Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons were discovered in Italy by neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolati and his team that shows through MRI’s when we watch another we have the same activity in our brain.  While we are watching others not only does our brain fire the same activity as the other we are watching, it also triggers the same emotions within in us and we feel what they are doing. Mirror Neurons are a subset of our motor neurons that reside in the frontal lobes of our brain and also affect our sensory neurons.    

Understanding Mirror Neurons is Essential

This discovery allows us to understand through knowledge to comprehend the understanding that quickens our subconscious mind to accept it easier, quicker and more naturally.  Anything new that we desire to experience as new desires, we are able to get our conscious mind to accept the information, and that new information can be transferred to the subconscious mind much more effortlessly and naturally.   We can do this naturally too in a trance state or before going to sleep and upon awakening.  

If there is no or little understanding of knowledge about what we want to reprogram into our subconscious mind, we then need lots of repetition to convince our conscious mind to allow it to enter into our subconscious mind then becomes programmed and automatic in our beliefs, responses and experiences of our reality.  This seems to be a passion for most of us on this infinite journey because most of us sustain our expanding of learning to know more and more as we evolve in consciousness, and it’s the passion that sustains our commitment so naturally with fun and excitement when we learn. 

Mirror Neurons is How we Imitate 
Others and Evolve

When we watch another it activates the same mirror neurons and sensory neurons in our brain and also emotional feelings within ourselves.  As we do this especially when we are imitating others who are on the leading edge, bit by bit collective consciousness becomes an eventual snow ball effect.  This is how we perpetually grow and evolve into becoming more than we were previously.

This applies to everything and especially with what we in the beginning refer to as extraordinary abilities that become normal abilities of ESP and so on… because all of these abilities eventually speed up what we in the past and presently manifest in creating our life experiences to becoming quicker and more evolved to experience more and more unknown to become known.  Which is always expanding in evolution for humanity.

Why Mirror Neurons in the Brain can Make You Feel

Most Amazing Confirmation of Oneness, Unity
Without Our Skin We Wouldn't Know
the Difference between Ourselves and Another

In this video Rama explains that mirror neurons are a very essential part of our physical design as if it wasn’t for our SKIN, we wouldn’t know the difference that we are actually watching another, without our skin, we’d believe we are the other experiencing.  This really fades the line between separation and unity of others.  It’s so amazing how INFINITE CREATION, EXISTENCE has created our body, bodies in the precise magnificent genius way everything so incredibly works.

So without skin we’d experience the other as ourselves with no distinction.  We wouldn’t be able to comprehend another from ourselves.  That is so deeply profound.  And we can clearly see how we perpetually evolve to knowing more and more so that we can eventually put more and more pieces literally together about ourselves, life and unity of oneness.

Empathy is a natural emotional feeling towards others in that unified sense as it leads us always to treat others in the most loving ways as if they were ourselves.  Yet there seem to be more in this evolutionary expanding of consciousness to also learn how to be detached consciously from ego programming to the extent that we don’t continue to be creating the same negativity, lack and suffering from the naturalness of mirror neurons.

VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

Having Control
to Switch Mirror Neurons off or on

In the video below Benjamin Harvey explains that we do have the ability to control mirror neurons.  Many non duality teachings guide to stay loving but detached emotionally, which seems to be in alignment with what Benjamin is saying.

It also seems from other teachings the importance of our reactions and how we can react differently by being consciously aware of ourselves when we are reacting, and to change it to respond as if our wishes are fulfilled.  Interrupting the reactions to thoughts or feelings of our preferences instead of old reactions.  

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness is the ultimate way to become detached and separate ourselves from our ego or past conditioned programming.  We need to still the mind by observing in a conscious way to witness how our past programming is no longer serving us in our evolution.  This is leading edge behavior to stop the chains that keep binding us to the same past reactions of lack and suffering.

Have you noticed that when others watch the news and the first time I really consciously observed this occurring was by consciously witnessing large tractor trailer truck on the news having a flat tires on the highway.  It wasn’t long, actually within hours that the news began reporting other tractor trailer trucks having flat tires.  It literally went viral.  Everyone was talking about it as the mirror neurons were activating in others brains and emotionally and within consistently daily that went on for several weeks, I continued to hear more and more incidents of the same thing. 

What went on was others talking emotionally about it all and it created subconsciously for others to be manifesting the same experiences.  Anyone who was engaging, and mostly they were unconscious of what was going on within them and others continually creating the same scenario of experiences.  All were involved in some way, whether on the actual highways of the incidents or hearing about it or talking about it, which is always dependent on the emotional stimulation of how close or far in proximity of any of these occurrences.

This also occurred with the Apollo 13 mission when most of the population of the world and the natural use of mirror neurons and emotions with such focusing on one thing, the safe journey and arrival of the astronauts from their moon mission.

This is going on all the time, but until we become knowledgeable and aware consciously of how and what’s going on, we won’t realize and know all these subtle connections.  Heart Math institute has now proven this with all their devices they have around the world recording all that is going on behind the scenes.  These devices are similar to MRI’s of our brain, these devices are MRI’s of our earth’s brain.

Being Part of the Solution and
Not the Perpetual Problem

This is so critically important to come to the aware realization and knowing and then becoming and behaving consciously to be the solution and not perpetually engaging unconsciously through past habit on the problems in the world.  The example of the Paris incident or anything that the world experiences that has anything whatsoever to do with negativity, victimhood, suffering or lack.

Once we know how it is all working, we must stay aware and focused when any of these global incidents occur because if we don’t we are literally and actually adding to the creation of more to be manifested.  We must become so detached emotionally so that we create new programming to be the solution and no longer the problem.  Which others who are subconsciously involved emotionally, to them we’ll seem uncaring and cold.   However, we must hold our own ground and when anything horrific occurs globally, we must reverse the energy.  To reverse or transform the energy we must stop ourselves and see only what we want to see occurring because we know how reality is created now, so we must transform the negative energy into positive love energy. 

Yes we are still empathetic, actually we are so on the leading edge that we are no longer just empathetic, we must be the conduits that transform the energy to stop and turn it all around so that no more creation of the same scenario continues.  And instead we begin to create compassion from a creative state of being and see everything as we absolutely would want it to be.  No more of this victim hood, tragedy and suffering.  The only way to do that is to stop and be consciously aware of our reactions and change it to how we want it to be, which will always be of the highest good for all concerned.  Similar to the safe landing of the Apollo 13 astronauts.

Using Mirror Neurons to Further Advance
Ourselves and Others

Any way in all ways that we are focused and intending to evolve ourselves, is also simultaneously advancing the evolution of humanity for all of our highest benefits when it’s in alignment with ending lack and suffering. 

The lottery has evolved and become a new way for us for prosperity.  It was just a decade or so ago that if I mentioned to another about deliberately and consciously winning the lottery they’d label me us as crazy.  Now it’s become an epidemic.  It’s gone viral in law of attraction circles and most who are not on our journey of knowing how reality works, just have a belief they may be one of the lucky ones.  Regardless of any of that, winning the lottery has become common desires for most, more than ever before.  So the same thing is going on with many new ways of manifesting our desires through the way of mirror neurons.

The same thing is also going on with healings all over the world.  Almost every seminar and teachings have people healing themselves in short amounts of times, and it’s growing and also going viral and becoming more and more the “norm” or common.  You can see it with so many things that were in the past taboo.  So we are evolving so quickly now all from mirror neurons.  The possibilities are really becoming infinite literally.

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