I know the concept of beliefs is simple knowledge we learned in the beginning of our pondering about the nature of reality. Though it does seem so simple, it has not been the easiest experiences to recreating new thoughts to believe for many. Why? Because old thoughts that we believe are just so stubborn because our body has memorized them so well and have already become subconscious of  emotions we have become addicted to.

Many times it takes repetition and a lot of consistent practice to be aware of what we believe in everything, that's just old programming, so that we can realize that those old memories that were programmed of what we believe, are still creating some of the reality we do not want any longer.

So a belief is only a thought we kept thinking over and over until it formulated into what we believe with many other attached thoughts. Using the analogy of a tree has always served to be the best analogy because what is under the ground of what we do not see of the tree’s thousands of roots. The roots can be compared to our beliefs, what we believe that goes unnoticed. So how do we try to pick out thousands of roots that have gained such momentum in continually creating our reality?

In this video Dr. Joseph Dispenza explains how our body has memorized thoughts into beliefs and how to change them by practicing new thoughts and feelings. He also goes into quantum reality in explaining how we create reality.

Being Aware and Inserting New Thoughts to Replace the Old Ones

,It is always first by being aware that will give us the reflection so that we can notice. As Abraham always says, “how we feel” means everything. So just by giving ourselves the reminder to be aware how we are feeling throughout our day and whenever we notice we are not feeling good, joyful, excited, relaxed and so on is the perfect opportunity to stop and insert new thoughts.

It’s important to realize that it must be done on a consistent base or the old thoughts of beliefs will automatically pop back in and the old belief will be what’s functioning again. It could be hours that go by if we don’t take care of the not so good feeling that’s a reaction from the old thoughts that is originally from the belief.

A bill comes in notice how we feel and then we will know what thoughts are associated in the beliefs about bills. It will either be a good feeling or not, so good feeling depending on our belief we have stored in our memory of bills. Or we just ate a delicious big piece of cheesecake or something we love to eat, again what we believe will be what we experience about what we are eating is already in the system of roots of attached thoughts from memories that has already been created from past thoughts.

We can do this with everything and if we stay consistent in being aware and inserting new beneficial thoughts to replace the old thoughts then eventually what we believe about each thing will also change. And that as a result changes our reality too.

Staying Present and Feeling Good Is
Releasing the Past

When we keep ourselves aware and stay as present as we possibly can so that we can inert new thoughts that feel good, especially when we are not feeling good because that's the difference in your reality and its creation of it you will experience.

Just by realizing that feeling good and how important it will be as a result.  And when we continue to do this all day, then we are also releasing past memories that have been stubbornly dictating and creating our reality. This is using our powerful present moments in the highest most beneficial ways.

New Powerful Mantra’s

By creating new powerful mantra’s that will also become a part of your memory to retrieve is a powerful benefit too. When you notice something triggered you to not feel so good again, sing or jingle or just say the new mantra.

Here are some examples of Mantra’s:
• Nothing matters but what I think right now
• I am powerful right now
• I think uplifting thoughts and everything shines lovingly • “Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters, be in the state you prefer” Bashar
• “The more money I spend, the more money I receive” Joe Vitale
• I transform everything to a love perception
• Feeling good is healing my body
• Life is adventurous and fun
• I have unlimited great thoughts to choose from
• I am in perfect health
• I am magnificently wealthy
• I am creating right now by what I think and feel about
• I keep my thoughts on what I want to experience

Just like affirmations, you can create mantras with some catchy rhythm or have a jingle to it. Create it so it’s a phrase that feels good when you create it you can reuse it any time when the not so feeling good emotions surface..

Notice what triggers you. Is it food, bills, paychecks, other people, chores, whatever it is when we notice what triggered not to feel good, or be altered from blissful feelings then we can stop and recite the mantra.

Create New Information to Support your
Desired Reality

Knowing that beliefs are only information we have thought about long enough that created them to be belief systems allowing us the power to choose new thoughts to support our desired results.  If you want to be healthy or heal a illness or disease, then stop thinking about how bad or in pain you feel and instead insert the new thoughts of how the pain is the creation of the new healing going on. See and feel yourself as already healed over and over until that's what you experience.

The only way you will become to accept it is by inserting the new thoughts with feelings as if you are already healed. At first it may not be believable to you, and lots of doubts surface, this is the prime key time to keep inserting the new thoughts of already feeling and being healed. The more you do it, the more your doubts will transform to become more and more believable until you begin to expect the healing and good feelings. You will know you have progressed with this process whenever any pain or thoughts of unhealthy surface, automatically the new thoughts replace it so automatically as they pop up from the repetition. This is the proof that of the transformation of old thoughts to new thoughts that then support the new desire that will eventually become the reality you then experience. It will always be hanging in long enough until it becomes the new habitual way to think, then that’s the new information you are using.

My Experience with Being Lactose Intolerant

Though I have quite a list of beliefs I have changed, I mention just a couple here. One is lactose intolerant which simply is a label that defines a body that doesn’t tolerate dairy products and I created this as a symptom years ago from a desire of not wanting to eat or drink dairy products.

Throughout my life up until this time I could eat or drink dairy products without any body functioning problems but I desired to no longer want to eat or drink dairy products and before I even realized it I became lactose intolerant. Except for the exception of chocolate and cheese and that was one realization that amazed me because subconsciously I was being selective in what I included about what dairy products would affect me.

I was amazed at the difference that my body now reacted even to a little ice creams or milk and even soya products. So for years I rarely ate dairy products, the times that I did my body would always react by bloating up within 15 minutes and I would be uncomfortable for hours. My body resisted the dairy products until it was out of my system that my body would be back to my normal functioning.

It wasn’t until recently that I had enough of this, I knew I created the beliefs system and knew I could recreate it the way I wanted my body to respond. So before I would consume any dairy product I would imagine with emotions my preference, no old body interruptions from the old belief and that it was the same as any food that I eat. The first time I had less resistance, the second time I did it was even less old body reactions, the third time I did it was like, WALA! My body responded as if I had eaten any other food that my body just accepts, not even bloating.

Over two decades ago when I was just learning about reality I had realized I subconsciously created beliefs about cheese and would immediately get migraines from it, and created new beliefs. Since then and to this day I can eat as much cheese as I desire to. This is so empowering because it eventually will lead you to experimenting with what seemed impossible in your past, but when you experience enough proof for yourself in changing what you believe you will expand into infinite possibilities into your practicing.

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