Powerful Play
Creates an Empowering Life of Enlightenment Now

Powerful Play unfolded as a result of being in Peak Self awareness throughout my day to realize how automatically I was being so serious in different areas of my life, especially in my desired intentions in manifesting some things I wanted.  So this week I put my focused attention on becoming more playful about everything as I went along with my day, literally with everything. 

I found and experienced so many simple and amazing experiences not only with effortless manifesting but also how I experienced each day as it unfolded.

Being playful really lightened everything with such a lightheartedness of simply enjoying from moment to moment as I stayed more present in my beingness of my body, soul and spirit and almost felt like I was just skipping along in an infinite bubble of bliss. 

Unfolding Powerful Play
Unlimited Great Benefits

I have been working on becoming detached for quite awhile that it’s become more of an infinite habit now to notice when another or a situation in the past would bother or aggravate me.  I would stop and remind myself to no longer create or recreate any emotion at all to the experience that was going on.  By not becoming emotional in past ways it allowed me to feel like a bystander in situations that in the past triggered negative emotion. 

I went through a time that I was transforming negative emotions into positive ones and then I began to become more detached with no emotions at all.  Just allowing the other person or the situation to just be and not have an emotion at all to any of it.

This unfolded into more playfulness about everything and I noticed how light and freer I felt.  I knew that it must be insights and guidance from higher infinite consciousness, so I continued playing with it this way and had an incredible week of bliss and fun.  Along with continuous synchronization, continuous laughter, and continuous unfolding of surprises too, along with desired manifested in unfolding ways. 

I literally felt so light, free and in love with life that unfolded every day, all week, with no tugs of old echoing triggers of any past experience.  Even though I was presented with some challenges, even those challenges lightly and freely transformed into powerful playful fun ways along with infinite transformation of experiences that have better potentials for my greatest good in every way possible.

Instant Manifestation Experience 
while Being Present with a
Playful Light Heart

I was driving in the dark, totally immersed and enjoying the present moment of watching the bright headlights on my jeep light up the path of the road I was driving upon.  Feeling the sensation of the cold still lingering in my fingers from the cold atmosphere outside before getting in the jeep.  Feeling like I was one with my headlights shining bright and with the road I was smoothly traveling upon, and a thought popped in my mind of an animal on the road further up the way. 

Not even 10 seconds later a rabbit was in the middle of the road and I safely swerved while it ran to the other side and was also safe.  In the old understanding this experience would be defined as predictions, however in the new way of understanding it’s defined as creating.  Since thoughts are always floating by like fast moving clouds, I picked up on a thought, entertained it with some focus and expectation and created an instantaneous experience. 

I was being present which simultaneously allowed me to also be in peak awareness to again remind myself how easily reality is created from this small experience in no time.   An encounter with a rabbit on the road where we were both safe.  So with bigger desires we can do the same thing, pick from the infinite field of possibilities of what we want to experience and remove timing and processes.

Instant Technology
Manifests Effortless Experiences

What is it about our old conditioning that’s such a stubborn challenge to let go of that belief, idea that everything takes time.  I was thinking about that this morning while contemplating just how the new vehicles all have the starter chips for starting vehicles.  Now it can be ignited from a cell phone and takes no traveling time through signals, and it doesn’t matter the distance either.  Which reminds me of the many experiments that have been done showing exactly that it works for everything, not just for technology.  Keep in mind that technology as Gregg Braden has stated is an external of our inner technology.

So just because we have an object as a cell phone in our hands and press a spot on our cell to activate and ignite our vehicles from any distance and instantaneous with no waiting time, we just accept and expect that it works.  Yet when it comes to our own more powerful inner technology and desire something, we have this old worn out belief that it takes time, it’s still far away or getting closer, what a game we seem to be playing with ourselves.  When all we need to do is delete, discard that old outdated belief that’s no longer serving us the best infinite way.   We just need to powerful play consistently, and when we add in by entertaining that focus that we’re already living that way for it to become that way.

Instantaneous manifesting 

What a magnificent design we all are.  We’re designed so uniquely to manifest according to our beliefs and desires of what we put the most attention on and eventually experience the manifestation.  We have a built in regulator that seems to monitor ourselves uniquely to give us what we believe is possible until we expand it with new knowledge to speed up the process of manifesting. 

It’s like a built in protective mechanical device that adjust to our own speed for our own good.  Because none of us would want to have all our thoughts manifested instantaneously until we were totally sovereignty responsible at a mastered level, in other words, some thoughts are better left just floating without manifesting.

Or, and this is a big OR… maybe we do not have to become that responsible?  Maybe the inner built in mechanism is designed when we get to a certain expanded level we realize to know that we get to create whatever belief or story the way we want to experience and live it.  It’s all up to ourselves uniquely the way we desire to play it all out, especially if it’s true that the Infinite Source doesn’t care about anything but experiences.  Either way the Infinite Designer has it covered, that’s so reassuring and relaxing to know. 

Your Own Unique Powerful Play

By taking any and every situation in your own life on a minutely to hourly basis and remind yourself you are now going to powerful play with everything.  Try it out for even a consistent week and let us know what you experience as a result.  If you have already been doing this consistently, then do share your own experiences with us, we love to hear about it.

Do you Have an Experience or Insight about Powerful Play

Please do share with us your experiences of powerful play.

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