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Are You using Infinite Action in your daily situations?
September 02, 2014

Owning and Becoming More Divinely Infinitely Whole

I am excited to connect with you all again! I always feel overflowing appreciation because it still so amazing the reality time line we are in to have the technology we use daily that keeps getting better and better. Everyone is always just a click or typing away. The same is true for any low emotions too. It’s only a thought or two focused away. If you have a lot of low emotions flavored in judgments, then it’s just a habit that can also be finally broken into a new habit that will take over.

The most important part of all this is owning it all! Not pushing anything aside, or down deep into denial to accumulate as heavy energy but instead look at it, own it, and then transform it to love, the unconditional way. So this is not really a review but instead a big leap forward to step in deep, and really do the daily work to merge all parts into the wholeness of you.

If you wake feeling a bit depressed, all it takes is A MOMENT to stop and sit with it for a bit to really comprehend the old habit that’s perpetually reoccurring, and then make the switch by putting your focused thoughts on appreciation. All it takes is a few appreciative thoughts and the thought processing switches to lifted state of being. Of course you already know all of this, however, are you really doing it daily? With everything? With everyone? Even with your ego because your ego also wants to grow too and IT’S a big part of you. It’s actually best friends with your infinite self.

How’s Your Relationship with Your Ego?

How about your ego? Do you ever think about appreciating your ego? What’s your relationship like with your ego? I know this sounds simple, as if we may be going a bit backwards, but our ego is really like the bridge (physical) across the river (spiritual) that lifts all the foggy amnesia that occurred when we birthed here for most of us. I found this to be still the most profound shift to actually unconditionally love your ego personality if your desire is to become infinitely divine, whole, perfect and complete. The ego part of you is really like the egg in a recipe that keeps the ingredients together, or the capstone of the pyramid.

I am not describing perfection as in definitions of type A personality as in social consciousness, I am describing the perfection of a unconditional divine loving being/creator, the ONE that we are on the journey to become. And it does take owning the all of you, which includes that sometimes seeming bratty, stubborn, negative expanding spiritually growing ego.

In the past you may have had a hate/love relationship with your ego, I know I did. Until I came to the choice of physical immortality of this important step to wholeness, to really merge the dualism of polarities, to be in the paradox of unconditional love releases judgments that allows the transformational flow of pure divine love. Whether your choice is physical immortality, or if it is not, it’s still the most profound important part in owning and expanding your ego if your desire is to become whole, along with using your infinite abilities by using Infinite Action with everything on a daily basis to experience more in the most profound evolving ways.


Do you celebrate every day? It’s become quite a habit for me. I celebrate while having my coffee, and thinking about everything that’s now naturally so appreciating, and how all my future desire will one day just unfold, just as all my other ones have. So if you’re not celebrating every day, try it for a while, you sure will see a big leap in your blissful wholeness too.

Taking All Your Power Back

As you integrate more and more infinite parts into the wholeness of You into more and more of your daily life, you will find that you are also gaining tremendous power and responsibility too. Whether it’s now just being healthy, manifesting quicker, being your own authority on everything, trusting yourself more than ever, all of these processes are unfolding in a most magical bloom.

Just like an infinite magnet that continues to pull all the seeming so profound infinite parts of yourself together, the newest experiences flavors such excitement for the next amazing unfolding experiences yet to come. In December’s newsletter we’ll be discussing how to take the spiritual invisible training wheels off completely, so keep expanding your infinite divinity, Infinitely Anna

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