Conspiracy Illuminated

Conspiracy illuminated is a process to eventually dissolve the reality of it, and is a major turn around for myself. For years I have researched and found proof confirming my beliefs that the government or cabal has been lying to the people and covering up everything that is most important to us. I include you, as in us in this because I also realize that I am also dealing with versions of mass individuals who also have similar beliefs or you wouldn’t be reading this page.

It’s so fantastic that you are reading this page because this also means that you may also be on the verge of a leading big AHA moment soon. Which also means you will be on your way to really taking more of your power back and merge more of the ego personality, or at least get great strides into doing just that, merging the ego with infinite being and seeing beyond all illusions.

Or if you found this page because of your interest in conspiracy illuminated and it’s still your journey to play in it for awhile then you may want to bring it all to the surface, this video does go quite in depth.   After I watched some videos with the observer effect in mind, it triggered me to take a look at everything around me. I finally said enough is enough, now what can I do to end it all? Once it's boils to the surface, you may then want to finally desire it to be gone for good too.

If you are ready to plunge in deeper into yourself about conspiracy illuminated then I hope you also get the AHA moment from this page too.

Shining Bright Light, You Get to Choose the Path it Shines On

Think of shining a big flashlight that illuminates a dark path. If we are walking along a dark path let’s imagine it’s at night and we had a huge flashlight turned on as we walked along the dark path we would only see what’s being illuminated by the light. Even though beside us could be all kinds of things or realities we are only seeing what’s being illuminated by the light. This analogy serves to show us the similarity of how we are also experiencing conspiracy illuminated to either be something we continue to find more evidence to support our belief in it while it continues to create more evidence to keep supporting the belief, notice the spinning here? Or we choose to no longer desire to be in that spin to that belief that we feel no longer will serves us on our journey.

Living our lives with dual beliefs has created our life experiences to mirror the reality we continue to experience. We are shining the light on two path ways that are illuminating the fear reality and love reality mixing the two infinite roots or vortex's of energy up that becomes our life experiences. So back to being on a dark path and we point our flashlight straight ahead, we see that path illuminated, then we hear a noise and we shine the flashlight in another direction, let’s say the fear path. In a second we switched our focus on the path from one way to another and each path can take us to other roads to travel. Knowing we have choices gives us the power to change it.

Conspiracy Illuminated
Resulting from Dual Beliefs

When we experience allot of conspiracy illuminated everywhere it’s because what we are doing is shining the light outwardly and then reacting by judging what we are seeing outwardly as the true reality. Yet what’s really occurring is that we are taking our self who is holding the flashlight out of the equation of being a part of it and looking at it backwards. So our experiences are that the government has lied to us, covered up way too many things we are finding out about in all the research we are putting our attention upon that continues to create more for us to find with even bigger lies and cover ups, more conspiracy illuminated

Like 911, not going to the moon, other planets already having people living on them, manipulating voting, secrets hidden of the nature of how we do create our reality, as you know the list is actually quite endless. But you get the point, the more we shine our bright light of attention on our dual beliefs of government conspiracy illuminated the more we will find, and the more we find, the more proof we have, here’s the vicious circle again.

Are You Ready to Jump off the Merry Go Round?

Remember a ride on the merry go round and how it felt to keep spinning on it before it stopped. Even though we don’t move from the ride we sit there as the ride is moving and at first we see clearly. Then as the ride speeds up our vision becomes more blurred and then as the ride slows down our vision becomes clear again. Through this ride process we are in the same surroundings and seeing the same scenery but with a different frame of perception depending on the speed that the ride is moving. Could this be the same way our reality is when we stay focused on something for long periods of time, keeping ourselves entertained long enough allows more of the reality to pop into our existence?

We’d have to get off the merry go round if we wanted to see more of the area down different roads. But if we stayed on the merry go round of our beliefs we will keep seeing the same type of conspiracy’s or surroundings in the environment. So are you really ready to get off the merry go round of government conspiracy illuminated and illuminate your flashlight of focused consciousness to another road? The road of unified peace.

Government Conspiracy Illuminated Shining the Light on You

If we were to now shine that big illuminating light on ourselves at all times, we would find something very different than shining outwardly first that results in us judging the outwardly and repetitiously creating more of it because that’s what we believe and expect to find more of. Instead when we do the opposite and shine that big light on our self first so that we can see what we believe that is really creating what we then expect and that’s what we keep finding and manifesting.

We can become to realize and see that within our self we have quite the unlimited beliefs of duality, polarity, duplicity that results in judgments Everything we experience is a collection of one and or the other, negative and positive to give the equation of a polarity of two sides. Have you ever experienced anything in between?

A Pause in Contemplating Observing

I sat here and thought about it and anything that I picked and focused upon couldn’t be in between. Only one collection of negative or of the other collection of positive. Try it for your self right now?

Think of anything or any experience or anyone? You will find that there’s no in between. If you see something as positive right now, then it could be negative later but there’s no in between in the moment of your focusing. The only in between is the OPPORTUNITY we have to transform that negative into positive or positive into negative. Even if we say maybe, that is still keeping it to swing one way or the other. Maybe it’s true, but then maybe it’s not? It’s always something true or not. See what I mean?

So either you are focused on conspiracy illuminated or you are not. If you are just curious, you are still focusing on it, conspiracy illuminated for research to swing one way or the other. That also doesn’t mean that either of these realities are not going on, because they are going on infinitely, it all depends on where you put your attention consistently. So what is really going on?

It is where you are shining your bright light of consciousness as your attention from what you are focusing upon and the more you focus upon it the more of it will come into existence that then creates an even more supportive value to believe in it. The more you believe in it, the brighter the light expands to show more of the horizons of infinite worlds to come into existence for your experience, including conspiracy illuminated. If you believe it’s going on then you will find lots of evidence of it, if you don’t believe it’s going on, you won’t find much, because your belief will turn that light off of the attention of it. Once you believe that there are infinite realities you can even go a step beyond to realize you will be in one of the parallel earths coinciding with what you believe.

Conspiracy Illuminated to Unify and Be Gone

Government conspiracy illuminated was a fantastic journey as a big opportunity to break through not only the illusion that the government was lying to us for so long. But to get on the other side of it all, changing our beliefs to no longer see that there is anymore distrust and cover ups. In other words shining the bright light on another reality that doesn’t contain government conspiracy’s.

Now instead of researching government conspiracy’s we worked on our own beliefs of duality of distrust, lying and everything that goes along with that energy thoughts of beliefs. What we will find eventually when we have consistently done the work? We have unified the dual negative and positive beliefs into a neutral energy and unified the beliefs.

We then perceive and experience a reality and everything we come in contact with is peaceful, loving, open and so on. A completely different reality seems to be formulating. It may not be experienced in one moment of a shift, however if we are aware we will notice that there is less and less about conspiracy’s. If we are really aware we will notice the slight changes in our tv programs, internet shows and so on, it will all align depending on our focus.

What I believe is really occurring is that we have switched to a parallel earth reality that already contains all the versions that seem new to us. Yet they, the other individuals and that parallel earth reality already existed, we were just on a different channel or out of tune with it. We were shining our light of attention on the polarity one instead of the unified one. Once we really make the shift to the new unified parallel earth reality, we will then notice some alterations that appeared in our past as the other earth..

We turn on the radio or computer and find news that there are no cover ups. They are reporting now about different alien civilizations that are helping us perfect our voyage to the other planets to become faster. The government is asking for volunteers to help with these new projects. Our evolution is expanding quicker with the aliens help. We could list many different loving situations that would be going on. Yet our history we find is even altered in some way then we remembered from the past.

Don’t let Denial Get in Your Way
of Expanding to Open Your Mind

If this sounds to far fetched still to you, then sit with it for awhile. If you don’t let your denial and limited beliefs get in the way of your evolutionary expansion in consciousness to allow new knowledge to absorb. It is only as far fetched as your belief system will allow it to be, this is the reason to stretch your mind even if it’s to ponder or sit in contemplation of it for awhile. At least this way you are not sitting stagnant. By pondering about it bit by bit you are testing the waters of a little puddle that can take you to wider strides to see the ocean that the little puddle may have formed from to begin with.

Science can Only Find Depending on How it is Observing

Science finds the evidence that is dependent on how they are observing depending on the beliefs of Polarity or Duality. First we find gravity then anti-gravity, one then the other to give an equaling of both. Again two side to one coin, two sides to beliefs filled in with many infinite attachments.

Science says is made up of 99 percent of anti gravity and 1 percent of gravity, or 99 % of non local and 1 % of local, or 99 % of invisible waves and 1 % of visible particles. It all comes down to polarity perceptional beliefs and findings through illuminating a shining light or focused attention on a path resulting in what will be found.

When we change our beliefs to no longer see two sides of the coin like coinciding parallel realities to instead perceive infinite realities transforming our beliefs. To no longer be one sided or the other, like conspiracy illuminated and instead to be beliefs of the whole, conspiracy illuminated evaporates, we remove the beliefs of duality. Then we will notice that we have switched realities, we have switched worlds and find all the reports and research that is of unified perception from unified beliefs. Until we wonder too long in our focus again upon government conspiracy illuminated to bring bits of it into existence again. Until we eventually we will let it go once and for all and conspiracy illuminated becomes a dark invisible reality to us.

Paranormal Comes into Play

Paranormal versus normal are dual beliefs, one or the other equals both sides of the coin of beliefs. Merge dark matter and particle matter and we get a Unified Universe entangled of both, as multiverse, or infinite reality dimensions.

Paranormal and normal become merged beliefs of all dark invisible matter and visible particle matter becoming just Infinite Eternal Matter. We then experience and see all individuals who have appeared to us that have died, reappear when we tune into them. Things that just seem to appear from nowhere as previously in the past disappeared then appear, now we know how and why they can appear. Teleporting becomes the future of traveling. We now hear reports of people living on the moon and many other planets. Everything that was invisible in the past becomes visible because we have created the beliefs to support the reality we couldn’t perceive because it was our beliefs that closed us off from finding and seeing those realities that were in existence but appeared as invisible to us. The world changed, but actually you shifted to the reality of the world that now coincides with your unified beliefs.

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