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Is Lack and Doubt still in Your Vocabulary? Let future now words transform your energy.
June 01, 2012

Ready to Get Even More Creative?

Have you also experienced how fast June is here? Considering we are still using linear time and are you noticing how it’s going by quicker then ever because of consciousness rising to higher frequencies. Since you are reading this, you are also on that higher frequency and I want to delve more into our perception of creating time to be less linear. Also to bring your attention more on noticing slight changes in your reality and experiences with the past and future out of linear perception.

The deeper we seem to go more is revealed to us in our experiences, but if these slight experiences go unnoticed then we miss great opportunities to step a bit further into the unknown to know more. It’s all about our evolution into knowing and experiencing more that’s fun and exciting once our belief systems supports the new ideas. We can also help it along by changing some things in our present reality as words. Are you still using the same old words that are not supportive of the new reality that you desire? I am experimenting with this idea now, are you willing to experiment for yourself?

Future Now Words for the New Realty You Desire and the Newer You

We know that we have changed from all that we have went through and learned and grown from our evolved experiences. Yet most of us are still using the same old words that have associated attached meanings that define the same old past memories, which means we are still reliving so much of our past. And we can’t experience the new future we want if we keep reliving our past.

That would be like using water and desiring a hot chocolate but only have coffee grounds we are going to get coffee instead of hot chocolate. We have to put the right ingredient in the water and also make the water hot to have our desired hot chocolate. This is similar to the future reality we desire to experience, however if we keep defining daily reality with the same old limited words we will be creating the same old reality too.

You will see in brackets around the (old) words and (new) throughout this ezine and on the future now words page, just to get the difference in how the energy feels with the newer words to give higher potential meaning for old words. Are you ready for a creative adventure?

Are you up for another monthly challenge? Remember, if you really want to be living your future desire, then you really have to put everything into it too. It’s so worth it because you will be using your powerful present moment to be your most powerful advantage. Then click this link for a new idea I am experimenting on. Future Now Words

Government Conspiracy’s and Getting Unstuck and Switching to the Reality that You Prefer

Conspiracy’s especially government conspiracy’s in the past couple of decades have really become illuminated, more popular, people are removing their blinders to what’s really going on with hiding truth from the public. In the past it may have seemed impossible to believe that the government would be lying to us, especially if you trusted the government in the past. For so many individuals conspiracies have now become more believable then ever before because the veil is thinning. Of course this is a necessary stage to go through not only in collective consciousness, but mostly for ourselves.

We must be careful because we can become stuck for a long time (old) reoccurring events (new) that can keep us spinning in the same wheel of energy with conspiracies. If the time (old) event (new) is now for you to jump off that spinning wheel to go beyond where your real power is, or you want to hear more about government conspiracies to bring it all to the surface then click on the link. If the link doesn't take you to the page, you can get it from Infinite Manifesting Site Map 2 page. Government Conspiracy Illuminated

Past Changes

Is our past concrete giving us the illusion of making it appear in our perception that we are recalling a past experience? Or are we really recreating a past to be experienced or switching to a reality where that past is already in existence? Read on as I pause in contemplation about past removed from the illusion we have been conditioned to believe through this link. Past Changes

Changing Beliefs

It's so amazing when we change a belief and experience the outcome of it, and that's the reason I am excited to share another one with you. The belief I have changed or recreated concerning believing I was lactose intolerant. Though it did take me 6 times (old) events (new) of imagining with focused intention for my body to respond the way I preferred. I must admit it still is fun eating ice cream every day for another confirmation for myself that the belief is now hardwired and I am no longer lactose intolerant. You can find it on the belief page and do share your experiences to if you have changed a belief and your experiences about it. The more we do this, the more we create new memories of trust that empowers us to know we always have choices.

What's New Blog

If you have not been to the website in awhile, check on the What's New Blog you will find more interesting topics as Dr. Claude Swanson, a scientist who is proving the paranormal. And Robbert Van Den Broeke, he takes pictures of spirits and people who have passed on and also passes on any information to family members too. Also there are a few new submissions from visitors.

know that whatever you still desire is possible, the more you experience an old belief change, the more you will trust your energy too. I know this month will go by even faster so keep practicing and focusing on your intentions, because when you believe you will experience it. Dare something different and watch love and bliss transform your days.
Infinitely Anna

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