Mandela Effect 2

Mandela Effect 2 is the second webpage concerning changes in reality that many more others are noticing, and new info continuously pops up into reality.  It’s also very essential to keep positive about all that’s going on, because what’s been labeled as the Mandela Effect has been going on since life began.  The difference is now more than ever people are becoming more aware of the shifting of reality and multiverses. 

For any of us who have followed Cynthia Sue Larson, Gregg Braden, Ramtha, and especially Bashar, reality shifting is nothing new for us, and in actuality many of us have been consciously switching realities to what we prefer for a long time.  You probably just as myself, are actually in joy that many others are finally awakening to quantum reality.  As Cynthia says in this video, the greatest thing is that more and more people are waking up to notice what has always been going on.

Quantum Technologies
is An Important Part of the
Mandela Effect 2

Quantum technologies have been going on for decades.  Whatever becomes known through media or interviews of others speaking out is always lagged behind by decades.  So it’s nothing new, just new to others who only receive news from the media that will be mainly surprised.  Media has so many illusions, just as we can see when checking out youtube searches of “crisis actors” and “fraud news” there’s also many reporters who are coming forth telling their truth of reporting lies.

On the original Mandela Effect webpage, I put a video about one of the creators of the DWAVE quantum computer, and he speaks about parallel realities/dimensions.  Andrew Basiago  spoke for decades about all the quantum technology he was involved in since he was young.   There have been many others in the past and many presently, including many of us that are using more of our natural extraordinary abilities.  All of which is natural abilities of Infinite beings we already are, and learning how to use our abilities. 

Time Control Technologies

The latest release about Time Control Technology has been David Lewis Anderson as far as I am aware of.  Though he doesn't mention directly about the mandela effect, it really does seem to be the missing part in understanding it.  And the reason for this page, mandela effect 2.  He has come forward for a few years to allow people to know what is going on so they can inform and push politian’s or any government official, to release info in a way of disclosure to the public, so the public can have a say about how technology should be used.

When I listened to this interview video of David Anderson and the describing of “time control technology” many of the answers and pieces came together.  The experiments that are being done in some private and government companies globally that don’t have humanity’s best concerns as a priority, have probably altered many of the changes we are seeing of the mandela effect2.  Because that’s what time control technology does, sends info back in time to re-engineer and change history, which changes time line realities. 

So even though shifting realities, which is now being referred to as the mandala effect have always been going on naturally, the quantum technology is affecting so many of these changes.  With all that said, it’s essential that we remind ourselves that no matter what is going on with technologies and reality, we still have more influence naturally over it all.  We still get to choose and decide which reality we desire to be in.   So this information about time control technology is just another inspiration for us to be in the reality we prefer.

The Power is Within Ourselves
To Be the Reality We Prefer

Though this may seem still quite the challenge for governments to listen to the public, considering how much pull can the public really have when we’re dealing with the hidden secrets, because of the elite that desire to use it for their own gains.  Which makes this also our greatest opportunity to learn, while also staying focused on our preferred reality so we can alter timelines for the highest benefits for all. 

I realized and pondered about what would be the reason that I have been tuned into all this about time control technology"  One reason is obvious, that reality is changing again, more and more proof is surfacing about it all.  And the biggest reason being for the invitation and opportunity to focus on the preferred reality.

This is the most essential reason we must be the power ourselves through this new knowledge regarding the mandela effect 2.  And then shift to the reality of our preference, instead of one that will cause many types of re-altering of time lines, events people and histories in any negative ways.  The very awareness of all of this coming to the surface is our greatest invitation to keep the focus for the highest benefits for all to dissolve all fear about it.

It’s truly only up to ourselves because we have the power naturally to shift and be sustained into the reality that we prefer, and everything will unfold in reality from that point of our own power.  So what we focus on with emotions does matter literally.

Anderson's interview is not meant to put people in fear, but to be knowledgeable about what is and has been going on with technology.  As David states, the Russian’s have used Time Control technologies in the 1960”s.  But who now really knows what’s the truth?   Because, these technologies do re engineer history of past and future time lines and events.  Again, what’s important is what energy we put into the reality we prefer to be living in.

So the important thing IS in regards to the Mandela effect 2 is knowing that we do have the power, and naturally have always been shifting realities.  The only difference is becoming more aware of what we’ve been doing and what’s going on in the reality we’ve placed ourselves in, either unconsciously or consciously.  Here’s a reminder video of Bashar explaining about our own power of the reality we are in.  

Using Everything as the Highest
Potential Advantage

I can’t find the original video that Jim from this next video is describing, however, I do sense the true validity of it.  When we can create everything to be of our highest best benefit, which includes the mandela effect 2, as Seth said, “value fulfillment” everything will always unfold of that energy of the reality we experience.  Also as Cynthia Larson says, “how good can it get” is the most wonderful direction we can continue to perceive from, as all reality will be beneficial for us.

This is just the beginning and a fabulous reminder that the mandela effect created a women to reverse aging and grow in new teeth.  When we keep our focus on how we can create new ways to effect our reality, instead of all old ways, we'll begin to live more of siddhis abilities.  Allowing infinite creative insights to flow to us.  Share with us below of any new insights that come to you that will guide us all into a wonderful more empowering way of living and experiencing life.

Remind yourself that this page, mandela effect 2 or anything else you come across with reality changes are becoming so noticeable as a catalyst of waking more people up to the nature of reality.  And that we have the power naturally over any technology, and it’s so important to keep our focus on what we want to be experienced for everything to be beneficial for everyone in regards to time control technologies. 

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