Being Your Story

Being your story goes way beyond living life and experiencing life from any ways of the past.  When your divinity starts to really overflow, infinite creativity, insights, knowledge of information overflows into you as a loving passion that becomes continuous.  When we are more enlivened with infinite self, we take the sovereign path with everything we encounter as experiences, and that is what perpetually leads the way.  And nothing or no one will ever detour you from your infinite path.

When you experience enough of your own sovereignty, by being your story, whether from creating illnesses and then healing them. Experienced enough proof for yourself in desires becoming manifested, and manifestations in real time, you just absolutely know you are the creator of your reality.  And everything that has been a catalyst to this sovereignty of realizing and knowing from all our own experiences that we no longer have any doubts of trusting ourselves.  The more and more that you create and being your story, the world really does become our playground of infinite love to continually evolve.  You get to create your story and be your story too.

Experiencing Being Your Story,
You Created it, and Live it

This is when we know that we can create any story and live it out, being your story and see your own proof of it every single day in every way.  We really become awakened or activated gods of reality, consciously with infinite insight, we have not only graduated in a sense to higher conscious levels of reality, we have realized how response-ible we are for everything we encounter and experience. 

We gain great freedom each time we create our own blueprint stories and live them out until we experience them for ourselves.  And whenever we do, we become even more excited because more infinite timeline realities of more possibilities continually open up for us.  Being your story is actually experiencing what you created in your imagination and then living it for the experience which continually excels your sovereignty and eternal physical evolution.

My Experiences with the Final Death Habit Urge Leads to Infinite Trust

As I mentioned in my self-realization page when I choose physical immortality I went through my biggest initiation that lead me to experimenting again.  In complete sovereignty and trust, I created my new story and passionately and committed, began living it out.  Moment to moment, day by day, thought by thought, emotion by emotion.   I created my newest story in infinite trust and reversed all of the old stories with this complete opposite one.   And I wasn’t stopping until I experienced what I already lived in my imagination and until it became externally for my own proven experiences.

Yes, it can be a lonely journey when being your story because there are still not many who truly understand this sovereignty path.  I am so thankful for the very few supportive spiritual friends that the universe brought into my path, and even some few around me as my partner, even if they didn’t understand, they really allowed me to be me.  They also knew if they didn’t, I’d follow my own path anyway.

I Realized It was All Up to Me, No One Else

I choose physical immortality and the death habit urge surfaced for a final initiation.  For me it felt like my final test if I wanted to continue on my infinite evolving path or not?  Was I really really serious about sovereignty and physical immortality?  And I was!!!

Both my father in law and mother in law that I was close to and got along great with, both died of cancer in the span of a couple years.  My cat Light who I became so close to also died in the comfort of our home, we sat with her as she died, or I’d rather use the term, passed on.  There were other people who were also dying of cancer all around us, and it was quite the challenge in staying focused, but I did, when all of this was going on.  Believe me, I did allot of mediating, questioning what was being reflected so closely around me with all this disease and deaths, so it was a very emotional yet insightful past couple years.

At the end of last year as I mentioned on my self-realization page, I was experiencing intense chest and heart problems and also found a lump right in the middle of my ribcage.  First reactions were of course quite terrifying, laced in fear and gloom, especially after seeing so many suffer with cancer and follow the medical protocol and become worse and then just die. 

So for me, this was my biggest crossroad, and when I also realized that the “death habit urge” really surfaced so I could first not judge it, but embrace it for my greatest opportunity yet, the choice of fear and die, or love and evolve.  For a time I did become weaker, scared, problems breathing until I realized it’s all energy and I had to change my energy now.  Even if I died, at least I gave it all I had to give, so really what did I have to lose?  That’s the way I looked at it.  Since my desire for a long time was to become more and more sovereign, that meant I could only turn and trust myself, no one else.  So that’s what I did.

Old Story Begins a Transformation

Already seeing so many choosing subconsciously of course the old stories and living them out to death, literally, I figured, what do I really have to lose?  There was no love or passion in following the paths all those who died took because I knew deep in my soul and heart that my burning desire was for the new and unknown.  So the lump and symptoms I was experiencing of fear, and labeling it a disease to give it more fearful attention to get sicker and die was no longer even an option for me. 

I also was not going to go to a doctor either for any diagnosis, no way!  I've been trusting myself for this long, why would I change that now, realizing this was more important than ever.  Since nothing has any meaning but the meaning we give it all, that gave me so much power to realize that it truly really is all up to me.  So I stopped it right in its energy track, so to speak.  I verbally out loud screamed no way!

I took many deep calming breaths and wrote a new story line script or blueprint, many pages long.  Writing and then being your story can actually be fun.  First I wrote in with a pen on paper, and then I wrote it on the computer, this allowed me to really absorb my new imagined visionary story so that my brain could absorb it too.  It felt so good and healing to do this.

I won’t share it all with you now because it’s many pages long, so I will give you the shortest and to the point version or idea of what I wrote.

My Newest Story and Becoming My New Story

I resonated and knew my choice now was physical immortality and this death urge habit and all these symptoms were a result of my final initiation test to see if I was serious, and I was.  So for the first few days I would read my pages of my new story, and each time I seen the lump, I told myself my newest story. 

That the lump is a new part of my eternal body growth to help with my other activating organs and body cells to create more infinite flow and energy into my body system.  I also noticed that my ribcage also became bigger in size, it felt literally so different than before, it was bigger and this lump at the exact middle of it my ribcage and between my breastbone was part of further ascension symptoms and added and changes for my body to flow all this higher energy of light into my body.  I continually told myself these new stories all the time to reinforce that conditioning, that's how you become to being your story.  I knew my brain had to rewire to that new programming, once it did, i also knew that my body cells would respond to it.

Within a few weeks I was feeling blissful, peaceful again, feeling so renewed.  I could now breathe better than in my past, many times it felt as if infinite beings were breathing through me and carrying me along in my steps of walking too.  I became stronger and was lifting heavy objects more effortlessly too.  I was becoming and feeling as if I was in my twenties and thirties again.  Any subconscious bangs or bruises would heal so quickly.

So there are so many amazing benefits when becoming our new stories, and when you are being your story, literally living it, it's so lovohmalatrucious.  Well, that's the only word that just flowed out that expressed the closest definition of the experience. 

As a result of these experiences allowed me the greatest freedom, peace, love and value fulfillment ever.  That we get to really truly create our own stories and experience living them out. 

Have you heard the story of the caterpillar almost through its transformation to a butterfly, until a man came along and spotted it and lovingly wanted to help it.  So he took a pencil and gently pushed the membrane which actually harmed the caterpillar, and it died.  As I went through my own transformation of death habit into physical immortality, I knew no one could help me either, I had to do this for myself, and so glad that I did.  And that I am able to share my experiences with all of you too.

Many Teachers Going through Similar Crossroads

Mony Vital’s information was so inspiring, then he died just before giving a seminar on a cruise about physical immortality.   Joshua Stone also died, and he was a big teacher of immortality and ascension.  The author of the famous book, the life teachings of the masters of the far east, also died.  So allot of these teachers information was excellent probably because they were channeling allot of the info from higher consciousness and already evolved beings, however somehow upon their journey, fear took them down.  Or could be that they subconsciously choose another path for whatever reasons. 

Though their information is very helpful, it’s the most inspirational when we can connect with other already ascended physical immortals as Leonard Orr has met.  They are always around for us to connect and meet too, when we are ready, they’ll be there for us too.

Also many authors and teachers as Gregg Braden, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, just to name a few have also come across these types of “death habit” crossroads of diseases, and have healed themselves.  I have yet not heard of any of them being on the physical immortality path yet.  Though it does seem to be a big initiation of testing ourselves either consciously or subconsciously to get passed this death habit urge crossroad to experience sovereignty for ourselves.  So creating and being your story is the greatest practice until you master it for evolving your enlightenment and sovereignty.

What’s Next?

We get to be the one’s who decide and choose our new stories to live out.  Being your story is an urging from your infinite self. and we have infinite parallel realities to also choose from.  Some are already functioning, some we are creating as we go, it’s so infinitely unlimited in potential possibilities.  I am also quite sure that we are getting many invisible guidance of insights from the already ascended masters that are the physical immortals that are and have always been around waiting for us to catch up.

You do not have to go through anything that any other, including myself has gone through because being your story can be the new revised one for future enlightenment beings that will come along.  Actually knowing this in advance is a great precursor to just creating an even newer version, so that you, and others can go through it more effortlessly and easier.  In other words, why go through what you don’t need to go through when you get to create your own story, and experiencing being your story.

Just quietly sit in your meditation/imagination and ponder about your desired future, without any old doubts and judgment getting in the way.  Imagine it, feel it as if it is already the way you are living, let it go in knowing it will, next thing you'll realize is that you are being your story.

Share with Us Your Experiences with Your Story

Share your experiences, insights or questions about creating your story and living it.

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