Ego Merging
Is Essential to Owning All of You

Ego Merging is a very essential step process in wholeness integration of the Infinite Being.  In the past the ego was shunned more as an enemy instead of a loving friend because of its “tough love” yet it was needed along our path. 

Anyone who has more than two children can attest for the contrasting differences of each child in their personalities.  However, we’d never shun one over the other instead we treat and love all of our children as they are, of different personalities and behaviors.  Our ego could be seen in a similar way.  Yes ITS uniquely different in comparison to our infinite self, however our ego is absolutely a very large part of our growth in physical experiences.  Our infinite self absolutely needs, and is more like best friends with our expanding ego through our evolving physical living.

Ego’s Expanding Personality

In defining our EGO as our personality that’s gathered memories of experiences not only from birth but also other life times and ancestry conditioning values, and gains lots of unique momentum after birth into our adult life. 

It’s our ego that creates the boundaries needed as we go through our different spiritual growth sprouts while IT is constantly changing whether we are aware of it or not.  It constantly builds from our experiences and is like the live wire that keeps us balancing and moving through our life experiences.

If you haven’t gone through this ego merging process yet, then you will find this insight the most profound as you continue in your expanding infinite journey to wholeness. 

Ego’s Job

As we keep in mind how essential our ego's job is for this physical life in these physical vehicles we refer to as our body.  Our ego has many different qualities and quirks and can be very stubborn along with ITS many seeming negative qualities.  However, all those negatives are actually like bridges enforcing our boundaries that are needed to get us through different levels of our spiritual developments throughout life.

Our ego also has many positive qualities too.  Once we begin the ego merging process we begin to really see all of the positives in all of the negatives.  So everything is processing through what we need to go through to get through all of our levels until our ego merging integrates fully with our infinite self. 

It’s so essential to love all of our self through this processing, and a big reason for seeing the reflection of denied parts in ourselves in others.  There’s always a reason for everything we go through and the greatest thing is realizing that truth and see it unfolded through hindsight.   

Unconditionally Loving
and Honoring our Ego Personality

Did you also go through similar experiences as a hate/love relationship with your ego?  I did especially when I was focusing on transforming so much to positive.  Constantly swinging back and forth until I regained some footing, balancing of the polarity of negative/positive.  Then I found the paradoxical spot of merging the negative and positive into ONE ENERGY, of unconditional love.  That seemed to be the sweet/divine paradox spot.

Unconditional Love allows us to no longer wobble back and forth and instead just go forward into perpetual transforming everything to unconditional love, which really does take care of everything.  It also allows us to see that out ego needs unconditional love and usually more than we might realize. 

As a result you will notice the intermingling flow of loving the all of yourself without conditions or judgments and watch how easily it overflows outwardly.

Ego Merging and Blissful Living

So in a nutshell, as our ego merges and integrates with our infinite self and our soul continues to expand in divine love, our body takes on that light airy way of being, and bliss becomes our natural experiences.  The more we experience all of this, the more we love it.  You will experience less of the lower heavier emotions as they also become uncomfortable and the new blissful empowering feelings and being become the new comfort zones of your daily expanded experiences.

Life truly does become so amazing and empowering that physical immortality no longer sounds so outrageously crazy, and actually becomes more of our infinite probabilities to expand in.  Because the more you truly are loving, enjoying, manifesting more of what you do want, who wants to leave at 100 or 200 years of age to come back to having amnesia again and trying to remember all of this.  Instead we want to expand and become more than we are and begin doing it in this lifetime.

As we integrate our ego merging as we begin living of our wholeness instead of illusionary separate parts of ourselves, we also use all we’ve learned up until now in all our situations.  To read more click here for using our wisdom gained in every part of our daily lives as our ego merging over flows into using infinite action daily. 

Share Your Experiences of Ego's Expansion

As we go through many stages of spiritual growth our ego is constantly also growing and expanding. Share with us your experiences and insights.

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