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Are You Ready for the Next Daring Adventure?
July 02, 2014

Is Physical Immortality on Your Infinite Path?

Hi Infinite Manifestor’s, are you ready for more adventure and opportunities to evolve into more of your sovereignty?

Are you ready to step upon more unknown to make known? I hope so because for the beings that have already come to these amazing crossroads and are already experiencing the infinite path, they are leaving many footprints for us to follow to becoming a physical immortal. Many new adventures and experiences await us who follow the physical immortal path that leads us to go where social consciousness has not come upon yet.

Lenard Orr coined it the best, “death urge habit” and for me, that’s the crossroad I came to. If you find this information really rocks your world and you become excited about it, great! If you need time to contemplate and ponder, that’s great too. Or maybe you may not even want to take a look at it at all? That’s okay too. Or maybe you have already come upon Physical Immortality and have already activated that DNA gene and you can help by sharing your experiences.

Though we may be a part of one big oversoul, we are fragmented yet with unlimited time to take any part of this infinite evolving journey when we are ready. That’s the greatest thing about it all, when we are ready, the universe is always there for us.

So if you don’t resonate with it now, you may in the future. Either way I wanted to put it out there for anyone who is ready and interested in knowing more about the “death urge habit” and Physical Immortality because it brought me to my biggest roadblock in December 2013 until end of January 2014 and to my newest crossroad for me.

Self Realization Presents us with Many Initiations

We seem to go through many “initiations” on this infinite path of enlightenment. We have become quite good at transforming everything for our highest potential growth so that we can continue to feel better and better as we go through it all.

It seems when we really come to realize that it all begins with our own self-realization that more and more initiations occur, urging us on into more unlimited experiences. Not only have we become so good at seeing all the benefits, we also get to experience more and more magical miracles as natural daily experiences.

Creating and Being Your New Stories

Being Your Story is creating your story and being able to experience your own proof by living that experience the way you created it to be.

You are a Soveriegn Love Being

Celebrate yourself in the realization of how far you have come on this infinite journey of enlightenment evolution, and keep expanding in love

Infinitely Anna

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