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Are You Emotionally Fit? If not, You’re on Your Way
July 23, 2016

What! Another Tragedy!

Hi, are you no longer triggered emotionally into all the tragedy's of the world? At first it may seem confusing because being "emotionally fit" as Matt Kahm has phrased it, confirms what we knew through infinite intuition. And the reason many of us have become unemotional to the tragedy's.

It’s always been said that this is the most crucial, catalytic, dramatizing, and chaotic time in history of our biggest changes. We are going through many extremes as humanity and the collective consciousness is going through changes. The time we are going through presently is on that bridge to transforming, but usually, we go through the worst extremes before we experience the best extreme. Who holds the space while all these extremes are going on?

Being emotionally fit also is the way we can manifest our desires too. We need to be emotionally fit, by staying only focused on our most passionate desires because it's usually our divine purpose too.

Find out more through this link Emotionally Fit

We are the Change! And we are ALL progressing fabulously towards our destiny of an eventual love heart based world.

Infinite Cheers and Blessings of Love, Anna

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