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Sep 23, 2023

Walk for the World Today

Dr. Joe Dispenza walk for the world meditation is today Saturday Sept 23 at 10am eastern time. Here is the meditation video if you have not registered, you can still join in.

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Aug 01, 2023

Medical Myths

This informational wisdom is very profound and important if you want to drop more fears, along with beliefs that have been conditioned in us that created so much fear from myths, false facts about our body and how it actually naturally works.

Be prepared to at first to be shocked at the intensity of the false facts, but then it will relax you and bring peace, as it did for me to confirm and know the truth, that we can trust our body as it was designed to survive and not try to harm us.

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Jul 29, 2023

Walk for the World

Walk for the World, to walk into a new global future is a Joe Dispenza event that will be taking place September 23, 2023. The first international walking meditation from the event that will be at Marco Island advance retreat. Anyone can participate whether to walk alone or with a group, or form a group. More info through the below link.

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Jul 28, 2023

Guinness Record

Sharing some news of my niece Ciara that has scored the Guinness world record for diving underwater without a mask.

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Jul 27, 2023

Healing to Wholeness

A webpage with updates of what I have been going through since 2017 and onward. How healing is really about returning to our wholeness.

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May 01, 2023

Recent Joe Gallenberger Interview

Most of us have already watched Joe Gallenbergers videos in the past, this interview is recent of Timothy interviewing Joe. Also check out the comment of Team VMF, I agree that once the desire is decided by us, that it will happen regardless of other conditions we may go through.

Joe describes all different kinds of techniques, however, we know that techniques are only tools we use to focus our attention upon what we desire to be fulfilled.

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Apr 28, 2023

Love is the Answer

Tom Campbell explains the logic that Love is the answer.

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Apr 22, 2023

Reverse Aging

Reverse Aging is becoming more possible than ever. You can read about it in the new webpage I created and also read the article of what David Sinclair research and experiments have shown. Also what Seth said in the 1960s about creating our own self image and reality.

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Feb 19, 2023

Profound Wisdom from Seth

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts stated and shared some profound wisdom that takes some deep contemplation about to really understand the truth of reality and the statement that The Power IS IN the Present Moment.

Seth on the Power of the Present Moment"Every moment you are recreating. Matter has 2 properties instantaneous and spontaneous.

This is just a small insert from Seth's book, The Early Sessions # 60 ... You can read more by clicking on the link below

In itself matter is not continuous. What you perceive as change or growth in a living physical structure is not change or growth as you conceive it. The physical properties of matter are not continuous, in that a particular given tree or rock is not al all the same tree or rock, physically, today that it was yesterday. Nor will it be the same tomorrow. The chair upon which you sit this evening is not the same chair, physically speaking, that it was last evening.

Matter is continually created, but no particular physical object is in itself continuous. Change in a particular physical object is not change as you conceive it. There is not, for example, one particular physical object that deteriorates with age. THERE ARE INSTEAD continuous, for now I will say continuous creations, of psychic energy into a physical pattern that APPEARS to hold a more or less rigid appearance. This appearance APPEARS, that is, this physical object appears to change and to age, but the material does neither. It does NOT EXIST long enough to do either, for one thing.

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Feb 19, 2023

Meditation and Inquire

Grand Master Wolf explains about Meditation and to knowing who you/we really are.

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Feb 14, 2023

A Great Meditation

This is a great meditation from Joe Dispenza's walking meditation. A great way to relax and set your intentions.

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Feb 14, 2023

Joe Dispenza Events

These are a few clips from one of Joe Dispenza's Advanced Events which is so inspirational.

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Jan 12, 2023

Interview with Grand Master Wolf

A longer in depth interview with Master Wolf about his life journey.

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Jan 12, 2023

All the Pieces Together in One Talk

Joe Dispenza combines all the pieces together in explaining the journey of our purpose and experiences.

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Jan 12, 2023

Using Psychic Abilities

Grand Master Wolf sharing his wisdom of using psychic abilities.

"PK is not a demo of Chi. It is a demonstration of Will & Focus"Grand Master Wolf

The link is the same video as below

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Jan 12, 2023

Master Wolf Demonstration

Master Wolf demonstrates telekinesis, chi pressure

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