Being the Infinite and Playing in the Infinite Playground

Being the Infinite means no more teeter tottering back and forth, as this can become such a long drawn out process.  We now can see it all around us that everything is so instantly available for us, information through the internet and technology. 

Purchasing is easier than ever before.  Downloads of books and articles, anything we can imagine we can now find.  We can instantly read books, watch videos, the world has literally become an Infinite Playground.   And when we become consciously aware to notice it, is when we can step into the Beingness of the Infinite.  To Being the Infinite, which now doesn’t have to continue to be a long drawn out process as it was in the past with processing. 

Catching Up with Our Infinite Self
to Being the Infinite

The time is now to catch up with the Greater Part of ourselves to being the Infinite.  It’s all about enlightenment to becoming more of what we were unconsciously aware of previously, and now remembering.  Remembering that where we came from and that this was what we came here to do. 

Experiencing and enjoying our true infinite self in a physical dense body, and experiencing rising and “lightening” it up to higher capacities all for the experience of it.  To be able to do what we could do in Infinite Spirit, to now be able to experience with an actual body.  That’s fun stuff for an infinite spirit to take the challenge and get through it all.  It takes being the infinite.

What’s Really Possible
When We are Being the Infinite?

Everything we can IMAGINE and if the ideas do pop up then it’s possible or those ideas wouldn’t be there to begin with.  Because literally in the infinite dimensional realms, all is already there for us to experience it in physical.  Something and anything new that is so OUTRAGEOUS to the ego recording that doubts, and is skeptical of anything new and outrageous.

Now you can check out Peter’s money manifesting video.  So funny isn’t it?  I know that as Infinite Manifestors that you couldn’t wait and have probably already jumped to this page without reading the ego recording page.  That’s our Infinite Nature of natural spontaneous rebelliousness, to follow our infinite instinct of intuition.

Test Yourself

Peter manifested $1000.00’s of dollars in his pocket from praying (intention/desire) of desperately needing a certain amount (1000.00’s) before returning home.   

Yes, you read that right.  He went to bed with empty pockets, and woke up wondering what was in his pocket?  And found  a hundred 1,000.00 Thai Baht bills in a neat bundle which was worth around 30,000.00 US..

Now stop and witness the thoughts that are going on in your mind as you are reading this???  It’s even more effective to write them down to really see how ego “recording programming” which is the complete opposite of being the infinite.  The ego recording is of lack and can't even comprehend amazing possibilities?  If all kinds of doubt surfaced, that’s ok, the main thing is to just witness them without engaging or judging any of it. 

Just witness it without any engaging, and see them pop as if they were balloons or bubbles being popped and deflated.  They will no longer be of any service for us, and this gives some space now to connect with the Infinite, the Greater Part of yourself who’s always been doing the witnessing. 

Noticing the Infinite Becoming more
Clearer than the Programming

Now if you really connect and allow The Infinite to come through, notice what now surfaces in the realms of “possibilities” of anything is possible if we can think it.  It’s there because it’s a possibility for us to go into what we didn’t know, unconsciously.   S o that we can now expand into being aware, and conscious of what was not previously before being aware of it.  All things are possible with the Infinite Creator/Creation of Existence.  

Others experiencing these types of things we desire to experience is such a Divine Blessing for us to walk in that 100% as the infinite.  At first we are learning to connect more with the Infinite Greater Self to become more familiar and in relationship with IT.  As we do, we begin to separate our "Identity" of the “recorded programming” and become unified with the Infinite. 

When that’s an Absolute within us, then we can do what seemed impossible to the ego mind’s recordings that doubts the amazing things.  Then we allow the Infinite to manifest through us. Because the Infinite becomes us, who we really are!  Infinite Spirit Beings in Physical remembering who we really are.  The Great Awakening of Enlightenment, where all becomes possible for the experience.  While simultaneously infiltrates collective consciousness to realize it too.  And this is also where service to others fits into all this too. 

We can clearly see how Peter"s desire with intention, and he felt deserving, because as he says, he we doing the lords work.  We can use anything as a catalyst to justify our reasons to be able to experience amazing manifestations as this.  When we know that IT IS ALL the SAME MIND, the SAME POWER, the SAME unified energy, slowly densified into appearing fragments of a whole.

Peter’s video

Share your Infinite Possibilities & Manifestations

Share your insights and infinite possibilities with us. We love hearing about even the most outrageous as it helps break free of the ego programming so we can soar higher with our capabilities as being the infinite.

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