Infinite Action

Using Infinite action instead of doing things the old way may take some consistent repetition until it becomes a natural habit.  It's action in the most profound ways, not action in doing, but action in mental energy work.  It’s using all the infinite knowledge we have learned that has become our own wisdom because of all the experiences we’ve had that is our own proof that IT does all work.

When we integrate all our infinite abilities we've learned so far throughout our daily experiences, with every encounter, with every situation, actually with everything, this creates us to become more of what we were in the past.  Eventually the old past way of doing things becomes so outdated and obsolete when we gain our full force momentum of the infinite action ways to do everything.

Infinite Action Now

I'd like to share a few of my experiences how I continuously integrate living my life in the new infinite action ways with my infinite wisdom.  Do share your own experiences also with us at the end of the webpage on the submissions part.

Lost Keys

I couldn’t find my jeep keys and began to search for them until I stopped and realized, that’s the old way, and began the infinite way.  I stopped, closed my eyes and envisioned my keys.  Just allowing my ego merging with infinite self to flow the energy into a remote kind of viewing of where they were?  All of a sudden an image popped into my mind of my keys in a jacket pocket located on the back of my kitchen chair, and even that the keys were in the right side pocket. 

Now the old way I was going about finding my keys was searching through some of my purses, because I do like to change and use different purses almost daily. When I realized in the moment to stop and use infinite action instead of the old way because i deeply desire to continue evolving?   And sure enough, my keys were exactly where my envisioning showed me.  My keys were in that exact spot, in my pocket of my coat hanging on the back of the kitchen chair in the right pocket.

Transforming Fear to Knowing

My partner Jamie and his friend decided to camp up north, miles in the bush.  They had to canoe a half hour in the river to get to the spot to park the canoe and hike up hill to the location where they were staying overnight in a large old cube van.  There’s no cell or internet signal once they are in the river.  They also knew there were several moose beds along the path and bear tracks too.  Being the courageous adventurous nature that they are, this was a very exciting thing for them to experience. 

As the night progressed for me, I noticed that I started to become concerned as I wondered if they made it to the big cube van?  You know how the worrisome string of fear thoughts can go.  So I immediately stopped the old nonsense before it had a chance to form into a big mountain of worrisome fear. 

I closed my eyes, again allowing my ego/infinite self to show me.  The vision popped into my mind like a video of the two of them inside the big van and actually cleaning it.  I wrote down the time I seen that remote visioning and the specifics so I could check if anything matched.

Later the next day, way into the afternoon, so there was a time window of over 24 hours since I had my last text from Jamie.  When he finally was able to text once they were back on the road and his cell had a signal, was when I knew absolutely they were fine.  However, it was many hours later that night when he called me and explained their trip.  The time matched with my remote vision, and so did what they were doing too. 

Infinite living is using our infinite action abilities in the most improved ways  It also keeps fear out of the mix while building a powerful momentum of evolving trust in a  peaceful, relaxed state, in my knowing all was okay.  Which allowed me to do what I was doing without any concerns as I blissfully continued my plans in that 24 hour period.

Holding the Infinite Vortex Energy

A close family member was going through a depression and feeling hopeless for a period of time and communicating it through our conversation together.  My old habitual ways in the way past would have been to fall into the energy of the other person.  However from lots of experiences, I do now what has become more natural for me which is holding the infinite vortex that everything will be perfectly orchestrated in the best most loving ways. 

As the other spoke, I continued to see that other as feeling so much better, more blissful and seeing all the incredible opportunities of great resolutions popping up in their day.  At the end of the conversation, the other said, sorry if I depressed you, my reply, never, because everything is always the greatest opportunity to do the infinite work and keep the focused love energy going.  A day later, the other called in elation of the resolving situations with a much lifted excited mood.

These are only three examples, every single minute of my day goes on and on with infinite action living, as I know we must do the work to experience the results of our infinite abilities, and it’s what keeps us evolving.

Peeking Into the Future
Infinite Action Living

Going back to my first example, I also wanted to mention something that did occur to me at the time, that if teleporting is possible, which I believe it is, how fabulous and convenient it would be.  If it's a desire and we allow our imagination to be focused on how it would be to be experiencing teleporting that would allow our ego to stretch in expansion of comprehending it more and more as an actual reality.

If teleporting still sounds like science fiction and bewitching to you, and if you have not heard any of Andrew Basiago's interviews, he goes into specifics of his experiences with teleporting as a child.

Just like everything else, the more comfortable and expanded our ego merging will become with infinite self as we continue to use infinite action to not only expect to do it, but then do it.  Now that’s really embracing infinite action of infinite living. 

Infinite Possibilities of Infinite Realities

Infinite Action allows us to use Infinite Possibilities into Probabilities of Infinite Realities that are already available once we shift into them through our states of being. 

It doesn’t matter what you believe in.  Whether it is reality shifting time lines, shifting realities, instantaneous manifesting, higher beings helping and guiding us along, collapsing the wave/particle reality, it doesn’t matter how we're referring to any of it.  The most important part of it all is experiencing it and living it yourself. 

Using your newest wisdom gained from more and more experiences that infinite action is the new and best way for us to live daily.

Share Your Experiences of Infinite Action

Share with us how you use infinite action in your daily interactions and situations.

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