Future Now Words will Change Your Future Starting Now

Using future now words will definitely change your future starting now if you start putting it into practice. Words are energy just as thoughts are energy and words are the end result of what we believe, and this speeds up our progress when we create new words to replace old ones that have the old definitions attached.

Taking Action with Future Now Words

You will notice on this web page that I am using the old words and future now words in brackets. I will be doing this for myself and for you and anyone that reads it, as it will be helping us along our creative infinite journey. Just like in this example in this sentence, as you can see (old) observe (new) while reading and feel the difference it makes.

By doing this we are adding in the rewiring process of the brain which is so needed for the new reality to take hold and become downloaded efficiently for the new reality to also be reflected and experienced in our own lives.

Old Past Words Transformed Into Future Now Words To Be Used

As you read the list below you’ll notice the old words on the left and the future words is on the right that is to replace the old word. You can just read this page on go on with your life, or you can really make it a part of your evolutionary growth by taking the necessary (time) old, event (new) to transform the old words into the future words by being aware through your days. I have printed out the list and taped it into a small ring book so I can carry it around with me to refer to and add to when a word pops up that can be transformed to the future now words.

If we continue to use the old words with the old definition of energy that is attached to it, we will continue to stay stagnate in that energy. Even if we work (old) create fun (new) by just transforming a couple words a day for a few days and continue to do it for all the future words until it becomes more natural then the old words.

Old Words, Future Now Words

aging ... deteriorating disease beliefs
anger ... denial of fear
believer ... knower
collective consciousness...versions of collective consciousness
compassion ... empathy
dreams ... dimensional realities
earth ... nature’s spiritual and human entities
earth ... spirit's playground
earth ... soul school of evolution
energy ... substance that creates reality
evolve ... transforming everything to Love
fear ... love’s potential
god ... creator
heart ... doorway to the infinite
hate ... evolving potential to transform
hologram ... unified source that contains the sum of the whole
human being ... potential to merge the ego personality
I ... We…Us
imagination ... tool for creating
me ... us
observe ... creating energy
participate ... observe
past, future ... now
penetrate ... interpenetrate
see ... participate, then transforms to observe
sickness ... disharmony of body cells
skeptics ... non believers, potential for knowing
soul ... infinite memories
special ... unique
time ... events
time line ... event coordinator
work... fun
world ... reality
ying yang ... yong
you ... us

Our Brain Needs Constant
Stimulation of Creativity

Our brain needs to be consistently refreshed by doing something creatively new so it can perform to its highest potential. But of course it's always up to your self to transform beyond normal, if it is then this is a great powerful way to press beyond and unlock more of your creativity by using future now words.

Some Fun with Others and Using the Future Now Words for Our Own Reflection

The most fun is using these future words now with others because it not only helps us step more out of the normal comfort zone, simultaneously we may trigger others to stop in the midst of their daily habitual beliefs.

Maybe it's possible that others will be asking us why we are using words in a different way and it might awaken them to new possibilities or curiosity. If it doesn’t trigger their curiosity, then they just missed a great opportunity. That means they didn’t even notice because they may be so hypnotized in their structured reality that it may take quite a bit to wake them up. However we might leave a little residue of an imprint and that’s better then no arousing imprint at all. Isn’t that what we are here to do as leading edge creators? Awaken our true infinite potential? And stir not only ourselves but others around us too?

If we are switching to versions of others as our own reflective energy in switching realities moment to moment then that’s even a better learning curve of reflection of feedback because we will truly see our reflection. It will be by the other’s reaction that we will know if we still have it in ourselves. And if it's something we want to change from the feedback of the reflection then we can continue to work (old) have fun (new) on it until we see the responses we truly want to have as our feedback.

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