Switching Realities Journal

A switching realities journal or manifesting journal will keep you more aware by heightening your awareness if you are still questioning if switching realities or parallel realities is a truth.

If you are still hesitant or uncomfortable with the belief of switching realities as a truth then using a journal to keep track of your manifestations is a great start.

It will become more comfortable and expand your awareness to eventually expand beyond to merge manifesting into switching realities. This was my experience.

When I first encountered the knowledge about switching realities from the movie “what the bleep” then from Bashar and then quantum physics my manifesting journal switched to a switching realities journal.

Even though it sounded so out there at first, it resonated with my heart and soul, just as it probably did with you too.

In a notebook I write what I want to experience that I have not yet in one part of the book. And in the other part I write past experiences or recent reality switches and any noticing of other individual's changes too with a date and time.

I have noticed that after using the switching realities journal for a few months that it became so natural that I stopped using it unless the urge comes to write in it.

Just as any other expanded paranormal experience it becomes natural and part of our new expectations that we then live our lives by naturally.

An interview with Cynthia Sue Larson

Highest Benefits from Using a Switching
Reality Journal

It takes heightened awareness to notice changes because if we are not staying aware we will miss the most amazing experiences of switching parallel or infinite realities by keeping a switching realities journal.

Sometimes it takes a few days, in the beginning it took weeks and sometimes months before changes occurred and a journal was so helpful as I could also look at how the timing lessened.

A switching realities journal automatically alerts your infinite self that you are committed and creates it to be a priority that you put more attention on.

You will also notice more and more experience of reality shifting and other versions of people also change too.

Changes to Notice and
Write In Your Switching Realities Journal

It really takes constant awareness because without awareness on a consistent basis so much will be missed, especially with other people.

Have you experienced talking to someone about a past experience you remembered yet the other person has no recollection of what you are talking about? Or vice versa?

When the ego is involved we would chalk it up to the other person having a problem with their memory, or ourselves having a problem with our memory, asking why we or the other doesn’t remember. In switching realities the other person may be another version with even a different history.

Many on the lower consciousness scale would chalk it up to coincidence. However when we are on the higher levels of consciousness and have experienced it numerous times with awareness and have kept a switching realities journal we see our own proof.

Some individuals that I would not have expected to become interested in self healing are not only becoming interested but also healing themselves. Yet there are others who are not, but just noticing the ones that are will eventually tip the scale as I expect and switch to the versions of all others who are naturally doing it.

Taking notice and writing down all that comes to your awareness will be a great benefit as you expand and heighten more awareness and perception of higher consciousness of the nature of reality.

Perpetually Noticing the Changes

When we accumulate enough of these experiences and writing them in our switching realities journal we begin and expand to see the patterns emerging of switching through infinite realities.

At first when you are trying too hard you actually resist and may become frustrated if you don’t notice any switching.

However if we are really switching all the time, then it seems that if we haven't changed then we are still switching but to realities that seem the same.

Just like everything else, the more we do it the more effortlessly it becomes and the more natural it becomes just from repetition it rewires as aware reality that allows expanded perception.

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