Self-Realization is Owning Our Divinity

Self-Realization is knowing the infinite being we really are and owning the empowering part of ourselves.  We no longer feel separated from our higher/infinite self.  We have merged to become the infinite being consciously evolving into enlightenment.   Every experience that we have used in the most sovereign way instead of social conditioning, we increased ourselves in higher consciousness and become more and more sovereign.   

As we continue to live by eliminating judgments and living self-love that overflows into total unconditional love that unifies everything and everyone.  That leads to relaxed peace, bliss, effortless manifesting, higher consciousness regardless of any drama or chaos that’s going on around us.  For many of you it may eventually lead you to physical immortality too, either in this lifetime or another. 

Different Motivations or Inspirations
that Urge us on this Infinite Path

There are so many levels of awakening initiations that we continually go through, and may gradually expand our consciousness from one level to the next, and continue on as we evolve.

For many of us we may have come upon this infinite path for different motivational reasons as learning how to attract money more effortlessly, and or to heal an illness or disease, the list can go on and on and you know what motivated or inspired you onto this path.  It may have also taken us many years or even decades to come to the wisdom realization.  But whatever the motivation or inspiration that urges us, we realized it was an urging from our infinite soul/spirit. 

If we would of known all that we had to go through, we may not have continued.  Yet many times that may be the very reason that everything does happen for our highest and best benefits.  However, whatever urged us surely was the catalyst to sustain us to get to this crossroad of self-realization initiations.  

For those who just knew it right from the get go, it took and still takes consistent evolving of consciousness and going through the stages of self-realization initiation needed until we are fully realized of our empowerment and divinity.  This means that we are no longer triggered or affected by our ancestor's past, or our own past, we are no longer just a spark, we literally become a burning flame that can never be blown out. 

Humanities Imprints of Trauma

As human's in physical reality. we have our ancestor’s emotional wounds and trauma’s until we release those memories.  They are buried so deep within our subconscious.  From the beginning of humanity as imprints that the grooves give rise to triggers of how we react in any given situations.

In most of our human incarnations we had a built in instinct to run to survive from predictors, however it does take awareness to stop that old automated instinct.  If we do not, we continue that old instinct,  as many have done by running from relationship to relationship, whether it was marriages, common law, friends or family, different locations and so on.  There was a time through our evolving stages that we figured being around others who are negative, abusive or annoying was not to be tolerated, and made choices to start anew.   

Where did that really get us?  Usually and eventually back around the same people and relationships we originally ran from, just different faces, yet similar personalities.  Unless we did allot of spiritual work to realize and know we were always the magnet attractor.  Which made it a bit easier and able to deal with, but usually still not perfected unless we were really able to release the past trauma completely.  When we respond from evolved knowledge and awareness so that we stop reacting automatically and instead respond as a divine being does. 

The best way I found to release past trauma was to stop it each and every time it surfaced in my reality, and by being aware and noticing it, just letting it go in the knowing I didn’t need it anymore.   And unless you are totally at peace and living in bliss all the time, always healthy, totally sovereign which is absolute freedom, never experience fear, and manifest effortlessly and instantly is how you know that you have cleaned it all up.  Or no longer have that program running, or have switched to a reality that no longer has any of the traumas.  So it all depends on how you believe or perceive reality to be that will be the way you experience the label or processing of it.

Back and Forth, Up and Down
When Will It Ever End?

All of the past emotional trauma can only cease when you make it cease, it’s really truly only up to you, no one else can do it for you.  Even if a Shaman or healer clears up your imprints, if you react the same way, you will tune it back in as easy as tuning in a radio channel for your entertainment again. 

For myself it took realizing that all emotional past trauma is not garbage and instead all opportunities to transform it all.  To really leap beyond, we come to realize that negativity has even the greatest advantages to evolve from.   It all has potential to bring us to more advanced levels of understanding and experiences.  It was when I finally transformed judgments about so many things that allowed me to really look at every single thing, situation and person without any judgments whatsoever and keep working on it. 

More Sovereign
Self-Realization Initiation
The Death Urge Habit

I really thought I had it all under wrap, or so much of it.  I was experiencing more awakening than ever before.  I also was experiencing more peace, bliss and being lovingly detached too in the midst of great drama and chaos for almost two years.  And then I came upon physical immortality and a whole new Pandora box opened up that seemed to take me so far backwards that I felt as I was knocking at death’s door. 

Even after having two major death scares within 15 past years, this last one really tried to take me down big time and I felt like I was again at a big crossroad of it all being up to me to consciously use everything I’ve learned so far of sovereignty.  The crossroad of choices, live or die?  Continue in fear, not trusting myself or turning it all around again and making the choice that was from infinite self and infinite guides that are truly the immortals, ascended masters.

It really felt like I was looking death in the face.  So many have already died around me from diseases that have become way too common now in social consciousness, and I knew there was no way that I wanted to take that path, however my fears were getting the best of me, well for a while.  Again I began experiencing heart problems that I subconsciously allowed to become worrisome, and different body pains, body changes that I didn’t really know but became quite terrified wondering if it was cancer. 

It didn’t stop, the fear was really taking over until I came face to face with the realization that all sickness, disease all comes down to it all being subconscious choices that we are choosing from infinite possibility of this taken me down this time or not?  It becomes for any of us going through these experiences that we really come to the biggest roadblocks.  And choose the crossroad of fear and eventually die, or the crossroad choice of love, and expansion and stay absolutely committed into more life and that outcome in every way.

Live or Die Crossroads

Being my own self healer and health authority for way over two decades, this was totally blowing me away until I realized the Pandora box I opened of physical immortality.  Physical Immortality triggered a whole new bunch of past deep buried issues to the surface, Leonard Orr defines it as the Death Habit Urge.

In hindsight we can surely see that these are the processes and stages of self-realization initiations that we either graduate or not, live or die, and these types of roadblocks can come at any time during our journey, until we finally make a choice either way.  As we go through our self-realization initiations, they are so real these initiations, and our biggest tests for ourselves to use and do what we’ve learned or give up. 

A Strong Will to Not Give Up
to Trust Ourselves Completely

Giving up of course is disempowering and brings us back into lower consciousness, while going through our self-realization initiations is so empowering and activating more of our divine nature and picking the best timeline of possibilities and planting ourselves in it without any alterations whatsoever, then living it.   Living it to be stronger than our disease, stronger than our negative relationships, stronger than our old conditioning and staying totally connected to higher consciousness and its guides and guidance.

I created my own blueprint story and began living that timeline every moment of each day.

When you pass all these kinds of awakenings, towards self-realization initiations, and they can be the most terrifying, scary experiences to go through, as many have gone through or are still going through and have shared experiences of on the DNA changing symptoms page.  Getting to and going through the stage of physical immortality really brings us face to face with facing many of our biggest fears.  Death does seem to be the biggest for social consciousness reality.

What’s Your Decision? Onward or Not?

If you have read this far and if you have not came upon the realization of the next level of self-realization initiation to graduate your path processes to physical immortality, you may want to read the page on physical immortality.  If you are already on the physical immortality path you may still want a review too. 

Either way I have decided to do a more in depth page on it, as the page I did a couple years ago doesn’t have the in depth experiences I have gone through after I wrote that past webpage.  Since that time and many newer and different experiences lead me to understand with much more depth, not just intellectually,  but now it’s really coming from a deeper wisdom than ever before.

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