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What May Be Causing the Mandela Effect
July 16, 2016

Infinite Greetings

Surprise, bet you didn't expect another newsletter so soon. Since I came across more info about the mandela effect, changes in reality, I wanted to share the newest info I came across with you all.

Time Control Technology seems to be a big piece to the puzzle that so many are noticing which has been referred to as the Mandela Effect. I sense that this is our great invitation and opportunity to learn more from what's going on, and together create natural reality affects so that this can continue to be for everyone's highest benefits.

Find out more through this link Mandela Effect 2

We Can Use all this Info for Everyone's Highest Benefits

, do share with us any ideas or insights you have at the bottom of the Mandela Effect 2 page, so we can all unite together to create the highest effective reality for ourselves and humanity. Infinite Love Cheers and Blessings, Anna
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