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Are You still Creating Your Desired Reality from the Outside In?
March 02, 2015

Being in a State of Powerful Playfulness

Hi I know I always say this in the newsletters, but it’s true, it’s really great to connect with you all again. The months seem to keep flying by , but then of course it would because collective consciousness is on a higher frequency now and that’s exciting because along with a higher frequency comes many more benefits for us too.

I have added two new webpages below of my experiences since I incorporated more playfulness into my days, along with practicing to perceive as much as I can throughout the day in a newer way.

I know we may do these types of practices off and on throughout the day, but what about stepping it up by starting the day with the reminder that everyone and every situation we encounter is an opportunity to stop and see it specifically the way we would really like it to be. So have fun with it and I know you will love the results you will experience from doing it too.

Powerful Play

Living life and manifesting while being in a state of Powerful Play in every way unfolds a flow of higher vibrational experiences of joy, bliss, effortless manifesting, freedom, trust and many more benefits. Try it for a week.

Infinite Transformation

Infinite Transformation is living life from the inside out instead of living life outwardly first and expecting the objective reality to reflect what you truly want and prefer. Just a few moments of entertaining the preferred reality you’d rather experience instead of the reality as it presently is. Pick one thing to play with from the inside out for a few weeks to master it.

If you are receiving the newsletter in text instead of HTML, this particular link will not work, but you can find it on the "what's new 2015 blog" on the website. Thanks for you patience with these non working links.

Free Inspiring Book of Extraordinary Abilities

You can read this lecture book for free of Dr. Yan Xin. I read about Yan Xin from a couple of Paul Dong's books that I found very inspirationally fascinating and Yan Xin's book is too. I paid $98.00 for Dr. Yan Xin book at Amazon which you can see the variety of prices it's sold for, but you can read Dr Yan Xin book for free through this link.

We all have the same abilities and all we have to do is continue practicing either by using Qigong or deep focus. Just imagine being able to stare into a ill persons eyes and they become completely healed. The greatest part is that their illness never returns either. You will read many of his abilities in his lecture book. Thanks for being a subscriber as we share this expanding infinite journey, i look forward to our next connecting moment.

May March unfold for you many surprises and wonderful manifestations that you have been desiring as the month unfolds closer to the blooming of spring to give you that expanded reflection of your desires blooming too, Infinitely Anna

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