Mind Interference after
Awakening and Meditation

Mind Interference I found to be a very important process.  To not only understand, but to give it more attention to be prepared for the process many go through after awakening, and even after meditations, including myself.  After awakening, and since we still have a mind, it tries to understand what occurred. 

Though it seems, or some past teachings have stated, that the mind may never be able to understand self-realization.  But when we realize that we are expanding consciousness for new more unknown experiences, many older teachings may not even apply.   Because change is perpetual, and many old assumptions must also change to fit the newer paradigms too.   So the mind does seem to still play an important part in our evolutionary development in physical, when we are embraced with the Infinite.

This is the very reason that I am writing and researching more about it, and sharing it with you, as I am sure it will come in handy for those who have yet to have their first self-realization, and also from meditating.  To be prepared helps allot.  As I just heard Joe Dispenza say in this newer video I came across, “just before the war is over, the last battle is always the hardest.”

No Judgments but to Be
Used as Awareness

I came across Andrew Cohen’s book, evolutionary enlightenment, and bought it and loved it.  I had so many resonating aha’s throughout it.  He was really onto something, until his past mind interference took over without his conscious awareness of it occurring. 

Again I am grateful for the experiences many teachers go through for the whole to learn from.  So I am sharing these videos just as a awareness in preparation for our own self to know what can go on, and be ahead of it. 

This is a perfect example of how, if we are not consciously aware to be observing, so that our past mind interference doesn’t get out of control in our situations and life.  And most importantly, that we also become our own authority, listen to our own intuition over anyone else throughout our own process.  Though no matter what, there’s always learning experiences along the way.

To deny or shove the mind out of all this just didn’t make any sense to me at all.  If the Infinite wants to have unique and infinite experiences through all of us, ITS Pieces, and the mind is one way it also uses our physical bodies to do so, then we need to look more in depth about it all.  While also being so consciously observant and aware, so that our past mind interference doesn’t occur, but expands in infinite consciousness. 

Allowing the Mind to Expand

When we allow the mind to expand, and we are prepared with enough knowledge before or after self-realization, then we are able to go through the processes easier and more effortlessly than not knowing what’s going on.  I feel that the Infinite does desire many of us to expand our mind, so that it can play through us, and experience more than it has in the past.  In the past it was always just a handful of humans that experienced infinite evidence of extraordinary infinite abilities to demonstrate.

Now it does seem that it’s begun to really explode in the unfolding, in so many different cultures and religions than any other time in history.  People are being healed all over the world in all different kinds of seminars and religious gathering.  So the hundred monkey effect and the mirror neurons

Infinite is unfolding so perfectly for the evolution for the collective.  Even though we on this path may still seem to be on the forefront, or leading edge, compared to the social societies of consciousness.  So this is even more essential for us to honor our roles for the infinite, to play through us if it feels like a calling or infinite urge. 

Another Example of Past
Mind Interference after Awakening

I was surprised to find some of our great teachers having their own moments of past mind interference.  Again, I am simultaneously also so grateful that they did, so that we can learn from it too.  Thanks goodness that the teachers are not perfect, because they do lead the edge for us to learn from them.  And I am also so gratefully appreciative that they did teach and follow their infinite urges, regardless of their own stages because again it helps us all.

I now am able to understand with compassion in regards of so many gurus that showed the most shocking behaviors throughout history and present, and the reasoning behind it all.   

Imagine if all the teachers and lead speakers didn’t follow their infinite urges because of feeling they were not ready or perfect enough?  Who would we have to learn from?  If everyone waited to have already perfected what they feel they should, we’d have no teachers, or sharing of all the information and experiences. 

This is also something to keep in mind for yourself, if you continue to procrastinate on doing something that the Infinite is urging you to do.  So, I also can see how it’s so perfectly ALL Infinitely influenced, and designed for everything to be and unfold the way it all does.

Infinite does not Want Perfection
IT wants Experience

It sure does seem that the Infinite doesn’t want perfection.  After my self-realizations, yes, that oneness, love, whole and completeness is the ultimate and so out of this world.  I could clearly sense that’s the reason we are all here, it wanted something different than all that Oneness and bliss.  And now makes so much sense that the Infinite wants all kinds of different experiences. 

Now that makes quite a profound difference to see it this way.  It also allowed me to honor all parts of the whole in every way.  Including the body, brain, mind and nervous system, all and everything for the most Infinite ways that IT needs and wants to experience things. 

We’re just in the part of the journey of realizing all this, and also expanding into more unknown than the past too.  So new unknown ideas will also surface for us to express and experience.  Everything is expanding into more unknown to be known in the physical domains. 

So even the most seeming outrageous abilities we are coming upon, is still prehistoric to more advanced beings, and what the unknown future can expand into.  The reason keeping an open mind is always so essential for any on the leading edge. 

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