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Already Done with Preferred Info are Powerful Manifesting Tools
August 17, 2017

Using Advanced Techniques that are Right to the Point

Hi, has time flown by as fast as it has for you, as it has for me? It's great to reconnect with you again.

I wanted to share some techniques or reality tools that I am finding to be much easier to use and is right to the point. I am quite sure that just as I have come across the info before, but didn't really start to use it till recently. It's like an upgrade to match our evolution of using less processing time.

Though all tools or techniques are a way to get us to focus more on what we want than on what we don't want. The technique of "already done with the preferred info" is to the point and a quick way to use our infinite power that's available for us. It also helps us advance in our manifesting abilities so that eventually we can speak our desires into manifestations.

Under the headline of 2017 on the Site Map 3 page is where I have added 6 new web pages that you may find interesting and as helpful reminders.

If the link doesn't work if you are still receiving newsletters in text, you can go to Site Map 3 from the navbar on the left of the infinite manifesting site. site map 3

Loving Cheers to Your August Conscious Manifestations

we can use the rest of this month to really make a power boosting impact on owning our manifesting power. Loving our desires into manifestation and never detouring for anything that wants to get in the way, as old programming info.

I look forward to connecting with you soon...

Infinite Cheers, Blessings and Love, Anna

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