Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect was coined in 2010 by Fiona Broome when she began discussing about Mandela's death.   People remembered Nelson Mandela’s tragic death in a South African prison years before his death in 2013.  This has brought memories, shifting realities, parallel realities, quantum physics, and perceptions to become popular and more expansive in collective consciousness.  Which is so great, as it triggers so many others to also become more awake and aware of what's going on.  Although this has been going on throughout humanity's history, the only difference is that we were unaware of it until we become more aware of what we were unconsciously aware of. 

It is now becoming more collective in consciousness since it's been coined the Mandela Effect, compared to just a small minority in the past.  Cynthia Sue Larson has been talking about reality shifting for decades and referred to it as reality shifting of what is presently being labeled as the Mandela Effect.  Along with Bashar and many others.  In the past just a few were aware, it may be that life and consciousness is pushing for more in collective consciousness to become aware.  It's similar to the "the Secret" which opened the door for such an overflow to wake up to knowing more of the nature of reality.

It’s so fabulous to see how many are now awakening to contemplating much more consciously with awareness of reality and what’s going on compared to the past collectively.  So yes, everything has sped up literally because more collective consciousness has risen to higher vibrational frequencies. Our perception has expanded, and the mandela effect is helping speed it up, so that more people are aware of parallel realities and reality shifts.

Some of the Changes of the Mandela Effect

The bible was the first one I came across other than Mandela’s different deaths.  In the bible it was written as “old wine skins” which now others are finding it written as “old bottles” which I found in my bibles too.  You can do your own research if you haven’t yet come across it all, and it also seems to be expanding to others finding more and more each day. Here’s a list of some that I found.

Berenstein Bears in the past, NOW Berenstain Bears

Star Wars,  Past “Luke, I am your Father” NOW “No, I am your father”

Wizard of Oz, Past “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”  NOW heard in videos as “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

Snow White, Past “Mirror Mirror on the wall” NOW “Magic Mirror on the wall

Forest Gump, Past “life is like a box of chocolates”  NOW “life was like a box of chocolates you'll never know what you're gonna get"

Past it was, Sex in the City, NOW Sex and the City

Casablanca, Past “play it again Sam” NOW is not even replaced with something different, doesn’t have that statement part in the movie at all

Fieled of Dreams was, “they will come”, NOW “he will come”

Froot Loops in the past, NOW Fruit Loops

Jiffy peanut butter in the past, NOW Jif peanut butter

Looney Toons in the past, NOW Looney Tunes

Pete Townsend in the past, NOW Pete Townshend, an “h” is added

Prince song, "'we're gathered here to celebrate this thing called life" Now, "we're gathered here to get through this thing called life"

Twilight Zone, Past, Rod Sterling Now Rod Serling  “t” is removed

Curious George stuffed animal in the past was a monkey with a tail, NOW no longer has a tail.

In the past it was Vicks Vapour Rub, NOW it's Vick Vapo Rub. and the list seems to go on and on and on...

Also a lot of contemplation if we live in a round earth or flat earth?  If there’s infinite realities and we’re shifting a billions of times a second, there doesn’t have to be either?  Or?  There can be both.  Depending on whatever reality we’re tuned into even moment to moment.  Reality is beginning to reflect what we’ve learned intellectually into embodying.

DWave  Quantum Computers
and the Mandela Effect

From research into the Mandela Effect lead me onto DWave quantum computers and how they work.  Our present computer we use which will become classical, like classical physics in the past to NOW quantum mechanics unfolding into understanding the quantum nature of reality. 

Our present computers processes through 1 OR 0, but the quantum computers now processes  1 AND 0’s…  So reality is no longer perceived as “this or that”, but as “this and that”, or 1 and 0.  When we go back to looking at the Mandela Effect with many of the past, and now words that were changed, we can clearly see that many words have been changed to represent reality also in reflective ways. 

I was amazed to find this video just in time to also add it on this page.  This does say so much.   Though I am still uncomfortable with all of this artificial intelligence, I also realize that what we focus upon is of what's most important, along with trusting life and the infinite.

What’s Going On?

As we perceive all of this to see and realize some hidden meanings and more of what it can reveal to us, this all becomes a magnification of awareness, of how everything is shifting to reflect our knowledge into wisdom.  The shifting of reality to reflect what we’ve learned and now know.  We’ve always heard that reality will reflect what’s going on inwardly to outwardly.  Let’s take a look at some hidden meanings in the changes of wording from past to presently.

I’ve heard Bashar say, it’s not “this or that” it’s “this and that” but at the time I heard him say it in the video, I literally didn’t really understand what he was implying.  Now I am really beginning to comprehend it all more clearly.  We’re only just becoming aware of different realities that are co-existing now, that our minds have expanded to accommodate in understanding more of what wasn’t previously understood. 

In the past because of such linear conditioning and thinking, we couldn’t see the bigger picture of what is already.  We intellectually knew about reality shifting and parallel realities, actually infinite realities, now our intellect is becoming embodied into that understanding literally in our body, subconsciously to conscious awareness.  So now we can be more accepting of different realities going on, and we still get to choose which one we’re in even momentously.  

Just as the Mandela Effect shows us the past and the now present, is the same way we see our old realities we no longer desire or is no longer of any service to us, and can simultaneously see the desirous reality too.  As we focus our attention more on the desirous reality, it will become our eventual norm.  Just as we’ve learned and experienced already in so many intentions manifested.

Do you remember the last part of the Queen song, We Are the Champions?  I know I recall it just as the others in the video did too.

Parallel Realities, Past Realities now
Seen in the Present

 Now let’s take a deeper look at how we have the two realities going on that we can now observe, past and present.      

Wizard of Oz…words of past “think” is now “feeling”

In the past we learned and were conditioned through our intellect, think, until it becomes emotionally charged into feelings, that becomes our truth of wisdom, what we experience.  So the changing of the word thinking to feeling makes more sense to us now.

Loony “Toons” past, to now “tunes” more in sync of alignment to be in tune, vibrational frequency with reality.

Field of Dreams, past “they” to now “he” as in ONE, not just individual separated as others as they, including others now as one.

Snow White past “mirror mirror” now to “magic mirror” reflecting how magical our reality really is.

Forest Gump, in the past “isand presently it'swas” reflecting specifically that life “is” back then when the movie was made, but now in our present reality it’s stated as “was” it no longer is like.   Could be meaning, the past life reality we knew is now seen from the present as “was” no longer that way.

So there’s no doubt that what we’ve learned is now becoming more reflective, we’re becoming more aware in recognizing not so much subtly, but now intensely of the changes.  So much more profound.   Especially when we add in the rest of the statement, "Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"  

This is really wild!  I recall loving and watching the Brady Bunch when I was young, and was really blown away from this video that there was another brady show!

Cern Hadron Collider

Cern is also running on these new DWave quantum computers too, along with google, nasa and lockheed planes have also bought these DWave computers.  A company in BC Canada built them and sold them to these companies mentioned.

You can read more about Cern through Wikipedia

My intuitive insight of Cern’s involvement with the Mandela Effect is positive.  In positive that of course Cern would be having an effect because everything effects everything.  But also just in more knowledge of what they’re actually doing totally makes sense that it’s having an effect also on reality. 

I feel it’s a big part of our expanding unfolding of evolution of consciousness collectively, and whether Cern is aware of it or not, they are contributing in our shift in a good way.  It was needed and I feel all higher lovebliss consciousness intelligence have also guided in orchestrating Cern to be doing what they are doing for the planet.  I really do sense that higher beings that are watching over our planet as a service to humanity would intervene if Cern was doing anything that would be disastrous for the planet.  So any negativity that is being perceived, may only be perceived that way because of not seeing the bigger picture of shifting consciousness to higher frequencies.  

Anatomy of the Human Body 

The anatomy of the human body and its changes is even more fascinating and confirming for me.  I knew through kundalini movement and dna changes that my body was changing too. 

I felt and noticed changes in my heart area, lungs, skeleton, stomach, head and other parts.  My partner thought I was imagining it all, until he was rubbing my back one night and surprising felt changes in my bone structure.  This video is fabulous as he explains and specifically describes the changes going on in some of our bodies.

Please do share with us any of your experiences with the Mandela Effect and or changes in your reality and body, or anything that you’ve noticed that’s different than the past.

For Mandela Effect  2, second page click this link.

In this video, he explains it all so beautifully.  It's truly the time now for celebration.

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