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Are You Noticing Reality Shifts? Or Parallel Realities?
July 01, 2016

Summer Greetings and Infinite Blessings

Hi, so great catching up with you all again. I feel the Great Shift is showing signs to us that parallel realities are going on. Many are noticing past realities while simultaneously also seeing more of our future, in our present reality. You can check out more about the Mandela Effect through this link.

Enlightenment Stages

Though it’s been four months since Self-Realization, a lot has been going on and more integration. I came upon great information that allowed me to understand more about Enlightenment Stages through this link. And Infinite Rebirth

Self-Realization Info Under Infinite Self Headline

I have added in the left column on the website a headline for Self-Realization and anything else that fits into that category. You can check it out in case you missed any of the previous webpages. I will add to this category in this spot for any new info on Self-Realization and Enlightenment.

All webpages that are added in the newsletter I usually put in the site map pages, however, I haven’t had a chance to catch up with it yet. So for any older webpages from the newsletters, you can check out under past newsletters/ezines on the site map 1 page near the bottom.

Exciting Times are Occurring

, it really does feel like exciting times and new adventures are presently popping up more frequently than ever. Changes seem to have sped up with the higher vibrations in consciousness, which also means what we’re focusing on manifests quicker too. So by staying in peak awareness, you’ll notice more and more, which makes every day more exciting. Infinite Love Cheers and Blessings, Anna
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