Emotionally Fit

Emotionally Fit is what most of us have become in regards to all the heightened increases of tragedy’s that’s going on in the world.  It sure does seem we are at the negative extremes, considering all that’s going on with violence through the media.  If you’ve been meditating or practicing mindfulness, both lead to watching the mind’s old recordings. 

The longer we do that, the more we have space between the mind conditioning's of recordings that in the past we had no separation, or space from.  We have naturally become emotionally in shape.    

Most have lived life believing they were their body until enough spiritual growth and experiences shows that we are not our body.  We are pure consciousness that created a body and mind to do the job to experience physical reality.  Through natural insight, experiences and spiritual growth of many awakenings, mostly using mindfulness and meditation, we absolutely know that’s the truth. 

Being the Courageous Souls

We are the courageous souls that took this dive into such a dense dimensional reality because we trusted ourselves.  We knew we would eventually remember.  Think about how courageous we all are to take that plunge, and what a journey it has been.  We went through life believing in the conditioning's we were taught as a catalyst to wake us up eventually.  All negative extremes was always a catalyst to waking up. 

We went through so many changes, dark night of the mind, dark night of the soul, facing death right on, physical body changes, and all that unfolded to many awakenings that continue to propel the journey for most to self-realization.  After self-realization which is absolute proof, we are pure consciousness, and there is no other.  It literally changes everything.  Then new infinite birthing begins, living from that state of knowing through daily life.

Becoming Emotionally Fit

No matter what part of the journey you are on, becoming emotionally fit is a tricky thing, because the old mind conditioning recordings state a belief, that if we aren’t engaged and emotional over tragedy’s, we’re being disrespectful.  This may be confusing at first because of that belief. 

So mindfulness and meditation, which is just watching the thoughts going on, and practicing not to engage in them in any way is the bridge that has newly, and infinitely conditioned us to not be pulled into tragedy’s. 

We learned how to let go of suffering through watching and not engaging, which allowed us to experience peacefulness, unconditional love and compassion etc…higher heart emotions from a new platform or perception, in the midst of any chaos.  This unfolded for us to become detached lovingly to all that’s going on in our nearest environment and the world.

Being Emotionally Fit for
Our Infinite Desires Manifested

Being or becoming emotionally in shape is what it also takes to manifest our most passionate desires.  We learn to just watch the old recordings of the old mind that brings to the surface doubt, limitation, and not being worthy to receive.  Once we have practice this watching long enough while we keep focused on our preferences, is being emotionally fit.

We can watch the old programming that has blocked us in the past.  As the mind expands to hold the new conditioning's, and we no longer are triggered in engaging in the old recordings, manifesting desires become less of an effort.  Eventually becoming a natural way of living because we are that power in the present moment that we continue the unfolding reality of.

Emotionally Fit is Infinite Strength to
Hold the Space of Presence

To others who are emotionally engaged in all the chaos, it may seem to them that we don’t care, because we are no longer functioning from the old belief systems.  We may appear that we don’t have any compassion.  Yet it’s so opposite as a result of learning and experiencing the nature of reality.  We are actually holding the pure consciousness state of peace, a relaxed trust, and love, which is being emotionally in shape/fit, to withstand the negative extremes.  In other words, we have grown and become that Being.  The mind has also expanded to this growth too. 

So no matter what it may look like to on lookers, we have come a long way.  We’ve learned to hold the presence space to the forth coming of others who are on the way to realizing what’s really going on.  And if you haven’t reached the state of being emotionally in shape yet, Matt Kahm also describes it all so beautifully, even if you only watch the first half of the video of the previous states we go through before becoming emotionally fit.  Every step along the way is for a purpose, whether it’s still engaging that allows the cellular releasing and healing, up to being emotionally fit.   

Share With Us Youre Experiences

Share with us any experiences or insights of being or becoming Emotionally Fit.

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