Divine Breathing

Divine Breathing is being aware and consciously practicing repetitiously proper breathing until it becomes the natural way you will always be breathing.  It’s actually the highest use of breath that reaps all the benefits for your body and allows Infinite Source to maintain your body at its maximum levels.

The best analogy most popularly used is a garden hose that’s kinked.  The hose will not be able to let the full pressure of water flow compared to unkinking the hose.  This is so similar to our breathing and letting the Infinite to flow at maximum level into our body.  If we are not aware of our breathing or have not made it a habit to breath at our highest potential, you may be breathing short shallow breaths similar to a kinked hose.  As we practice deep slow diaphragm breathing long enough until it becomes the natural infinite habit, we will reap all the benefits in every way.

Divine Proper Breathing for Meditation

Meditation quiets our chattering mind so we can experience our Infinite Self and connection to Infinite Source/Creation.   Divine Breathing is used to get us into a meditative state by focusing on our breathing so that our minds are no longer occupying our focused attention. 

Meditation is just quieting the ego recordings of programming so we can connect and experience the Infinite which divine breathing will be of the greatest aid.  It’s in the Infinite that all power, all creation, all everything unfolds.  When we are One with the Infinite  Divine, we have all power and possibilities available and we are pure well beingness and we then have the pure absolute power to manifest our desires.  Remember any problem you have, it’s your desire that has surfaces to resolve the challenge.

Divine Breathing for Everything

We can use proper breathing for everything.  Divine or Proper Breathing will relax us in any negative lower vibe states as anger, anxious, panicky or fearful states we are in.  Just by breathing properly you can relax yourself in any situation, and relaxing is the complete opposite of stress.  Our bodies are at its maximum benefits when we are relaxed and illness can’t be in-fected in a relaxed body.   Simultaneously we will also be naturally consciously more aware of our infinite divine self instead of our programming ego self.

As a result we have more energy, clarity, receive more insight and hear and follow intuition instead of the programming.  All of this also keeps us in alignment with our divine paths and creations.  So it’s always a winning situation all around being consciously connected with the Infinite until it becomes second nature and proper breathing is a most beneficial and high vibe way.  Proper Breathing is also greatly effective to use with imagining your desires already manifested.

Quoted from Charles Haanel’s book, Secrets of the Yogi  I recommend his book as it’s very informative and in-depth about breathing.

“ The 3 Processes involved in breathing are Inhaling, Retaining and Exhaling.When you Inhale, your thoughts are carried in with the stream of Pranic Energy.  Affirm, desire or visualize your wants when you breathe through the right nostril.  Keep quiet when you breathe through the left nostril.  When you retain the breath your main object is to oxygenate the blood and help to feed it with nitrogen, but during retention benefit will result from continuing the thoughts held while inhaling.” 

Most Powerful and Beneficial Divine Breathing

The slower and deeper your breaths from your diaphragm, belly area is the best way of breathing.  If we are only breathing from our chest the results are that we are using and putting too much strain on our upper areas of our shoulders and neck area.  Which is explained in the next video how it causes pain and discomfort in those areas.  So with proper diaphragm breathing you will no longer experience pain or discomfort in those areas.

The next video you'll be guided in 4 second intervals of inhaling and exhaling your breaths.

Finding Your Real Voice

Another very interesting and important area that’s also a great benefit from divine breathing, diaphragm breathing is our voice.  The voice lady, Nancy Daniels explains and shows a great diagram of the differences in shallow breathing in our body compared to diaphragm breathing, and the difference in our voice and finding our real voice through proper breathing.  Our voice should project and vibrate but in shallow breathing just from our chest it can’t project properly.

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