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Are You One with the One, Using Infinite Potential?
November 21, 2016

One with Creator and Creation

Sorry for any inconvenience, I am re-sending out the newsletter from last week Nov 19 because some subscribers received the wrong link to the webpage. They actually received a link from the old last newsletter webpage of "emotionally fit instead of "fully Conscious Being"

Hi Infinite Manifestor, are you truly using your infinite potential which is being One with the One? Would you like to make it a natural infinite habit to be using your infinite abilities as the One? Since you are on this awakening journey, this is where it is leading us to become, one with the Pure Absolute One, the Divine, of the Power of Love in Creation Itself. Click the link to read more... Fully Conscious Being

Enjoying Life with the Power of Awareness

keep on enjoying the game of life into the transformation of it being a play. So playful, that there’s only exuberant joyful creations left to unfold in each moment. Onward to new heights we go, Infinite Cheers and Love, Anna

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