Fully Conscious Being

Fully Conscious is being fully present with everything we are doing.  Being One with the One, pure consciousness of the power of love.  Being as the One becomes Being the One and is where all the greatest and most powerful force is.  It is also when you drop the ego and time completely.  This means there are no thoughts other than the powerful love that you are, then you are ONE with the infinite creator.  Not as two, like one and one equals two, I mean one and one becomes ONE. 

One AS the Infinite Power, One with Creation in a moment, without ego, without time, without conditioning's or running programs of the past, or future.  All the energy is pulled back into oneself, the pure self as pure consciousness that is One.  This creates the vortex of conscious creator creating from creation itself.

We can still be consciously aware of desires (aspirations is actually a better word to describe desires) which we may believe is coming from ourselves as a personality.  Our most passionate aspirations are usually streaming to us from consciousness itself.  It’s also an evolutionary process to acknowledge those aspirations and follow them for the One.  So we can be consciously in time with our aspirations, however, to manifest those aspirations, we must move ourselves consciously into pure creation without time, and without ego for easy and instant manifestations of experiences.  When we can be conscious of doing this, we jump leaps ahead.

Letting go of time, and letting go of the ego of all fear recordings and be the Infinite in the present moment of any situation, of any experience the personality wants to change is what creates no effort.  We must be exactly that with no other options.  Expectation is naturally embedded within that power of the present moment we are utilizing, consciously with absolute focused 100%  awareness while mixing elevated emotions.

In a Fraction of a Second
a Decision
Is Made into Creation

It only takes a fraction of a second to either make a conscious choice and decision or a automatic reaction.  If we do not make that present moment decision being fully conscious with our intention, then we will be of the old way which is not being aware, alert or fully conscious, and then the subconscious of the past recordings makes the decision automatically. 

Creation is occurring either way, but when we are aware and consciously decide in the moment, which will always be the most powerful, we collapse the wave into a particle.  In other words, we make a choice with a firm decision of what we want and materialize it.  And that’s what we will experience as reality.

In that fraction of a second moment while being fully conscious and alert, reality is created.  It will either be what we wanted or didn’t want to experience.  And this makes all the difference when we do it fully conscious and alert, instead of leaving it up to old recordings of the past.

Practicing Being Fully Conscious
in the
Powerful Present Moment Creating

In anything we desire/aspire to experience or make a change, we must become totally present and totally fully conscious and alert.  This may take some practicing to become not only more comfortable with the power we are using, but also to be creating it as a natural way of being.  Practicing until we master it.

Seeing Health Energizes Health

We can do this throughout the day with everything and everyone in any situation.  This is also the reason that meditation, which is the practice of being fully conscious (quieting the ego is extremely helpful) as it becomes easier to be silent and be fully conscious.  Meditation defined.  

If there’s another who is sick, we can stop in that moment quietly within ourself and quiet all thoughts, and then see the other as already well.  See it and feel what you’d feel if the person was already healed, already healthy.  To be silently quiet means if ego thoughts/feelings pop in, be aware and alert enough to notice and delete or ignore.  Continue to bring yourself back to the present moment with the thoughts and elevated feelings of the desire already fulfilled. 

We only have to do it for a few seconds, by focusing on our heart with intense elevated emotions, and then let it go knowing underneath is invisible most powerful energy that is transforming just from putting our attention on what we prefer for the other.  You can also do this off and on while the person continues to talk about how sick they are feeling.   

The important thing to be aware and alert that your attention is 100 % on what you are focused upon, and not to fall victim (engaged into what’s not wanted) which can happen so subtly, so stay alert and aware that you stay focused with your pure energy.

Always realize with precise clarity and alertness that whatever you are focusing upon IS having an effect, this will inspire you to stay really alert with everyone and everything, moment to moment.  This does take practice being fully conscious, but after doing it for a few days consistently, it becomes more and more natural and second nature to do.

An Extreme Fractured Hip or Not?

One great example I will share with you occurred a few months ago when I did become alert and fully conscious utilizing the power of the ONE.  I was playing with my granddaughter and sitting on the floor.  When I went to get up, I heard the loudest excruciating sounds of broken bones, it scared me to my core.  I recalled reading in Sri Aurobindo’s book, something “Mother” had talked about the choice and decision we make in a second.  I will share that paragraph with you a bit later. 

Remembering what Mother said in the book, I used that fraction of a second to be alert and consciously decide that I am doing it the new way, which is using the powerful present moment for what I prefer.  When I heard all the cracking of bones, my first reaction was fear, sweat and panic.  But then within the next second as I continued to be alert, I said emotionally to myself “no way!  This is not happening, I don’t want it!  Right now in this powerful present moment, I decree and declare, I made my decision, this leg and hip will be perfectly normal as I continue to walk.  I transformed that powerful emotions I was feeling of shock, panic, fear into absolute perfect, whole and complete, that my leg and hip will be perfectly normal and there would be no effect whatsoever. 

Now take into realization the powerful emotions that fear, panic and shock energy is, and the ability to transform it within seconds to a higher elevated energy of my own decision and control.  Within a few minutes my leg was perfectly normal.  I was so absolutely amazed!  The successful experience etched such a great new memory in my mind and body, just from using knowledge I gained intellectually from the book I read.  That powerful information allowed the inspiration to try it, which then became embodied into my body as a new memory (cellular memory) of success, so that I could use it again with something in the future when needed.

I also want to add that in the past I had fractured my left shoulder, but at that time I followed the traditional old ways of shock of what occurred, and it took months before the shoulder healed.  A couple of years later I broke my ankle, but at that time I worked on self healing, and the healing was quicker than normal times for healing bones, but still took time.  When the hip break occurred, which was a couple years after the other breaks, learning the power of the present method, created instantly to recreate in the powerful moment, no break.  The experience was as if it went so fast in reverse and didn’t even occur after a few seconds of being so present with the power of the ONE SOURCE CONSCIOUSLY.

Sri Aurobindo’s book, Power Within

What’s wild and noticeable is that what I read a week before having the experience with bones breaking, was precisely what occurred to prove to myself how it does work, even though it was unconsciously created up until the time it occurred.  Here is what I read from the book.  The book is a combination of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's wisdom

Being Fully Conscious...Awakened Consciousness

"There is a moment for choice, even in an accident.  For instance, one slips and falls.  Just between the moment one has slipped and the moment one falls there is a fraction of a second.  At that moment one has the choice, it may be nothing much, it may be very serious.  Only, the consciousness must naturally be wide awake and one must be in contact with one’s psychic being constantly, there is no time to make the contact, one must be in contact.

Between the moment one slips and the moment one is on the ground, if the mental and psychic formation is sufficiently strong, then there is nothing, nothing will happen, nothing happens.  But if at that moment, the mind according to its habit becomes a pessimist and tells itself, “oh, I have slipped” … That fraction of a second, that doesn’t take even a minute, it’s a fraction of a second, during a fraction of a second one has the choice.  But one must be so awake. 

For a fraction of a second one has the choice, there is a fraction of a second in which one can prevent the illness from entering in.  One always has the choice to invoke the Divine Force.  They had just twisted their leg and the next minute they break it.  There is no reason for it.  They could very well have not broken their leg.    It depends on whether one is sufficiently awake for the second of the choice.   It is an attitude of the being, it is the consciousness reaction in the right way."

Mother also speaks of someone she knew that took poison by mistake of medicine.  But he reacted so fast in the moment by being fully conscious and alert with the intention he'd be fine. Even when old conditioning states he shouldn't be, he should of died but didn’t, and lived a long life after.

Living Life Fully Conscious
with the One Power

If we were to make it a natural infinite habit to live every moment to moment of our life this way, fully conscious, it changes everything.  We'd just be the Infinite Self.  And all it takes is consistent daily practice for a while, and then it would become who we are and how we respond all time.  In every situation, with all others, all of the time.  We’d then be living purely the ONE through everything consciously, and then we wouldn't even have a need for the subconscious..  This is the journey we’ve been on?  To become one with the one absolute, the creator of creation. 

That is what we’ve been leading into on this journey.  Once we absolutely know it, that’s how we live, because that’s who we’ve become…One with the Absolute Divine and then live from the Absolute Divine…it’s who we truly are.  We’ve always been, however, we’ve been in a play of hide and seek to remembering.  Once we remember, how can we ever revert back to being less? 

Quoted from Osho’s Book ...  112 Meditations

Wherever you move your attention, a world is created, and from wherever you remove your attention, the world drops.  So you can create worlds through your attention.  Whenever you can concentrate, the very concentration changes the whole pattern of your existence, the whole pattern of your mind. The moment you love something purely, you easily are flowing towards it.  Love is the power.  Suddenly the whole world drops, a new dimension has opened. 

Your mind is concentrated totally towards one thing, then that one thing becomes the whole world, that thing becomes the whole world.  You create the world through your attention, from being totally absorbed, flowing like a river towards the object, then suddenly start becoming aware of the original source from where this attention is flowing.  The river is flowing, now become aware of the origin."

So there's no difference in any aspirations/desires to be experiencing.  Big or small is only our own perception, as the Infinite One, nothing is impossible.

In the video below at 50.54 he goes into the supramental level of consciousness.

Stopping a Storm

I was speaking with my mom on the phone, sitting outside and she said to me that a big storm is on its way.  I looked at the sky and there were no clouds, just a sunny sky.  After we spoke on the phone, I went inside the house.  Not even 15 minutes later the sky became dark and the winds became very strong and the rain poured.  A few minutes later the rain turned into huge hail with even more fierce winds.  I actually became very scared because the large hail was hitting so hard it seemed it may break the windows on the house.

As I was walking down the stairs, I stopped in intense fear and stood still with intense emotions and intentions, I held up my hands, with clenched fists and screamed, "stop!  Stop! Stop! Stop this right now!!!"  And not even a couple seconds passed, the hail stopped, the winds slowed right down, and it just rained for awhile.  I stood there in such amazement in realizing what I had done and just experienced. 

Then next day all around us, news and evidence of lots of damage to barns half torn down etc...yet there was no damage to our house except for one window screen that was shredded.

When I looked back on the experience, I realized that intense emotion of fear transformed into conscious intentions of power in the present moment, created my experience of shifting or stopping the hail storm in my present reality.  I realized that without the ego mind chatter interrupting my intention, created the reality I preferred. 

Never underestimate the POWER THAT WE ARE ... and the power we are using every minute of every day.  Whether we are consciously aware, or not aware of what we are thinking/feeling/doing, we are constantly creating our reality of what we prefer or don't prefer.

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