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Afterr Self-Realization, then what?
March 08, 2016

Infinite Greetings

Hello, are you ready to delve and expand into more infinite abilities? Or at least open yourself up to more super abilities that are being demonstrated by others worldwide. Since my self-realizations I have been going through many different experiences, and I wanted to share some of them with you too.

After Awakening

After Awakening, or even just after meditations of having space from the ego mind, many of us experience challenges of trying not to revert back to the old programming of the old self. It can come back with such a strong force because it wants that old rush of emotional familiarity. But when we can stay aware not to engage by staying so presently aware, it does become easier and second nature. This allows our heart and mind to sync, and natural manifestations to occur. After Awakening

Mind Interference

How the past mind tries to understand self-realization and can create some havoc, yet it also needs to expand. So the mind can be our servant for the infinite self, instead of the master as it’s been through ego living. Mind Interference

Infinite Evidence

Infinite Evidence is everywhere presently. Worldwide of others demonstrating the most incredible manifestations as regeneration of body parts, levitation, materialization, flying, raising the dead, instant healings and more. Come take a look at what some others are demonstrating of Infinite abilities through different cultures. Infinite Evidence

life really does seem to be just beginning after awakenings and self-realizations, of knowing we are much more than we ever could of imagined. And this knowing allows the mind to expand so openly so that the Infinite can play through us. As Buddha said, his age began after his awakening. Because it’s the new beginning to consciously use even more powerful infinite abilities. So we can help humanity evolve as we evolve.

Infinite Love Cheers and Blessings, Anna

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