Manifesting Language
Speaking Infinite Language

Manifesting Language is the new way I have been speaking for the past few weeks with others.  Manifesting the Infinite through how I am speaking.  Our words are energizing reality and the energy that we are also projecting to others.  I really wanted to amplify and super charge my vibrational energy of my state of being to be in the frequency of my desires fulfilled.  I also wanted to speak in alignment with the reality of my infinite self instead of the old ways of speaking that's so automatic as normal language.

At first it felt a bit uncomfortable speaking in a new way and conversing with others in ways that are true to my heart, true to my infinite being.  The more I did it, the more natural and comfortable it's becoming, and the more it's accepted by others that I interact with too. 

I am coining and referring to this new way of speaking from our greater infinite self as "Infinite Manifesting Language."  Our normal speaking language really is so prehistoric compared to the beings we have grown into already, through all we've learned and become. 

It reminds me of a child who is growing every day, their vocabulary and language progresses as they grow day to day into the eventual language they speak which integrates with others.  So they are not speaking baby talk into their teens.  Yet for ourselves, we have been growing and expanding in consciousness to becoming divine powerful beings, yet we are still speaking baby talk in comparison to how much we've already infinitely grown.  So our speaking language should also be changing along with it.  And to make that transformational shift, we must first become aware of our speaking language and re-correct it moment to moment.   

Practicing is Done
Now Only Speak Infinite Manifesting Language

If you have been using affirmations, or if you have re-scripted your own stories through writing it out, or recording it for your own affirmative repetition to reprogram yourself, then you are already primed for Infinite Manifesting Language.  Because it’s already natural for you to know your own divinity because you’ve been working on yourself for so long now.  This is the next leap to now integrating your true infinite self and speaking infinite manifesting language throughout your day and with your interactions with others.

We should no longer hold back in speaking from our infinite being out of fear that others won't understand us or may judge us,. Instead we should speak as a conscious creator speaks with the perception and expectation that we are actually being helpful for others by doing so.  It will eventually lift them up too.

You can just read this webpage or you can really put it into your daily practice and that’s what will transform everything for you.  Let the infinite snowball roll and build up ITS momentum.

Birthday Celebrations of our True New Age
in Infinite Manifesting Language

When Buddha became enlightened and someone asked him how old he was, at the time he was in his 70’s and he replied 3 years old.  The person replied that made no sense and said Buddah was crazy. It’s to be expected because the person was reacting from his ego programmed conditioning normal mind of birth-days.  Buddha said, I am three years from the time of my enlightenment.  In other words, Buddah was now living and speaking from a clean slate of a master of reality not of a conditioned automatic slave to reality.

Before hearing what Buddha said, I myself always felt and told family that my age should begin back when I first became knowledgeable to this wisdom of we create our reality.  Because literally everything began changing and continues to change along this journey of expanding conscious awareness.

I continued to ask my family that I really didn’t desire to celebrate birthdays anymore, and that was almost a decade ago.  However, they persisted because it’s such a big conditioning value for them, so I told them I would honor their value but at least wish and celebrate me the age I prefer that really reflects the state of consciousness I am.

What we Speak is the
End Results of our Programming

This is so important to realize that how and what we speak is the end result of our own programming.  Through all we’ve learned on this infinite journey, we still speak the old language of our past programming and are still speaking unconsciously instead of consciously and then we wonder why everything takes so long in manifesting our desires.  We are constantly choosing empowering thoughts but yet still speak the language of the past, and this keeps cancelling out the infinite power force we keep putting into our desires being fulfilled.  And then as I noticed in the past that I’d have to go back to imagining and affirmations to do what I undid just from speaking.  Most of what we do all day is speak, so this is so essential so that we don't continue to keep canceling out our wonderful energy we've already put into manifesting our desires.

So why not go right to the source and speak infinite manifesting language?  Just think about this?  Would you go back to living life without all the technology we now use?  No Way!  We love and enjoy our technology.  This can be analogous to working so much on our journey and still speaking the old normal way when we’ve all become so wise now. 

Speaking infinite manifesting language is speaking as Buddah and other masters of reality spoke.  Speaking infinite manifesting language will power surge us as it becomes the most natural way to integrate empowerment into our daily lives.

The secret power of the spoken word by Stewart Wilde reminder.

Reminder of “I Have Always Been”
instead of “I AM” 

Remember the Universe and Infinite Creator/Creation loves change, and we must expand into newness and to continue to evolve in more creative ways.  Especially when we know we are here to do just that, keep transforming in upgraded more infinite creative ways.  Knowing we are our own authority.

Saying things as, if I.....when I....eventually...... and even I Am.  For myself when i say I Am my desire already manifested, there seems to still be attachment to the past of limitations and doubts.  So I prefer and find it more effective to say, "I have always been ......"  which is from a Ramtha teaching. Try it now?

Say, I am an infinite being.  Now say, i have always been an infinite being.  Do you feel the differences?  I have always been attaches you to infinite source, and I am may unconsciously attach us to to old programming or memories from old conditioning.  I find the differences quite profound.

Speaking Infinite Manifesting Language
until IT Becomes Natural

You can begin by being aware of how you speak and continually re-correct your language to infinite manifesting language every time you notice yourself speaking normal.  Normal speaking is speaking in the way that keeps all we desire in the distant future or always just around the corner, but the corner seems to keep moving away from us. 

When we speak normally, especially if we have resistance, our desires may take a long time to manifest, until we get specific or consciously aware and put a lot of focusing on what we want to manifest.  Or if there's not much resistance, then we may be unaware that we are focusing more on having what we want without realizing it, then it manifests.  Speaking infinite manifesting language super charges our energy as it synchronizes alignment with our desires, so it will be more effective and quicker.

In this interview with Marisa Peer she reminds us how just a word conjures up an image that we then becomes how we experience reality.  How the words we speak are the end result of how we are interpreting reality, and also continues to create the reality we are perceiving.  When we take this wisdom one step beyond, our words are creating our reality.

She also goes into role models we subconsciously play out without realizing is interesting too.

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