Physical Immortality
the Next Stage of Evolution

If you resonate with physical immortality, it can open the doors to the most amazing experiences that go beyond the biggest illusion, the biggest program in life of breaking through the most outdated beliefs about death. 

For us on this infinite journey of experiences, we are so committed, so passionate that we keep going beyond and receiving information from higher consciousness that continuously leads us to breaking the molds of social consciousness.  We are like trail blazers learning, growing and going through whatever we must go through to continue evolving because it’s coming from our heart and soul/spirit, and that keeps us trailing on. 

When it comes to this part of the life trail, physical immortality will either be something that you excitedly resonate and know it’s you next step, or it may not be at your timing yet.

Your Own Timing
with Physical Immortality

For myself in the past 10 years, whenever I came across physical immortality in Ramtha teachings or other teachings. I now realize I was testing it out.  I would go full steam ahead learning more about it, and then become detoured onto many other spiritual practices and experiences that life continually presented to me. 

Until the last year or so is when I dived in with full force and read and researched everything I could find on physical immortality which lead me to understand it, resonate more and more with it.  It became the only thing that really made sense to be the next stage of evolutionary growth and expansion.

This seems to be the way it is for everything we go through as we spiritually evolve so that our brain and beliefs can adjust to the newest information and experiences for us.  Once I felt and knew physical immortality was the next newest step and stage for me, nothing could hold or detour me from it.  It just made too much sense when we look at life from a bigger and broader perspective.

Lower Social Consciousness
is Not Interested in
Becoming Physically Immortal

In the past when we were living and stuck in victim mentality, physical immortality would not even appeal to us because in victim mentality we are experiencing from outdated beliefs to have the least amount of control in our lives.  This is a great opportunity to really take a look at how far you have come on this enlightening journey and commend yourself too. 

When life is depressing and you have little experiences of knowing that it’s all our own creation we fall victim to feeling like we’re living hell on earth, and everything is drudgery and all we want to do is escape.  This is when we have urges for suicidal tendencies, yet our infinite self keeps propelling us to not give into it, if we did, we’d just come back into physical life again to realize this eventually again.  Leonard Orr explains it as “the death habit, and the death urge” but that kind of escape keeps us recycling over and over in social conditioning consciousness and reincarnation.

When we believe we have no control in our lives, and it’s so hard and depressing, physical immortality would not even present itself as an option.  Because who would want to continue to suffer infinitely?  See how physical immortality has a built in mechanisms  and we come upon it when we are ready for it.

Experiencing More Sovereignty
Leads to Physical Immortality

On this infinite path we passionately with commitment broke through these lower molds of illusions from our own proof  of experiences that we really do have control of our lives.  Our experiences of trusting ourselves, healing ourselves, manifesting our desires with intense emotional focusing and letting go.  We went through allot, and we gained through all our experiences that we are the creators of our experiences.  And we learned how to become blissful, joyful, peaceful and unconditionally loving in the midst of chaos.

All those experiences lead us to enjoying every day in the most heightened, excitedly and fun exuberant ways, and that’s the reason physical immortality presents itself to us, because we’re ready.  We want to continue to enjoy this blissful, sovereign living because we’ve now figured so much of it out.  The last thing we’d want to do is die and come back to get to this remembering point again.  

Physical Immortality is Just another
Beginning Point to a More Evolved Life

One or two webpages is just the precursor to opening or peaking in the door to knowledge about physical immortality.  For most of us who has come upon physical immortality, we really delve in, find, research and read everything we can find about it.  If it’s our next step.  Then we made up our mind and live it from that point forward, meaning that’s the timeline we have now chosen and live from that timeline.

So this webpage is intended and just a beginning to opening your mind to physically immortal if you are ready. If not, and you have been committed in every way to your infinite experiences in every day living, you may eventually come back to physical immortality.   So I will just mention some of the benefits of immortality and you can continue with your own research.  Below you will see a list of books that I read and found very inspiring and knowledgeable. 

Benefits of Physical Immortality
Being a Physical Immortal

You no longer need to reincarnate with death being an option,. You don’t need it because we are passed that recycled way of life.  You remembered what you came here to do, and you have done it, or are still doing it.  As forgiving yourself, others, loving yourself and other and so on, becoming loving and sovereign, and living your love, joy, bliss and fulfilling your newest desires.

Youthing, reversing the aging process.  A great article that points to our body being a vehicle that we can decide how we want it to be. 

You no longer need karma.  You know what you put out comes back, that’s the mechanism tool we learn from our feedback, and we choose unconditional love, living presently and experiencing all of our experiences without judgments.  If you are still working on any of this, it will eventually become your natural way of life, and it will all take care of no longer needing the tool of karma for your evolution of living physically immortal.

Karma, reincarnation, judgment, polarity of dualism, it’s all past stuff.  Once we get to this part of life’s journey and are living fully in the present lovingly, joyfully, blissfully, and sovereignly, all those past old tools don’t matter to us anymore, and we no longer need them. They are all part of a past timeline.

We no longer need disease or being sick because all the reasons were to get us to realize that we are the one who creates it all, and our illness was an experience as an opportunity to experience more sovereignty as we experience when we heal ourselves.  When we’ve done that enough we realize we don’t need disease or sickness anymore, we’ve done it already, it’s past stuff too.

The same with prosperity, money, abundance.  When we get to the point that we can manifest money the new and easy ways, that tool will no longer be a need either.  I am still working on this one.  However, once we can manifest whatever we desire and become totally sovereign, why would anyone want to die to come back to get to this exact part of life’s game?  Not me!

Feeling rushed and time deadlines also seem to become less of a stress when we are physically immortal we realize that we have an eternity to do whatever it is we ever want to do.  Bit by bit it starts to eventually overflow into daily life too.

Physically Immortal

The way I see it now is that physically immortal is a new beginning of a new life, a new timeline for us.  For the infinite beings who have already taken this path and are the invisible one’s that are urging, guiding and leading us into this new life, the next stage of humanities eventual advancement or evolution, they’ve done it and are here for us.  It’s their path of service to humanity and where we are now heading towards.

So this seems to me as we are ending a prehistoric chapter in life. An ending of the old and being the trail blazers for the future with physical immortality.  In a sense we can look at it as we are closing the book of the past and opened the book of the future now to experience a greater higher conscious level of the game of life. 

A new beginning for us to now venture upon with many new and exciting experiences and abilities that will also come along with it.   And it will become more effortless than our past because we have more traction and momentum of acceleration with higher vibrations, literally.   I look so forward to expanding into more experiences along this new path of immortality and being physically immortal, and if you are too, we’ll continue to be here for each other in any way we can.

An interesting article on Physical Immortality.

Physical Immortality

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