Beyond the Norm
Unlimited Possibilities to
Accept and then to Experience

Beyond the Norm there are Infinite Possibilities available to choose from, and it’s up to us to pick the highest possibilities that are out of our comfort zone if we so desire.  But first we have to acknowledge that the seeming out of the ordinary capabilities do exist.

Now because of technology and the internet, we have available to us information of others who have done and experienced beyond the ordinary.  Doing what seems impossible to the norm but is possible to others beyond the norm. 

In case you missed any pages, there’s more about beyond the norm on these web pages too.  Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Role Models, Being the Infinite, and Infinite Evidence   , and Impossible to possible. I have covered many different individuals with beyond the norm or paranormal abilities.  We can even expand to stretch more into what's referred to as Siddhis.  On this page I wanted to add more abilities that we can contemplate about and begin to focus and practice.  If one person can do something, then we know that any one of us can too.

For most of us, our purpose is mainly doing things from the heart to help others that also includes ourselves in the process.  Which of course naturally unfolds when we let go of ego identity and its chattering.  When we contemplate being of service to others which is so far the highest natural state, it would only make sense that these Siddhis would be developed in ourselves so that we'd be able to serve humanity with beyond the norm ways.

 Three Practitioner’s Removed a
Cancerous Bladder Tumor

I am quite sure that most of you are already aware of these reality shifters or practitioners.   It’s so worth revisiting, just for the repetition to remind ourselves about “timing” when it comes to preferred manifestations.  These 3 practitioners in less than 3 minutes created, or shifted to a reality that there was no tumor, completely gone, just from chanting “already done.”  The chant was the tool they used to enable themselves to keep their focus so specific, while adding emotional intensity to their intention (preferred reality) to be the reality that manifested or appeared in less than 3 minutes.

Gregg Braden explains that the practitioners didn’t judge the cancer.  They didn't think of not wanting it to go away, they knew it was one possibility, and they were choosing another possibility of no cancer that shifts to the reality of their preference.  

What does that show us about timing with manifestations?  That timing is dependent upon our self and accepting the preferred reality we want, and manifesting it through seeing and feeling as it is already that reality.  Letting go of all judgments and the reality of what we no longer want, and then putting all of our attention upon what we do want, as it already done, already shifted.

New Memories are Created that Override
the Limited Default One

It seems when we experience anything new that's beyond the norm, new memories are then created that override the limited default memories.  Which then allows us to   command reality to our own preferences because our expectations have also changed, allowing us to be able to do as the practitioner’s.

The Power of the Present

It’s also worth revisiting the power of the present because until we really get it at our Being Level and really use it to our fullest potential, we aren’t living up to our best potential abilities yet.

What is in that Powerful Present Moment of Infinity?  Pure Consciousness, pure existence, pure love without ego, or zero point.  We exist as we truly are.  As Tom Campbell explains, pure consciousness is the beginning and then we evolve from there as Conscious Aware Beings.  Or as Dr Lew says, from there we continually clean up error data.

Joe Dispenza describes the difference of 3D (dimensional reality) to 5D reality is extreme.  In 3D we use time and space which takes a lot of time, processing and effort, but in 5D we don’t have to go anywhere, everything comes to us.  But what if this is also revealing to us that we may never have received anything either. That receiving may even be an illusion we believed to be true.  What if it is just Information that we are choosing? And it is Information we are actually dealing with instead of receiving and giving?

This also points more towards everything being an Informational Reality, a virtual simulation reality to our highest self when we look more deeply into the constructs of realities.  Either way, whatever we choose to accept about reality is our choice.  What’s important is that we can see many evidential proofs from others who are already experiencing beyond the norm abilities.  That what they’ve done is also possible for us to also experience too.  

Yogananada Autobiography of a Yogi

I am quite sure that most of you have read Yogananda’s book.  A friend suggested re-reading the book, which I did, and was amazed at things I missed or forgot when I read the book over 20 years ago.  It’s worth reading again.  There are so many things I could mention from Yogananda’s book of his experiences, but I will only mention a couple things that really stood out and is worth revisiting that are beyond the norm abilities.

Weight Gain in 24 hours

Yogananda desired to gain weight as he was very thin and discussed this with his guru.  Within 24 hours with the help of his guru’s energetic intention, Yogananda gained 50 pounds in one day.  Others around him were so astonished that they went to the ashram of his guru.  Proof as that is great inspiration for learning more about extraordinary beyond the norm abilities.  When I read that I had to contemplate how is that even possible?  That’s how fast my rational mind stepped in.  It truly wants to grow by understanding these amazing seeming impossibilities to the norm that are so possible to the advanced masters of reality.

Weight Loss and Illness Healed in 30 days

Years later Yogananda’s sister asked him to help her lose weight and heal an illness she was experiencing.  Yogananda focused his intention and it took 30 days for her to lose 25 pounds and become healed.  I had to contemplate upon this?  What’s the difference of what’s going on here about timing compared to Yogananda’s Guru’s abilities of 24 hours, and Yogananda’s abilities that took one month?  And whose level of acceptance was the leveraging to the time lengths that are quite drastic? 

Did Yogananda accept his Guru’s powerful intention easier than his own?

Or was it his sister’s level of acceptance that took the longer timing for the results?  These are important questions to contemplate to come to more understanding of the nature of reality, and abilities that also show different timings for intentions manifested.

We all have the same potentials and the only thing that creates timing differences is our acceptance levels.  Our acceptance levels change the more we experiment and see our own proofs from our own feedback for ourselves of experiencing beyond the norm abilities.

Time is Dependent on the One’s mastery

Ramakrishna used to say that the time could vary between 3 days, 3 hours or 3 minutes.  3 days for very slow people, 3 hours for those who were a little swifter, 3 minutes for those who are so totally focused in the power to experience the wish fulfilled.  This points to the 3 Practitioner’s that dissolved a cancerous tumor in less than 3 minutes  He doesn’t even give a suggestion of timing lasting past 3 days, which shows how much the personality can get in the way resisting or blocking the wishes fulfilled.

Taking all this into account with our own desires to be fulfilled, and take a look at how much time length is involved just because of our beliefs and error programming of our expectations.

Physical Body Materialization after Death

This beyond the norm ability is still so amazing, that no matter how many times I revisit information of different guru’s or saints or individuals who do this, it's always still incredible.  I continue to revisit the info and experiences of the ones who have done it because as we know, repetition is the key to higher levels of accepting what seems still impossible.  Repetition leads us to accepting beyond the norm abilities.

There are too many to mention of others who have materialized a physical body after death.  The one I will mention is about Yogananda’s Guru’s Guru, and also Yogananda’s guru who also materialized his body for Yogananda and many of his guru’s disciples.  This is not raising a body from the dead (which many have also done) but this is after the death.  It doesn’t even matter how much time has passed, the being has materialized their previous body as a duplicate projection to others to prove it can be done.  And that the body is truly a tool that can be materialized or projected into the same appearance or change appearances as needed.

Madame Alexander David Neel
and Her Tulpa

Madame Alexander David Neel of Tibet materialized a Being within a few months of visualizing and animating it, which is referred to as tulpas or tulkus.  The being became unbearable as it began to take on its own personality, and she turned to Mother who was a master teacher with Sri Aurobindo at his ashram.  She was able to direct and guide Alexander to dissolve the being the same way that she materialized the being originally by reversing the intention.  And it worked.

The older movie Multiplicity comes to mind.  How each replica grew to have their own unique personality from the original clone.  Seth channeled through Jane Roberts referred to it as 'fragment' beings.

A Fabulous article worth reading of Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores by REV. Gary W. Duncan.

All of this makes me wonder if we are actually hallucinating life without realizing that we are?  When I researched more into perception, it does show that we are always constructing reality from our conditioning and beliefs.  The more we expand into new ideas to experience, new beyond the norm abilities, the more it will become normal to us. 

Many leading edge scientist, physicist and teachers are leaning towards and stating that the reality we perceive is not the true reality we are seeing or perceiving.  So there’s still so much to unravel when it comes to the nature of reality and how it all really works behind the scenes of constructing reality.

First We must be Able to Accept what seems
Beyond the Norm ...
What seems Impossible that IS Possible

Once we accept beyond the norm abilities or idea as possible, then we must reprogram ourselves with the Preferred Info enough times so it becomes an Infinite Habit.  Until it becomes second nature where we don’t have to focus or think about it, it just is the way it is naturally.  As it became for Neville and Hadsell and the rest of the beyond the norm.

As we continue being in a meditation state more and more of the time, fear, ego and beliefs fall away revealing to us more than we'd ever know when immersed in the matrix world.

Kevin Fast The Strongest Man

In the video above of the strongest man who moved a plane, in the article he says there was a battle in his mind that at first prevented him to move the plane.  When his mind exhausted (sounds like letting go of the chatter) he then got into the ZONE where all power is.

Wim Hof referred to as the Iceman

Wim Hof is a profound perfect example and great role model for doing what is believed to be impossible.  He can stay in ice water for long periods of time and has trained others to do the same.  

Wim has also proven through allowing his body to be injected with an endotoxin which for the norm is poisonous to the body.  Wim shows by using reality tool as breathing and beliefs to not allow the injections to effect him and stayed healthy.  Not only that, he went beyond to train others to do the same.

Helene Hadsell

I find Helene is very important to revisit too when considering beyond the norm abilities.  For the reason being that she won every contest she entered for over 50 years, and also role modeled and taught her children to do the same thing.  Not only that she was able to program herself to expect to win every contest, but she was coming from her true being.   She created the SPEC system of

Select Project Expect Collect.   

It became a natural habit.  A sufficiently running program or memory that any contest she entered, she knew she’d win, and did win.

Important Insights that Helps us Let Go of Info we no Longer Need

As Mooji said, “does the mouth say thank you to the hand when it feeds it?  No we don’t.  Because we know that the hand and mouth are one functioning unit, not separated.  So when we feel grateful, it’s the personality feeling grateful for something.  The aware consciousness that is giving the commands to be played out doesn’t need to be grateful for what it is doing. 

When watching Helene’s videos, I didn’t hear her say anything about having to feel grateful.  To me it seems that being grateful is a fabulous advanced tool to keep us focused in an elevated emotion.  But if we are already elevated being our true self, we’d naturally just feel blissful most of the time, which takes into account all elevated emotions as just a natural way of being.  Helene’s most important point is her  SPEC technique.  She did mention as many other teachers have that imagining is an important tool for manifesting reality of our preferences.

So for Helene and Neville they both did imagining and expecting and projecting their desires as already fulfilled, from inner to outer, subjective to objective.  That’s seems to be the most masterful advanced tools.  Just imagining our preferences as already done, expect (trust it will be}, and it will be.  It only becomes effortless and easy when we have enough memories that override all the old programing of fears negativity.

Manifestations Only come as a Surprise when
We are Identified as the Personality

Joe Dispenza mentions that our manifestations we desired and work upon mostly come as surprises to our ego mind.  Neville Goddard says the reason is that if we’re working from ego personality, then we are still mostly unaware of the nature of reality and the real self that is giving the suggestive commands to be playing out.  So we experience our preferences as surprises.  But if we are working as the Real Self, the player, then we won’t be surprised because we were aware and giving the commands in the first place.  We’re consciously aware of exactly what we are doing. 

Just as Helene was doing with her beyond the norm abilities.  She was never surprised at her wins because she knew she was selecting and going to win.  She was always very specific.  She created a natural habit of expectation and knowing she always win.  It became an ability and way of life using beyond the norm abilities.  She also wasn’t concerned about if her preferences were for others, she had many preferences for herself too.  She just seen and knew the tool to use and created it to be absolutely efficient every time.

These are very important values of living beyond the norm because we can then drop lots of dogma, beliefs and old default conditioning that may have gotten in our own way as becoming conscious direct Manifestor's.  Neville Goddard is another great role model to show us that his wishes were always fulfilled.  Not only for himself, but for any other who came to him with a preferred desire.  He would focus and imagine for others, and their wishes would also be manifested as their experiences.  He actually imagined for every single thing he or another didn't want and revised it in his imagination as the already done preferred reality.  

Dr Lew ... Hooponopono

Dr . Lew is another beyond the norm example of how he experienced all the inmate patients being healed and released one by one.  He didn’t even see each individual face to face.   He only looked at each file individually, one at a time and cleared all data of error and refocused for months at a time of each one being healed and released.  As he did this with each file and individual, each one was healed and released.  All of them.  There were no more patients.

Dr . Lew had only each file of the person and the reality error they lived that brought them to the reality of being in the building.  By deleting the error or by realizing that that’s one possible outcome reality the inmates were living.  Dr.  Lew says it's all about taking 100% responsibility for anything we perceive in another or any external perception.  

He then focused until he felt it was natural as Neville Goddard states, or as Dr Lew states focuses until the error is no longer perceived.  

It’s Really all about Switching to the New Desired Reality as Already Done

We acknowledge the reality that’s no longer preferred and focus upon the reality that is now preferred and keep focusing our attention on it as already that reality now in the present.  We keep doing that until the new desired reality is felt as a done deal.   When its felt as inevitable or natural, the desire begins to fade of wanting it because (as said previously) it’s already felt and acknowledged as already a reality, that’s when we naturally let go of it,  and then it will be experienced. 

We then are now in that new reality and anything that doesn’t fit to that new reality is easily ignored, dismissed or deleted, not paid attention to any longer.  The old self has no longer any pull in distracting the new reality to be formulated.  The new reality has the strongest and only pull now.  It becomes the loudest voice or the biggest picture, out picturing anything that no longer belongs in that new reality so naturally. 

Earning Our Way in Creating and
Higher Levels of Consciousness

It’s essential to realize that we really do evolve to earning our way in conscious creating and being in higher levels of consciousness or beyond the norm.  There is enormous learning experiences that we learn and become consciously aware of through different stages we go through that eventually lead to changing our identification from a mere person, to knowing who we really are.  

It’s really all part of the Universal Game and different virtual reality games or different dimensional realities we play in.  So any stage or level we’re in is the exact spot we need to be in and grow into and from.  So relaxing into it all is so helpful in also accepting whatever we are going through at any time.  Because who we really are...all of these realities are liken a game or movie to our real self.

Identification Changes Everything
when Being and Living Beyond
the Norm as The Source

Who we are Identifying as is the major difference is how we are not only experiencing, but also shifts everything in the most powerful ways.  This is the reason self-realization or awakening or whatever we reference a label to, is experiencing not intellectually knowing, but the actual experience of being pure existence, the Source.  

The profound reason is that awakening is the real pivotal point of absolutely knowing who we really are, and then staying Identified as the Real Self.  Not only is this being and living beyond the norm, this is being and living from the only true original source of power that we are ... and now living consciously aware.

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