Enlightenment Stages

Enlightenment stages will demystify to understand the different stages and processes we go through until we are fully enlightened.  Yet that is truly when life is really just beginning from enlightenment.  Many of the words that I used before self-realization has now become more alive and deeply embedded in my body now. 

As I went through different enlightenment stages, it wasn’t until after that I came upon more wisdom from others who already went through and shared their knowledge and wisdom.  This was essentially important so that what we go through, we can be more comfortable with the unknown as we are gaining more access to knowing about.  

To best describe into understanding what’s going on through these different enlightenment stages of spiritual growth, and expansion of pure infinite consciousness that begins to integrate into our body, this relieves so much confusion.  The more we know, the easier the priming and integration through the enlightenment stages.

Three States of Consciousness of
Enlightenment Stages

Stage One…Self-Realzation or Cosmic Consciousness … no other.  Not one and another, just one, everything literally is one, and truly out of this world of time, space, duality etc...

Stage Two….God Consciousness… still rapture and adoration, seeing the Divine in everyone and everything

Stage Three…. Unity … integration of self-realization and god or divine consciousness of “no other” all Self, pure consciousness.  Infinite Self integrates into the body and mind.

I've experienced, just as you all may too have experienced many of these throughout our life and awakenings along the path, periodically.  Along with bliss which Igor explains so beautifully the stages described from Maharishi, and also that Bliss is our Source of all Creation, as Pure Consciousness.

Mini Awakenings along the Journey
of Enlightenment Stages

Mini awakenings are the many, many awakenings we have that we intellectually learn, and our body becomes more and more conditioned through the experiences.  This is also where many AHA moments and synchronicities, and so many other revelations occur along our journey of enlightenment bit by bit.

It’s a gradual process that many of us experience, though there are some who are popping up that have full blown enlightenment, however, it seems that there’s always an integration going on afterwards. 

Mini awakenings gradually integrate in stages, the more we learn, the more we expand in our growth, the more we experience along the way.  We intellectually learn things, and then we have experiences that confirm what we learned intellectually.  The experiences are then imprinted into the cellular memory of the body, the subconscious mind.

Self-Realization, First Stage towards
Enlightenment Stages

As we continue along and experience mini awakenings, the next eventually processing stage is Self-Realization, which is the first stage or process towards Enlightenment.  SR is when our mind drops completely and we are in the womb of infinite pure consciousness of creation, merged of all duality into oneness. 

We absolutely and literally experience who we really are.  And then within a moment or so back into physical reality that we’re so familiar with.  Then begins the integration, the mind that didn’t experience self-realization begins to try to understand what occurred.  This simultaneously is a beautiful amazing process, but also can be a very disorienting confusing process too.  

The extremes are so magnified.  I went from pure ecstasy that I’ve never experienced before, and then into pure hell of the past ego mind of depression.  Having all this technology of resources is the most wonderful thing ever.  To be able to research and come across others sharing their experiences is essentially so helpful in understanding what’s going on through the enlightenment stages.  

Self Realization of the Void and or LoveBliss?

Some of us may experience SR of the void.  This is experiencing pure consciousness existence without lovebliss.  Since that wasn’t what I experiencedf, I am not able to share what experiencing SR as the Void would be like.  SR was filled with the womb of lovebliss, which is exactly what the void is filled with when SR occurs through an open heart, such an indescribable love.

Experiencing SR void, then one will go through another process or stage that gradually flows into experiencing lovebliss with an open heart, where the brain and heart sync.  So SR in the Void without lovebliss is one stage.  Experiencing void with lovebliss is two stages together. 

Stages, Processing into Enlightenment

After SR void, then to void lovebliss, or SR void of lovebliss, which is being in the womb of loving existence, pure consciousness of the self is when integration begins.  Which I refer to as infinite rebirth and becoming more stabilized into living life now from the Infinite.  I experienced allot of stumbling and am still going through some back and forth momentum of integration of the Infinite into physical reality now consciously.

If we don’t stay consciously aware and continue to prime the infinite into our daily living for the integration to continue ITS process, SR will just become a most prominent memory we’ve embodied.  But it won’t sustain any integration because the old programming of past mind will again take over, and life will continue as before SR.  Because I had done so much research after SR, I knew of this, and made every effort to integrate the Infinite into daily life.  And so glad that I did because each and every day is like a brand new day literally.  

The space becomes so vast between the old personality structuring and the new personality structuring for the Infinite to work through as a vehicle as it was intended to do.  

Enlightenment Stages

Enlightenment is the stage where we see ourself in all others literally.  This process has already begun.  Before SR I was seeing and even experiencing others as myself, but in a different way compared to now.  So much has become imprinted in the body compared to the past.  The aliveness and seeing everything so newly is so magnified, and so is seeing all others as a unified whole from myself is greatly magnified, even a challenge to describe. 

When one is totally enlightened, nothing whatsoever disturbs their love, bliss and peace.  It’s like being the ocean instead of the fish not knowing it’s in the ocean.  All the filters become transparent or actually removed.  You don’t just know the truth, you are the truth, and you are everything in the most literal infinite sense.  Though I am still going in and out of this last stage towards enlightenment, and getting many long glimpses along the way. 

We all intellectually know that once fully enlightened, there’s no more judging others or self, no old personality low vibe characteristics, because that would be like going back to being a caterpillar once we emerged into a butterfly.  Once we know what we experienced to know and integrate, so naturally it just unfolds to become who we really are, the Infinite playing in physically with pure awareness of what’s all going on.  Many are seeing now as the Mandela Effect.

This may sound like it may take all the fun and excitement out of the playing, however, it actually makes it all more alive, fun and exciting.  Because now being born again from Infinite Rebirth, the game has actually only just begun.  Now we get to consciously and knowingly in body play in a conscious evolving way.

Enlightenment is just the Beginning
for Humanity … New Game in New Ways

Through Infinite Rebirth and then quickly growing by integration into a wide awake Infinite Pure Consciousness, we’re now playing from the highest peaks.  Since the searching is over, we know who we are, now we have available to ourselves infinite power source to play with.  So we are priming through integration the next level of evolution, of Being Infinite consciously aware of itself in a physical body and plane of existence. 

Many may become to realize we now need longevity in the body and infinite resources to sustain and evolve humanity to longevity and physical immortality.  With that we now also need unlimited resources of prosperity until we get to the evolved part of the human game to manifest instantly.  Which we will now go through joyfully, blissful and so naturally lovingly now in trust of whatever process is needed to evolve to these new abilities. 

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