Infinite Evidence

Infinite Evidence has always been around us, whenever we were ready to see extraordinary abilities being performed.  Though the evidence may still be rare in public media presently, it has always been available for us to peak into.  These miraculous, magical or infinite abilities are slightly hidden in religious gatherings, and in different cultural territories. 

The more that we expand in infinite awareness, the more our perception expands to see what’s going on.  And can also be of great infinite inspiration for ourselves to prepare for similar experiences, if that’s our hearts calling.  For many of us we have become to infinitely, intuitively know, that it’s the next stage of evolutionary expansion to experience too. 

Infinite Evidence in Religious Gatherings

I backed away from the Catholic religion for decades because of the dogma and for many other reasons.  I now see how the infinite path has been progressively and uniquely unfolding for me, as it has in all circumstances, regardless of me getting in the way of it all. 

More Infinite Evidence began to present itself to me as the Infinite subtly connected me to another who has become a great friend.  She presented me with lots of infinite evidence that was and has been occurring in the religious cultures that I was unaware of.  Though I’d always come across saints through history that were demonstrating infinite abilities, I continued on my path not giving an in depth investigation about it all. 

The same with other cultures who were also showing demonstrations of infinite evidence, not only throughout history, but also throughout the decades and presently too.  So all along I have always been interested in infinite abilities (magic and miracle) demonstrations, and even experimented to see proof in my own abilities with certain manifestations. 

It all continued to expand and I became more and more interested in a holistic level through all cultures.  So this webpage is about different cultures and their own demonstrations of infinite abilities being demonstrated right now, presently.  As this will bring us closer to the forefront of preparing ourselves to not only be inspired, but also begin opening to allow ourselves to experience more of the extraordinary abilities for ourselves.   

Religious Demonstrations Show
Infinite Evidence

I was actually surprised to see so many religious gatherings and individuals demonstrating the most outrageous abilities.  If you missed the video of Peter manifesting $100,000.00 in his pocket while asleep, you can watch it through this link, near the end of the page.

Another of the most outrageous, yet greatest ability was being able to raise the dead.  Though it does seem to take some sorting out from the frauds to the real, the real seemed to be highlighted with integrity. 

Infinite ONE Source, One Mind Fractured
into Infinite Pieces

When we really truly comprehend ONE Infinite Source, and all of us as Pieces that have exploded from that One infinite source,  into fragmented pieces, infinite pieces, that are scattered throughout dimensions of realities.  If that’s what we can refer to the All That Is of Everything and Everyone.  Then it’s easier to make sense of how we all have the Infinite within each of us, everything is entangled in the most infinite web, then it allows us to honor ourselves as a vehicle for the infinite.  Which also allows for our infinite abilities to expand, to be able to demonstrate, and experience it for ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter what religion or culture, or in what name you label to refer the Infinite with, all that matters is that we allow the Infinite Power to come through us.  All those that demonstrate these extraordinary abilities are also role models for us.  And are laser beyond all doubt into absolute faith and expectations, and even practicing for many of the ones who demonstrate it.  Any timing of infinite abilities to demonstrate seems to be all about just getting out of our own way to allow and accept it, regardless of names, labels or religions.  One Infinite Source, and connecting and allowing it flow through us.  So let’s get onto the really great stuff.

Clarice Fluitt

Clarice Fluitt not only has the most amazing story about her life, and how it all unfolded for her to be able to demonstrate in using her infinite abilities.  Her book, Ridiculous Miracle is a great read.  Through this video she explains briefly about the infinite abilities she has used throughout her life, and still presently.

Her daughter regenerated a finger after losing it.  Her son healed from acid burns in 15 minutes.  She has healed others all along her journey.  In her book she describes her experience with “raising the dead” a man who died and she brought back to life.  All Clarice’s belief, faith, and experience after experience unfolded for her to create absolute memory to expect her abilities.  It’s the re- programing that she now unfolds her reality and lives from the being she now is.    

Swami Kaleshwar

Swami Kaleshwar could materialize objects, just as Sai Baba did.  Swami also left his body many times and traveled to other dimensions.  The interesting part was the doctor, who kept watch on his body while he was not in it when he was soul traveling.  Through this link you can watch the other interviews from New Realities show.  To watch the video below you must click the bottom left "watch on youtube"

The Doctors Interview

St. Joseph the Priest
who could Levitate and Fly

Though St. Joseph is not presently alive in the sense of us seeing him, I am quite sure his energy lingers somehow in the quantum infinite field.  So whether he is still around as an invisible ascended master or not, there are so many, more than we could ever imagine in comparison to the human beings on our planet now.   I am reading Micheal Grosso’s book, The man who could fly. 

The book is fascinating.  St. Joseph not only could levitate and fly, he also was able to materialize objects, heal the incurable, always lingered with an out of this world fragrance of ecstatic flavor indescribable to anything of this world.  He was also consciously telepathic too. 

All seemed to be a result of his ecstatic rapture of being one with the Infinite without his ego mind getting in the way.  However, before he matured enough, the ego mind also played havoc with him too through some stages.  This seems to be an important process that I am finding very informative, and also as I experience my own process of this, Which I go into more detail on the Mind Interference page.

Spyros Sathi referred to as Daskalso

Kyriaicos C. Markides a professor from Maine that spent 10 years with Daskalso and wrote about it in his book titled The Magus of Strovolos.  Daskalso would heal others and also could materialize and dematerialize ill organs in a ill persons body and materialize a new organ.  Along with many other abilities he could do as teleport, remote viewing etc... though he did not refer to his abilities with those labels.

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