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Are You Ready to End Suffering Once and For All?
September 01, 2015

Ending Suffering Once and for All

Wonderful September Greetings to you! This newsletter I feel will really get you to the final stages of Awakening, though this final stage may really be the beginning of yet the most powerful and best unfolding of our experiences. Everything will become easier and effortless as we really see how we allowed ourselves to suffer in anyway needlessly on our journey of being more fully alive than ever before.

We really can let go of all the illnesses, not well being, not worthy enough, anything that has previously got in our way of experiencing our true fulfilling joys in our lives. The more we become the centered self, the Infinite Self, which is the real observer, we never have to suffer with anything again. If you are ready for that, then click the link and read on. Ending Suffering

Have a Magnificent Month

So Continue to celebrate yourself for the courage and strength you perpetually have as you expand into knowing and experiencing more. As the Universe loves all these radical experiences as we continually expand into more unknown territories for us to experience. As we do we are also adding for humanity a collective foundation for others to jump upon when we expand enough in our consensus agreement for the majority of others.

So it sure is a win win at every turn as we continue to break through old to newer knowledge into our own wisdom. We’re jumping onto foundations that have been laid down for us from higher infinite guides and our Infinite Self. As we follow our excitement that comes upon us to continue the path, it’s always adding, expanding and unfolding for our highest purpose, whether we are aware of it or not, however now we are making the absolute choice to be fully aware. It's the ultimate divine confidence esteem.

Big Cheers, Infinitely Anna

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