Infinite Transformation

Infinite transformation is living from the inside out instead of letting the objective physical reality do the dictating of how we experience our lives. 

When we live by being a transformer of the infinite source field of all possibility, we are living our lives by creating all our inner mind, brain, body to be the programming that we ourselves are choosing from our clear connectional link from our infinite self and soul.   In other words, we never let the outer physical world have an effect on our inner world that consists of our desires manifested, of living life of our own preferences.

Reversal of Finite Perceptional Beliefs
Infinite Perceptional Beliefs

Presently in our reality everything is believed and perceived to break down, wear out, deteriorate, degrade, not holds its value, become worse, decline and so on…Why is that?  Though it sustains employment of services to circulate for incomes in this reality of entropy.  However, new jobs and careers would become established if we were to evolve to reverse this present value and instead value it the opposite way. 

Since we are now learning firstly that there’s nothing within ourselves that needs any fixing, changing or repairing.  This catalyst of knowledge can allow us to perceive life in new ways .  We are already divine and love, so we are already all that we could ever imagine to be and this can evolve into our objective reality too. 

That would change our beliefs and perceptions to work in the opposite way everything works now.  Imagine our vehicles would never need replacing unless we desire a trade in for a different model. 

Our bodies would no longer need working on either because we’d already be our perfect health, actually health would no longer even be an issue.  Our bodies would be harmonious with infinite perfection of our wholeness.  Anyone of us who have healed ourselves with our mind of illnesses, diseases, and especially referred to as “incurable diseases” know how it’s our infinite transformation of the inner that becomes our outer world.   

We can already see it occurring in a small level with cell phone technology.  How many of us have purchased a new cell phone even when our previous one’s still worked perfectly?  We upgraded to a newer model because of technology advances and for a change, not as a result of them breaking down.   

Infinite Transformation Living
Present Reality Living

The outer physical world we perceive is an echoing of the past that limits our experiences to anything that is new or unknown.  Infinite transformation is living from the inside out as a conscious creator knowing what we prefer and expecting it objectively.  We see it within ourselves first and then project it outwardly to be of our experience of our physical reality without allowing anything objectively to alter our perception and expectations of having it the way we prefer it to be.

Now think about infinite transformation with anything and everything.  When we look at anything externally we see our beliefs and expectations, but what if we first spent some time on creating first what we prefer to see and start the day this way with everything.  And along the day we continue infinite transformation by seeing always first what we prefer before putting so much attention outwardly on what already is.

What If we Seen Everything
Everyone Already as We Prefer it to Be?

If there are people in our lives who are sick or in pain, how do we interact with them?  Do we expect they’re sick and continue to see them sick?  What if we seen them first as already healed and begin to expect that instead?  What if anyone we see that is suffering in any way we instead see and expect them not to suffer?  What if when we look in our bank account balance instead of seeing the balance we expect, instead we see the balance that we prefer. 

What if our gas tank in our vehicles reads full instead of under full and needing gas?  What if instead of checking the weather on line or tv we seen our preferred weather forecast first and projected that preference to experience it?  Especially if weather is a creation of accumulated collective emotional atmospheric patterns of jet streams, as Seth channeled from Jane Roberts explained.

What if we had some large bills unpaid and instead we seen them as paid in full?  What if we see our vehicles as appreciating in value and no longer falling apart and instead seeing them always maintaining as if they were still new?  The same with our clothes, our appliances, our furniture.  Actually everything would eventually shift to become to appreciate in love value instead of the way it is now with depreciating as a result of fear and separational value.

What If all These What If's
are Infinite Insights
and Guidance for our Future?

What if all these WHAT IF”S can guide and lead us to powerfully play as infinite transformation can?   Even if we can begin with just one thing and play with it until we master it to see our own evidence that what we condition ourselves to perceive will eventually be what we do expect to perceive and experience in our reality.   What would be the first thing you would start to powerfully play with to see as the new infinite transformation way?  Share with us your ideas and what would be the first thing you would start this new expectation of preference instead of the old way?    

Instead of living the way we live now, what if we were to expect our vehicles to be always reading full instead of automatically seeing it needing more gas.  Our vehicles would never depreciate or break down.  What about seeing things always regenerating or sustaining their value instead of perpetually breaking down and needing repair.  We’d look outside if there’s drought and we’d create it to rain with the added bonus of being a service for nature. 

We wouldn’t need medical assistance at all.  We wouldn’t need anything that does repairs or maintenance, we wouldn’t need weather channels to tell us the predicted weather forecast because we’d create what is needed or preferred.  Yes, life would sure be quite different.  Actually it would be in total reverse of how it is now. 

Love Appreciation Creation Living
compared to
Fear Depreciating Living

I really feel that’s what we are evolving to be living in our future, however we can start by living the infinite transformation way from the inside out now with many more things than we’ve been doing so far.

For most of us getting onto this infinite path has been what allowed our remembering and resonating with the nature of reality and to experiment with it and see our own proof of results.  Hence the explosion of spiritual teachers and teachings of how to create our reality the way we prefer.

Fear does seem to be the catalyst that separates everything from perpetually sustaining its value.  Fear depreciates everything, while love appreciates in value of everything.  So it seems that’s how our conscious evolution will unfold in infinite love of regeneration and value sustainment.  This will turn everything oppositely around from the present reality. 

Your Infinite Transformation

Have you picked a infinite transformation you are going to play with for a few weeks? Share with us your pick and experiences so far.

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