Powerful Creators

Powerful Creators, Creators who are consciously now owning what we have always been doing which is creating reality.  In the past we didn’t know the nature of reality, or that we were creating, manifesting every single experience in our lives.  Nothing was ever left to chance, but we didn’t know it until we began to know it.  Then we had to experiment to actually be able to observe so that we had enough proof to override our old programming with the new absolute truth that became the new foundation for the knowledge we were learning.  Once we had enough of our own proof, no one could alter us from that true knowing that we have always been creating reality but unconsciously.  Through our learning and growth our consciousness expanded into higher frequencies, higher consciousness to never again alter from that infinite truth. 

In the process we awakened to become more and more aware of what we were not aware of previously, that we have always been creating our reality but unconsciously.  Now that we know that we are aware and consciously awakened to these facts, we are able to focus and energize the reality we prefer by following our excitement of our desires.  All we now know, we perpetually integrate in every moment in our lives and this is being the conscious powerful creators we now are mastering.

Perpetual Breaking through Old Paradigms
Living from Love not Fear

This should be an ongoing way of our life now to continuously breaking through all old ways in every way and do what we want to do and live life from our powerful selves.  The more that we do things different than the “norm” the more we are honoring our divine powerful selves.  It also means we are living from infinite love and no longer living in fear or doubt or limitations.

 Celebrating Often

Now knowing that we are conscious powerful creators, we choose to consciously and deliberately celebrate ourselves and anything that pleases us to celebrate for ourselves, regardless what the mass conditioning tells us to celebrate.  We don’t celebrate a New Year once every beginning of the year anymore, we celebrate the New Year and every single day forward in that new year.  We celebrate whatever and whenever we want to celebrate.  This is more of the breaking out of the “norm” to become the “super norm” in all ways.

Celebrate a new breakthrough or a new insight, anything that has excited you to the point of a AHA or successful manifestation whether big ones or small ones.  All conscious manifestations that you experience are important enough to celebrate, now repeat that sentence because it’s so important for you to realize it. 

ALL CONSCIOUS MANIFESTATIONS THAT YOU EXPERIENCE ARE IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO CELEBRATE.  When you celebrate, you are changing your DNA by acknowledging your manifestation successes and this becomes the new programming you begin to live from.  It rewires you to expect more successful manifestations. 

Making celebrating yourself a normal part of your days breaks through lots of old paradigms and also reprograms your DNA in the most divine ways of deservingness which adds to loving yourself for who you really are, an Infinite Being.  And we know this overflows from within that always becomes the external experiences.

Just as an example.  I celebrated that I spoke my truth for a week consistently without deviating from the true me.  I (spent) circulating money out of trust and not fear when I was Christmas shopping and within two hours was given a 100.00 as a gift.  That may seem trivial to some, however for me I don’t miss any opportunity to celebrate myself because it adds to my successes as a conscious powerful creator.  So I celebrated by myself by eating a delicious sugary dessert with the knowing that my program I have created runs in my body that anything I eat is not only nutritious for me, that it also sustains my light body weight too with a high healthy metabolism.  Because I ate in love and not fear.  So it became a joyfully, blissful half hour celebration as I listened to some music and enjoying all I was consciously celebrating and enjoying.  It’s a win win in every way.  This is walking up more steps to heaven or the infinite.

Re-correcting All Day until the Infinite Nature Habit is Established and Running

This became the most important part of my journey, to re-correct, revise anything that I noticed needed to be re-corrected and revised.  Whether it was something I was thinking, saying, feeling, doing or being.  As soon as I noticed it was something not wanted, I deleted and re-corrected, in other words transformed the energy.  Now that we are awakened and conscious, we must be so passionately committed as we were in learning all this infinite knowledge and stay as passionately committed in the re-correcting stages until it becomes who we desire to be.  Then we will become it, bit by bit, transformed into the new conscious powerful creator and living that transformation in all ways.

Being conscious of how you (spend) circulate money that you are doing it in love and trust and not fear.  The same when you are circulating your money when you pay bills.  The same way when you are eating too, to be consciously aware and eat as a conscious powerful creator eats in love and trust and not out of fear.  You always are the one choosing and deciding how your brain and body is reacting in all ways. 

Being the conscious powerful creator you eat knowing you made the programs and you love them because you made them, and you trust them because you know they are the power source.  It’s the same way when you interact with others.  This becomes your daily living to live from love and joy and not of fear.  If fear surfaces and because you are always in the process of re-correcting and revising to your highest potentials, you are creating the most powerful programming ever for everything in your body and life to now conform to.  Moment by moment you are walking up the stairway to the Infinite of Being the Conscious Powerful Creator.

Living from the Conscious Powerful Creator You Are

When I began doing this which leaves nothing to chance or past program conditioning, I found everything began to really speed up.  Most days we’re blissfully enjoying, peaceful, yet filled with experiencing many manifestations throughout the day too.  As I realized that all my thoughts I was choosing, words I was saying, energy I was radiating was all coming from me is when enough is enough began to change.  When we take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and live from the beingness of being the conscious powerful creator in every way, life begins to reflect it all back to us.  This is integrating all we’ve learned and living it every day in every way. 

Proof is no longer needed because you are your own living proof every day in every way.  Trusting the infinite  energy in no longer an issue because you are living that loving trust in every day in every way.  If something presents itself to you that’s not wanted, you have become so naturally habitual in re-correcting day to day, moment to moment, that there are no longer issues of fear anymore.  The more you continue to live from the being of your conscious powerful creator self, the more your life becomes miraculously magical in all big and small ways.  You are no longer striving to merge your higher or infinite self. 

You have now become your infinite self in physical and continue on this infinite wonderful journey knowing that many more amazing abilities are also going to be so naturally what you will also be experiencing.  Your amazing imagination is becoming your life, but now you are aware and consciously creating it, so nothing is left out of the equation of you.

You No Longer Judge

When you really get it and are the living being, the conscious powerful creator you no longer judge because from past experience you realized and experienced whatever you judged came back and bit your ass.  You have experienced that boomerang enough times, that there’s nothing that doesn’t seep through the cracks of YOU.  This is the most fabulous design of reality that takes care of itself and when you really get it, inspiration just naturally is there to not judge.  Judging goes by the way side because you’ve had enough proof to know it all came from your perception and programming anyway.  So you begin from that powerful point of releasing all judgment, not because you must, but because that’s what’s now natural to do and be. 

It not only became a magnificent exuberant experience of proof for you, you just can’t judge anymore, it’s just not in you to do anymore.  You know you’re just judging yourself and it doesn’t take too long once that big awareness is comprehended into your DNA, because it only takes you backwards, and you’ve had enough of that.  So you naturally just don’t do it anymore because you are so passionately committed to releasing empowerment in the highest ways, so it becomes naturally the way you now are.  All judgment naturally has transformed to compassion and in that high state of vibration, instead of judging you transform your perception and only compassion is left.

Bliss becomes Your Every Day Reality

It’s so incredible how bliss does become your new comfort zone once you’ve let go of the past of fear and reside in infinite love.  When I would be blissful for five days and fall down on one sixth day, I began to consciously feel the fall from the infinite.  I’d be feeling as if I was on top a mountain for days and then one day of falling into the valley of an old comfort zone of pity was enough to realize how dramatically different it felt.  I no longer liked any of it anymore and the comfort zone changed.  The downer felt so unnatural, so uncomfortable compared to bliss and excitement, that it became an aware choice, an infinite decision that I enjoyed way too much feeling high than low.  So it becomes the most natural way to live.

Especially when we are no longer judging ourselves any longer, the mood comes and we let it go because we just don’t want to be playing in it anymore.  By no longer judging any of it, we so easily can also let it go and allow the newest conscious powerful creator do all the playing, and it feels more natural than ever.  The old no longer has any ties to us in comfort in anyway.  We naturally created new comfort zones that are the highest and the best yet.  If you are not there yet, just keep practicing by living in a complete awakened awareness throughout your day in every way and be living from the greatest of yourself as the conscious powerful creator that you are.

Bentino's video is so profound when we really comprehend the wisdom that we may have never in true reality received anything, but in true reality have only been creating it all, really breaks through the illusions, taking us beyond into the conscious powerful creators that we really are.

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