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What’s Next? Being 100% the New You Reality
January 01, 2016

Celebrating the New You in the New Reality

To be the reality and state of being that is in alignment, right in tune, vibrating of ALL the DESIRE you want to fulfill is to begin now and not to detour from that energy. It also means owning your new you, your new reality as the desires already fulfilled. That means being aware moment to moment that you are the desires fulfilled in every way. This also means no more being wishy washy about who you really are, which is an Infinite Powerful Being awakened to knowing that you are a powerful infinite being that has all powerful energy always available.

I am referring to and coined the phrase Infinite Manifesting Language to describe the way we should be speaking to really own our great beingness. I became so aware that any desires we have, and considering all the work we do every day using whatever “reality building tools” we use to manifest those desires, but then just by our “automatic conversations” throughout the day, we may be cancelling out the most magnificent energy we’ve built up, just by speaking in our conversations unconsciously and habitually? So I began an experiment for a week, to be so consciously aware and to speak consciously, not out of automatic habit to those I encountered, and became so energized and began to experience transformations day to day as a result.

Contemplate Language

Ponder this … imagine a child who is growing every day and integrating their speaking as they grow with the others around them so that they can communicate the way others communicate. They would no longer speak baby talk. They grow naturally into speaking as adults speak eventually. And adults no longer speak baby talk back to them because naturally adults know the child would never advance in their vocabulary.

Now think about ascended masters or advanced beings who have already evolved, and how they would speak their words. Would we be in alignment with communicating with them? We’d still be talking “normal” baby talk to the advanced evolved beings. If you are not speaking as an Infinite Being would speak, then now is the time to take it to the next level to speak the way you have grown in expanded higher consciousness, which is speaking true to your greater self. Read more about it through this link Infinite Manifesting Language and this link also of being Infinite Powerful Creators

Total Integration of Your Learning and Fully Living IT

We must integrate meditation, focus, our energy into the state of being we prefer to be from this moment on… Choose the thoughts from highest consciousness now. So that means think as a conscious powerful creator thinks. Feel as a conscious powerful creator feels. Behave as a conscious powerful creator behaves. And speak the way a conscious powerful creator speaks.

If it takes re-correcting all day, every day with everything until it IS the powerful natural habit, then that’s what must be done all day and every moment of the day. Leaving no stone unturned.

Then take a future predictive peak into 12 months from now to see how different YOU and your life will be in comparison to continuing on a slower still mostly unconscious way. If the past is still continually haunting or pulling you down into its muck and mire, when you can be living the life of your dreams instead. This is collapsing the future into NOW.

Using Mirror Neurons Consciously for Manifesting Your Desires and Unity

I came across the information of Mirror Neurons a few years ago, however it wasn’t until I came to the realization that I didn’t add it to my Brain page or Lottery Winners page. So I spent some time reviewing about mirror neurons and the implications that mirror neurons have on our lives. And it all began to make sense that this newer discovery of mirror neurons supplied many answers to so many unanswered questions when it comes to manifesting and life itself.

Most importantly it explained to confirm how we really are unified and part of one whole and part of each other as you can learn more about on the mirror neurons webpage below. Did you know that the only thing that separates us from thinking we are separate from another is our skin? Do ponder that awareness for a while because without our skin we wouldn’t know the difference between ourselves and another. You’ll read more about this on the Mirror Neurons page.

Being the Solution instead of the Problem

Ending lack and suffering not only for ourselves but also globally is one of the most important parts of all of our evolving nature in expanding consciousness. To do that we must step beyond and become the solution literally and that also means learning to disconnect to all the violent and horrific events that go on globally. One example is the Paris incident. We must go beyond to be consciously aware of how we are engaging and our reactions as interactions with the events. Especially with the knowledge and wisdom of mirror neurons to really know and realize that we are always creating reality even while we are observing. Find out how you can continue and literally be the solution and stop ever adding to the emotions of the problems by believing you are being caring with your empathy, as underlying this belief you are still being a victim and adding to victim consciousness. This takes empathy to a creative new level and way of being while creating the ultimate highest for ourselves and humanity. You will read more about this on the Mirror Neurons page.

Magnificent Year of Being Your Conscious Powerful Creator you are

Yes now that we absolutely know the magnificent beings we are, we must integrate it all and stand proud and tall of the divine beings we are, and live it from the Infinite Powerful Love that's always been available for us.

Infinite Hugs, Cheers and Blessings of Love, Anna

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