End Suffering

To end suffering you must be consciously aware.

Are you totally enjoying yourself in life every moment of your day and experiences?  Are you always healthy and manifesting to experience the fullness of your life?

If the answer is no, then you're still reacting to ego mind instead of your Infinite Self.  The chattering ego mind is still tricking you into all kinds of detours of true enjoyment and well being you can be experiencing all the time.

To end suffering is to be awake, enlightened, being totally aware and conscious and to not be affected by anything that goes on around us, and it’s also referred to as walking meditation.  No longer letting the chattering ego mind of all the old programs that usually dictate and keep us spinning in circles of what we really don’t want to be experiencing anymore.

Try this for the next few minutes while you're reading this right now.  Sit way back as a witness or observer and watch what is going through your mind in the next minute as you are reading? 

Did you notice thoughts or voices going on, distracting you  as you were reading? Or get up to get yourself something to drink.  Do you notice thoughts, voice going on in your head? That’s the ego chattering mind still going on without you realize it’s going on.

Releasing all Cellular Memory of the Negative Lower Vibrations

We can end suffering and release cellular memory from our body system and consciousness by being consciously aware all the time.  Whenever we are engaging to entertain any negative emotions and thoughts that surface. 

The more we do this, the more natural it becomes and you will end suffering in all areas of your life.  You will never suffer again unless you engage in it. 

Let me repeat that last sentence so you can literally really get it.  YOU WILL NEVER EVER SUFFER AGAIN WITH ANYTHING OR ANYONE IF YOU DON’T ENGAGE IN IT.  And it can become a natural habit to no longer engage in the ego mind chatter that never wants to end suffering. When you no longer do that, you are free, you are liberated, you are consciously awake and no longer unconscious to the ego mind, you are consciously aware.

The Benefits to End Suffering

When we are no longer listening and reacting to the ego mind we’re enjoying our life to the fullest because we're no longer in fear of anything.  We can be in the most chaotic situations and not engage in them whatsoever and just be the “witness” or the “observer” which is the “infinite self” in other words we live from our infinite self. 

We can eat whatever we desire to eat because we have no chattering mind fear that any food would do anything to us except be for our best nutrition and still keep us light.  We are freedom and liberated from old programming of any dictatorship of the past.  We eat for the joy and love of what we are eating and that is a completely different energy than eating from fear or negatives to reinforce what we eat or drink.

Nothing, literally nothing can affect us when we end suffering.  When we become the witness to our chattering mind and be totally the one who is watching.  We would never be ill or sick because there’s nothing to be in any disharmony about what’s going on.  We sit in the center of our infinite self who is always perfectly whole and complete. 

When we don’t allow the chattering ego mind to detour us away from being the infinite self, the witness or observer just watching.  We no longer engage in the chatter anymore and that’s stops the engaging in the chaos that will always be out of harmony of our fullness of our infinite divine self.

End Suffering is Being Your Infinite Self, the Observer

The Infinite Self is the most powerful and can create anything we could ever imagine to be the most exciting and wildest experiences that are totally in alignment with all we could ever desire.  We’d always be well, healthy.  We’d always be in the perfect place at the perfect time.  We’d always be having the most exciting and adventurous experiences, we’d always be doing what we love to do and reaping all the benefits.  There would be no more struggle or suffering.  We’d always be enjoying, loving, having fun, lots of laughter and be of the highest energy. 

We’d also be right on the path to our truest desires because that’s where the pure information of our desires is really coming from, our infinite self, the observer, and everything would come to us easily and effortlessly too.  We have desires because the desires are the message from Infinite Self of the solution to any challenges we have.  The chattering ego mind may have lots of wants and needs, however the Infinite Self, the Observer knows what we need to dissolve all of our challenges and will always lead us in the best highest ways for our growth by our desires.

When we’re in our ego mind we believe to think we have to work hard and struggle to get what we want and do things we don’t like to do but believe we have to do it.  However when we are the infinite self, we know that our next desire is usually the most outrageous because it will always be for our highest purpose.  For our highest value fulfillment to experience the unknown, to stretch out of our comfort zones and become more for humanity, and to be of service to humanity.

We cam end suffering by being our Infinite Self, being awake, enlightened and be a love being serving others in the best ways.  Even what may seem simple ways of smiling and being compassionate to others is a service.

Symptoms of Being Our Infinite Self

Many of us have already experienced and may still be experiencing symptoms to this growth of expanding into our Infinite Self, and I myself have still been going through more symptoms too. 

I am finding quite a difference compared to the past reactions, as I expand in consciousness and more with infinite self, the fear is releasing and I am becoming more comfortable and trusting of my infinite self, and this is the key.  This has relieved so much!  As soon as I took my focus and reactions out of any fear of the unknown of what my body is going through with these upgrades and changes, I was able to relax and trust in knowing that it’s all for the highest benefits. 

Symptoms as light headedness, dizzy, disorientation experiences, nothing seemed normal anymore, seeming more of a teetering out of my body more frequently.  I now realize that I was becoming more of the observer, infinite self, so of course the act of observing literally was observing my body and all that’s going on.  It felt similar to the worst ever jet lag as the body and brain catches up to what’s really going on.

Getting Comfortable
with Being Out of Our Comfort Zone

When I stopped engaging in the fearful ego mind that kept chattering to trying to always bring me back to the familiar, as that’s what the ego mind is always trying to do.  The ego mind is always trying to keep us safe and make everything okay to protect us, but through these changes of expanding we need our infinite self instead of our ego mind’s help. 

So by staying connected with infinite self, the observer, it became more of an exciting  and trusting. adventure while it also end suffering too.  It’s all about getting comfortable with being out of our comfort zone.  Being comfortable with the unknown and trusting all that’s going on with us is exactly as it should be.

It was so amazing of an observation to realize when I thought my ego mind had taken a back seat to all this, it was this book that I read that really allowed me to realize how tricky the ego mind can be.  I recommend reading both Michael Singer’s books if you have not read them.

Below is the audio from youtube of Michael Singer's first book.

Physical Immortality

For anyone who is on the physical immortality journey, I wanted to add this last part because even though all these authors are so fantastically magnificent to getting us to the Infinite Self, not many at all have came upon or on the physical immortality path.  It seems to still be on the leading edge.  Do keep in mind that we when we look back, we wouldn't be enjoying all the great technology if people stayed stuck without becoming outrageously creative and innovative. 

You will find if you are on this journey that not only will fears from cellular memory surface about anything that you have not faced and let go of.  But on the physical immortality path, death issues will also surface to really take a look at, to face before you can release the “death habit urge” death cellular memory to be released totally and fully.  I will share more about that in a later newsletter as I am still currently going through this experience. 

I myself thought I had passed this phase or stage, especially to end suffering, however I now realize there was more I had to face and release.  It brought on some deeper fear issues that I engaged in for a while until I really realized I was doing it, engaging in the ego mind instead of observing.  This awareness propelled me to watch it as an observer without the chattering ego mind and really faced it from infinite self.  Through the experiences I realized that everything about death I had to face right on, and my body did take on some scary symptoms until I began observing from infinite self.

As I had mentioned in the past that we can think we know allot, which is intellectually, however until we really have the experience is when the true wisdom, true infinite intelligence is realized that we know. 

Share your Experiences with Ending Suffering

Whatever your experiences are about ending suffering and being your infinite Self, share them with us.

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