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ExtraOrdinary Experiences when We Go Beyond the Norm
February 14, 2019

Divine Valentines Greetings

Hi, since time is very fluid as we've always gone beyond the norm in our ideas and experiences, though it has been quite awhile since I've sent out a newsletter, it does seem like it was yesterday.

I have been through many challenges and revelations since, just as most of you have also gone through, and we never stop expanding our consciousness and experiences.

I created "beyond the norm" webpage as a reminder of what we truly are capable of as we continue to use more of our true self being power of what really is available to experience that is beyond what the norm consider possible. Abilities that many masters and guru's have already done because they were beyond the norm. Beyond the small matrix reality and knew they were more than this reality and the character personalities we play. Many of these abilities stay dormant until we know they are available to be using to experience. Beyond the Norm

Infinite Loving Valentine Blessings to You

May the days infinitely unfold in staying as your true infinite self where all the unlimited power really is. May Valentines day be the reminder that love is what you are, compassion is your guide,and unlimited potential is your true heritage.

Infinite Cheers, Blessings and Love,Anna

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