Infinite Rebirth

Infinite Rebirth is beginning life over again with Conscious Awareness of who we really are, an Infinite Loving Intelligence Pure Consciousness.  Infinite Rebirth happens after Self-Realization.  

Most of us began the spiritually journey with mini awakenings through conscious intellectual knowledge, which now can be seen as a backward path to Infinite Source, which leads to Infinite Rebirth.  Now is so clear to see the working from the ego conditioning mind of the past personality and simultaneously learning and expanding the mind towards the Infinite.   A gradual processes to remembering who we really are.

Mind tries to Understand Self-Realization

In self-realization, the mind is not able to go there because it has been conditioned to perceive separation, everything as “other” than itself.

Self-realization occurs when the mind literally drops.  However, since the mind was created from the Infinite Self, pure consciousness, after self-realization the mind tries to understand what occurred.  A great example would be to try to understand what chocolate tastes like if you only seen a picture of chocolate.  Until we experience literally tasting chocolate, we’d not truly know the whole experience of it until we did eat it.

So our knowledge perpetually expands as the body is being conditioned, which is the subconscious mind of what we are learning intellectually.  I didn’t realize until after self-realization of the Infinite Rebirth I was and am going through.

This seems to be for most of us the way it occurs.  We get tiny overflows from Infinite Consciousness through AHA experiences, mini awakenings from what we’ve learned.  When we have experiences of what we’ve learned, it expands our consciousness bit by bit throughout our journey.  When what we’ve learned becomes emotionally stimulated and we experience an experience emotionally, it becomes a memory.  Then through the heart it’s programmed into our soul, and simultaneously “recording” in our body, which is the subconscious.  We then use that recorded program as a functioning running program, which is also referred to as “beliefs” or “knowings” that become what we know as our truths.   

As Joe Dispenza says, the language of the brain is thought, electrical, and the language of the body is emotional feeling, magnetic.   The mind is the end result of the two languages merged into a recording that we refer to as a running program.  Self-Realization is the unveiling of who we truly really are, which we already know at our deepest level.  So, SR is allowing the mind and body to know so it can expand to the superconscious mind for humanity’s evolution.

Intellectual Mind versus Infinite Mind

Our heart is neutral, of no judgments when it comes to the recordings.  It’s the emotional center that records through feelings.  So whether we have a negative angry feeling or a positive love feeling, it doesn’t matter.   The heart manufactures the feelings regardless and transfers those feelings into recorded memory for the body and soul.

Evidence of that is my observance of the PK Man, Tom Evens.  He was able to manufacture or create many vicious storms whenever he became so angry and his revenge for people who made fun of him.  He’d manifest intense fierce storms that actually harmed people.  It was his way of revenge.  He had not evolved himself yet to using his heart powers in a positive way.  Thankfully because of him, many also were able to learn that we don’t have to be positive or loving to using what most refer to as extraordinary abilities.  Also realizing that we’ve been creating our reality all along, now we’re just consciously aware of it. 

The man St. Joseph who could fly also went through similar experiences of harming people with his powers, until he learned and grew spiritually.  Then he used his powers in the most loving ways, to heal others. 

When we connect our heart with our brain with elevated emotions of compassionate love is when our created experiences are in harmony with others, instead of hurtful.  Compassion is a major catalyst bridging our life to evolve towards creating from Infinite Self through Infinite Rebirth.  Through awakenings we come to realize that all these appearing hurts are really opportunities for infinite growth into Infinite Rebirth of LoveBliss.  Creation is naturally designed with amazing mechanisms that always seems to take care of ITSELF in every way.

This video is about PK man in case you were curious and not heard of him yet.

We’ve Always Been the Creator

 This is quite a profound and important reminder of realization, that we’ve always been the creator.  We can understand it intellectually, however, when we understand it emotionally in our body that every moment of the day becomes our power points. 

When we really know it, we then become consciously aware because we KNOW we’re actually actualizing, and literally thinking, feeling, speaking and behaving our creations into existence.  “Our words become flesh” and becomes of our ultimate priority. We literally leave nothing to chance or automatic habit because we know too much, and know it really is up to ourselves.  There’s nowhere left to put the responsibility especially after infinite rebirth.

Infinite Womb to Infinite Rebirth and Continued Priming

From physical reality whooshed into the womb of Infinite Reality of pure consciousness of existence, is Self-Realization.  We become consciously aware of what we were not aware consciously aware of in the past.  It’s been recognized through MRI's that the left and right hemisphere of the brain actually merges together at the same time as it merges with the heart.  This may be the true meaning of what the religious sign of the cross is to represent.

Then our brain knows it, our body knows it, our heart and soul knows it, and we become to know that we are the Infinite Self, pure consciousness that created the mind and body to express and experience reality.   

We’ve unified ourselves with the Infinite of Existence, Creation.  The Creator becomes aware of ITSELF and then plopped back into physical, Infinite Rebirth…reflected now of what IT IS…Self-Real-ized.    Infinite pure consciousness recognized itself and ITS journey in physical.  Remembering what was once amnesia becomes en-light-ened.   

Self-realizing was exactly as a rebirth.  In comparison to our birth into physical as newborns from our physical parents, infinite rebirth is similar but it’s a birth from the REAL SOURCE, the Infinite, from where all existence, creation originated.  Physical birth from parents now seems as an intermediate stage.

Being in the womb of pure existence of lovebliss, and then pushed out into physical is  the experience of infinite rebirth.  Rebirthed back into the physical now with a remembrance that was so emotional, it became recorded into the body.  And now is a running program that just needs some readjustments.  The priming continues to perfect the program that’s now running from Pure Consciousness, and priming the body and brain of what’s been recorded into the soul.  There’s no other defined label that makes sense to try to describe it but Infinite Rebirth.        

Infinite Rebirth Expanding the Mind for
Infinity of Infinite Possibilities

So much of what I knew intellectually has literally become so alive consciously.  Everything I read, watch a video, interactions with others, and all that goes on in my daily living has magnified with a shift of perception of more clarity.  Like a veil has been lifted.  Whether it’s negative or positive, it’s magnified.  Everything is alive with such richness that’s really indescribable.  Everything seems to be dancing with alive movements that I never noticed before. 

Of course because the negative also became magnified, and after quite a few bouts of those experiences, I came to the pure realization of how essential it is to stay consciously awake to what happened.  Which perpetually lead me back to the Infinite Self, pure consciousness. 

The mind only knew separation, duality.  So when SR happened, the mind interpreted it as another, so it perceived Infinite as an experience separate from itself, and at first too unreal to comprehend.  Eventually with enough priming from Infinite Self, the mind came to also realize Infinite Self as something greater, and that it was created by Infinite Self.  The I of I AM had to train the mind that it was the one who was rebirthed from the Infinite.  Infinite Pure Consciousness that we are has always been, it was the mind that had to realize IT.  This has been a persistent ongoing process for the last four months since SR which I now know is enlightenment stages.

I realized I can’t leave nothing to chance now because there’s no such thing once seen through that illusion.  But by no means is it perfected.  Actually, it’s so specific of a label, infinite rebirth because I do feel the mind is like an infant learning and experiencing in all new ways.  The biggest challenge is not engaging in the old self mind of recordings that I was lost in the fog of identifying so much with in the past.  The mind seemed to push even harder in the beginning of the integration, just as a rebellious child.   This is where it takes the greatest work to integrate the Infinite into physical consciously, and to continue to build on that momentum. 

As this comprehension became my only priority to constantly keep guard of what I am putting my attention on.  It sounds like a lot of the same past work, but it’s different in a greater literal sense.  It’s more exciting and fulfilling because you see evidence quicker.  And I have begun the Newest Journey starting from Infinite Rebirthing.  It’s all about being the awareness, and being able to witness all the old identities of the old programmed self.

Being the Infinite Father and Mother
of the Infinite Being

After SR, I had begun to perceive myself as an infinite father and infinite mother to this infinite being that I am, of infinite rebirth.  I expected self-realization would be the catalyst of being powerful and whole in an instant, and life would unfold so easily from there.  It feels a bit similar as a new baby now has to grow up as a self-realized infinite adult.  Which is not only so different than regular birth, it’s also so quick when we keep at it.

This is where we can make such a profound difference because now we are raising our self in the most highest potential ways, from Infinite Source of LoveBliss.  Try it now, by either writing out a list or just contemplating upon the newest and infinite potential ways you will raise yourself by yourself.  These infinite conditioning's will not only be your best life in all ways, will also be the most profound benefits to humanity too.

Guided by Infinite

Now knowing where the real power actually comes from, and that it’s not as I thought it would be.  I thought that I would meet the Infinite, my identity meets an identity, but no!  Instead it was that the Infinite absorbed the identity that was me, then there was no me or it, just IT, the most loving Source.  Not even our imagination could prepare ourselves for it.  And it’s recorded in the body, so all doubts should be removed, and only trust should remain.  This is the continued priming of the body and mind for the Infinite. 

To do that we’d have to completely ignore all the chattering old mind recordings that have been our source of automatic habits and beliefs.  Our mind must now become the servant to the master of pure consciousness, which is our real pure self, not the other way around as it has been in the past.  And this takes being awareness and just witnessing all the old ego mind of chatter long enough until it is no longer a running program.  So, all that we’ve learned intellectually and experienced so far in our spiritual development becomes the only path to follow now, literally.

I’ve began reading Sri Aurobindo’s book, The Life Divine, and Powers Within, and I am really resonating with what he’s describing.  After self-realization we must then let go of the old past recordings, and begin expanding the SUPER MIND, so that the Infinite can now work through a greater mind for more Siddhis powers to come through to be used.  Along with many other powerful seeming “extraordinary abilities” so that they can become more “normal” in our daily lives.

If you have not experienced Self-Realization yet, you already know you are Infinite and through the journey we’ve all had so many awakenings, which I now refer to as mini awakenings.  But truly, you can’t be anything else, you are the Infinite, Self-Realization is the evidence of proof that confirms it to you.  Then the long searching of who you are stops.  But also realize that you’ve been priming yourself all along, when the timing is ripe, it will spontaneously happen, and the veil will be lifted.  It’s like the grown up game of peek a boo, and you’ll have a great laugh of the game that you played pretending for so long that you didn’t know who you really were.

When the Loudest Voice is the Most Dominant

This video shows in real time how neurons in our brain disconnect from old synapses of neurons.  Even though I have watched this in the past, now it was a completely different more alive experience of watching it.  I was literally in such love and rapturistic awe of how magnificently beautiful we are designed that allows this to occur. 

I also wondered why through different stages of expansion and changes, I would feel as if something was moving underneath my skull, as if insects were crawling.  Now from watching this video with more experiential understanding, I know it was this that I was feeling.  What a revelation!

It reminded me of the part in the movie, Last Holiday, I actually now know what she was experienced when she looked in AWE at the ceiling.  Now everything is seen in this beauteous awe.

When we really understand the importance of “when the loudest voice” is the is the loudest signal, is the only neurons wired, then we know it’s not long after that the new program is being rewired and we can even change our language consciously or allow it to just become natural to be speaking as the Divine that we are, and that reality will soon become of our experience.

Now after Infinite Rebirth, it’s more essential than ever to know and understand how everything all works.  So that we can keep our focus because things occur quicker than ever.

Infinite Father and Mother into Infinite Pure Consciousness Living

The stages since SR has integrated faster than I thought it would.  SR happened at the end of February this year, 2016.  It’s now the end of June and the 3rd stage of enlightenment is already becoming more integrated day by day. 

The stages of Infinite mother and father dissolved quite quickly into Realization that it was just part of the priming I went through.  Embodying of Infinite Programming, mother symbolizing the feminine, and father embodying the masculine.  Merging of right and left hemispheres of the brain, mind absorbing into the heart, and intuition heightened along with infinite higher insights of clear clarity.

Though we may all have different unique experiences in some way or the other of these types of priming and integration's of pure consciousness into embodiment, SR in the void, or SR through the heart with lovebliss is the same experience of dissolving of “other” in the glimpsing moment of infinity of who we truly are.        

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