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What’s Your Frequency Code as You Evolve in Consciousness?
July 16, 2012

Newsletter Late?

Not sure if you noticed but this newsletter is two weeks late. I had two experiences that delayed it, I thought better late then never.

The web host that I create my website went through a major upgrade and it was just before putting my newsletter together. When I began this website a couple years ago it took a lot of learning but then it became quite easy and effortless. With the changes I had to relearn the new way to do pages and so on. So this was one delay, however the new way is better than ever now, it was so worth the changes.

Just when I was beginning to learn the new way, my father in law passed away, in a six week span he found out he had cancer and died, at an early age of 62. It was shocking because it was so unexpected and so fast. I always find it challenging because of being in self healing for so long and yet he didn’t even want to hear about it at all or not even about alternative therapies either. So I had to lovingly accept his wishes and allowed him his own journey. Just like with other relatives who went through similar deaths and I keep myself open to infinite communication too.

I contemplated again allot about everything as we usually do through changes and or death. While also pondering my own still unprocessed programs of still experiencing realities shifts that I am still in?

Now I ask you have you experienced more emotions or programs of beliefs still not processed? Especially when you have already done so much to clear so many blockages, yet there’s still some residue to work on. We know this is more parts of the journey of evolution that we continue until eventually there will be no more processing of past stuff left to process.

This evolving journey we are on can be quite challenging as we continue to remove more and more limited beliefs that keep us spinning or stuck in reality we no longer prefer. Until we really can ace transforming any negative to neutral energy and creating it to be blissful no matter what the experience we are dealing with will take total commitment. And any helpful ways we can do that will speed up the process. Are you ready to really take control every day to create the changes you want? Below are a couple more helpful guide lines that may just give you the edge you need. If the links do not work you can find them on the Infinite Manifesting Site Map 2 page.

Knowing Your Vibration Frequency Code

We all know about law of attraction and everything is energy that vibrates at certain frequencies that attracts or creates vibrations that frequenize by tuning us into the reality we experience So knowing what frequency that you are vibrating can be very helpful for your body’s health and for speeding up your desires manifested too. Vibration Frequency Code

Knowing the Stage You are In as You Go through Your Evolving Transformations

We all go through our own personal ascending or evolving transformational stages uniquely yet there are certain levels that we go through that are similar. Knowing the stage or level you are in helps guides you through what you are going through. And what to expect along your ascending transformational journey may also trigger a recollection of your desired future too. Transforming Consciousness Realities

Switching Realities Journal

if you are not aware of switching realities it really does go unnoticed as even occurring. By keeping a journal in the beginning it not only focuses to keep you more aware to slight changes, it also registers to your infinite self that you are really committed to the realization. You will also notice more reality shifting with other people changing too. It moves manifesting beyond to realize that we are not just manifesting our reality we are switching to existing realities all the time. Switching Realities Journal

What's New Blog

Just a reminder to check on the What's New Blog page for new information and videos. If any of the newsletter links do not work you can always re-subscribe by accepting HTML version as the links work in that format instead of the plain text version. You can also find the links on the Infinite Manifesting Site Map 2 page. What's New Blog

no matter what you are going through presently by keeping open to your infinite self or other spiritual beings of the most heartfelt loving nature will always lift your spirits literally. While keeping inspired with more empowerment in your day to day life and in your so worthy self that you are.

Infinitely Anna

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