinced us, or implanted the idea that death is inevitable, or a road to something better and happier than to live life fully with all your infinite self and power? But no matter what we choose, it's really for the experience and we always have the powerful present presence available.

The more we know, the more choices we have, and being the infinite self our knowledge and choices become even more beyond the norm.

Contemplating about humanity’s evolution and being the greatest service to humanity by being and staying as your infinite self, and expanding it into an evolved infinite human being?  Practicing and mastering Siddhis points to that direction for humanity.  Sri Aurobindo speaks about this through his writings and life.  Did you know that Sir Aurobindo practiced and was able to become invisible and then visible again?  His maid was a witness to it. 

Contemplating the truth that aging, poverty, illnesses and death, and any lack is all a disease?  A virus of the fear programming.  The Infinite One doesn’t lack anything. and actually gives unconditionally.  So unconditionally that we can play as personalities in the lowest negativity of lack, or the highest empowerment of bliss, and even go back and forth. 

Contemplating that you can have Infinite Immunity when you are consciously the Infinite Self?  When we know who we really are, the Infinite Self, we will never be lost or harmed, ever.  It is only when we lower our self and become more identified with the personality in consciousness of fear that we will believe we’re lost or not protected. 

Once we know this, and have experienced this, it’s the greatest inspiration that by staying as our Infinite Self we do have Infinite Immunity.  Immunity to all disease, to death, to lack of any kind, and also we are fully protected from any lower entities or thoughts.  Lower thoughts and entities cannot eavesdrop on us at all because they can’t reach those higher realms of consciousness.  But as soon as we lower our consciousness into ego and fear, our immunity drops. 

Contemplating that when you are absolutely, totally the Infinite One completely, that all you have to do is show up, and the other is healed if they have that in their unconscious intentional plan to be.  That by being the Infinite Self, just showing up anywhere and in any encounter or situation immediately changes just from your infinite presence.  Believe it or not, this is what is actually occurring presently, always has and always will.  But most of what we're radiating is still of old conditioning's of fears.  The difference is once we’re aware this is how it’s always been, we can shift much easier because all we have to do is Be the Infinite Self in all we are and do. 

So the only thing we really have to do is drop the ego/fear programming, and live from our heart of pure unconditional love with everyone and everything.  We only have to unveil what’s been covering the Infinite with false ideas.  Just by doing this every day will quicken the unveiling to come forth.  So that infinite immunity, infinite grace and peace caresses all, and is an overflow to everyone and everything.  This is the Infinite Desire to aspire the infinite work towards our Becoming the Infinite with fully conscious awareness in our Body’s.

Did you know that as the Infinite Self fully, when there’s no ego/fear, that we no longer need the subconscious?  The conscious mind and subconscious was only needed as a tool in stages of finite to infinite growth.  The conscious mind was designed to filter what goes into the subconscious, along with what was needed instinctively to survive in physical. 

Once we are fully the Infinite Self, and as we go through the stages of infinite internal external growth, the conscious and subconscious merge with the heart.  Then we’d never do anything unconsciously when we are fully self-realized infinite beings, living totally from the ONE without fear or programming.  Then we are living powerfully presently with total awareness and instantly creating our creations.  We as the Creator/Creation are one and the same, no other beings or situations can ever distracts or disturbs us. 

This is total sovereignty.  And for most of us, though we still have a way to go.  How you can know this is by contemplating what it would be like to be fully Infinite?  Are you able to be so pure and clear that all you think would be okay to manifest immediately?  If not, keep going.  This may even feel too  fearful until we discover more of the infinite self we are.  It's through more conscious growth of the real true Infinite Self consciously unveiled in our body.  As we become more comfortable and adaptable, bit by bit, just like everything else has been on this journey.  We are constantly unveiling our Infinite Being.    

Have you ever contemplated about desires?  Many older teachings have “implanted” ideas that “desires” are something taboo, to stay away from because it causes suffering.  Keeping in mind, we can only experience suffering if we define it in a fear definition to mean hurting and pain.  When we define suffering as an infinite blessed gift, then we define it differently, and will experience it differently too.  Desires then become an answer to our problems and an aspiring inspiration to fulfill them.

Well, I contemplated about “desire” and came to the wisdom that letting go of desire is false too.  Think about this…the Infinite One of All Sources of Creation had an original “desire” to fragment ITSELF into all these pieces we call “us.”  and experience through senses while using a physical body.  If the Infinite One had an original desire and that’s the reason we are all here, then the old teachings have false info to say we should let go of all desires.  Who knows better than the original Infinite One that we all are when all the masks are removed.  Also, as the Infinite Self, the desires transform into aspirations and become more of a service to humanity’s evolution.

In the Physical World, Everything
Always Changes

Being always on the verge of changing and becoming not only comfortable with change, but to become excited about changes is the best way to live.  Going beyond and fulfilling to make more unknown known is being the Infinite Self, and the greatest service to humanity’s evolution.  Picking from infinite possibilities that can become humanity's newest future. 

Begin opening up to infinite intuition of how the future can be, from there we will be designing the future that will unfold for us to experience and live.  Letting go of all past that’s no longer of any service for us, especially if it is fear based. 

Letting go of all fear based energy is the number one way to know your true infinite self and evolve consciousness fast because then we are using time as a tool, instead of time using and enslaving us.  This allows the Infinite Self to be the first and only authority and priority to Be living from.  Being the Infinite Self we’ll be consciously seeing the future visions in our present to bring them about, and this is the greatest service to ourselves and humanity. 

Deepak Chopra explains the 7 States of Consciousness. 

The 6th state of Consciousness, Divine Consciousness, he explains the subjective into the objective.  Communicating with anything objective is a natural result of infinite expansion of consciousness.  We all do it naturally when we talk to animals, or any object when we are already one with it, seeing ourselves in the object.  This also can very substantial to see our desired aspirations the same way.  

A great quote from Osho about being who we really are, "from the head we think and then jump, but from the heart we jump and don't think"  As is also stated, we don't become love, we unveil who we've always been, we are love.

Share any New Infinite Self Experiences or Insights

Anything that you experience that is beyond the norm you can share with us. Or any insights you have about Infinite Self.

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