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Instant Outrageous Manifestations? Why aren’t we Experiencing it Yet?
December 02, 2015

Hello and Infinite Cheers Infinite Manifestors!

are your days becoming more and more exciting with new infinite possibilities that are streaming into consciousness? Are you noticing realities shifting to become more of what we’ve wanted to see around us? It’s by noticing that we will see the differences from being so tightly locked into linear perception to be able expand into infinite perception, or at least more expanded perceptions. By literally getting our ego recording programming personality out of our way, it opens the door to the most amazing experiences for us to expect and play towards. The Ego Recording Programming page gives great insight of how our programming is recorded, then come back and read the rest of the newsletter to go to the other 2 pages is my suggestion.

Being the Infinite

To test yourself! Go to this page through the link below and witness the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear about Peter who desperately needed 1000.00's of dollars and fell asleep and upon awakening found 1000.00's of dollars in his pocket.

We really do need to catch up with our Real Self and it takes separating as much as possible from our ego chatter and unifying with the Greater Part of Ourselves... Being the Infinite

Divine Breathing

using your breathing for Infinite Potential has so many benefits. Are you breathing from you chest which is shallow? Or have you already become a natural Divine Breather? If not go to Divine Breathing Also check out 2015 What's New Blog

You are the Divine Infinite Expressing Yourself

Now that you really really do know that YOU ARE THE DIVINE INFINITE EXPRESSING ITSELF THROUGH YOU, you can really make some quantum leaps into playing with and experiencing many things that could really only be possible with knowing this for yourself. We may not be completely there yet, but we sure are so much more than we’ve ever been so far. Have the most divine magnificent celebrations for yourself every day in every way, especially through the Christmas season. Infinite hugs and cheers entangled with love, Anna

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