Transforming Consciousness Realities

Transforming Consciousness Realities can be a great benefit as you raise your vibration frequency level higher in consciousness. Through my own experiences I have noticed that it was helpful for me to perceive evolving through different levels in consciousness of realities as a guide that inspires me to go farther.

Though we are parts of a whole, we are unique with different flavoring as we live our lives. We all stop at different levels on a vibrational scale of either lower emotions and may vary along our days depending on how we react or respond to different experiences. The more wisdom we accumulate through our experiences, the more we realize that stopping too long at the lower levels of consciousness creates our journey to be out of harmony with our infinite self.

In lower consciousness we experience struggle, allot of effort and frustration, as we experience higher levels of consciousness we experience effortlessly with absolute trust and ease.

All levels affect our body, lower levels with illnesses and disease, higher levels with healthy, vibrant consistency. Most of us may teeter back and forth at different levels until we realize that we are what we believe and think we are and this inspires us to work on staying in the higher levels until it becomes the new natural way to live.

Realities can also Intertwine and Layer
into Other Levels of Consciousness

Everyone is unique in the various overlaying of evolving experiences, however this is a specific guide almost like chapters in a book compared to a book having no chapters.

This guide of consciousness transformation realities helps to organize our evolving experiences through inspiration by realizing where we may become stuck. Some individuals already come into this physical reality with more experiences and remembering then others and have many spiritual experiences that feel natural compared to others.

Some individuals believe and experience death of loved ones still existing in another dimension and keep the connection and communication open yet don't believe they create their reality or vice versa.

So everyone has their own journey's however when we keep moving beyond as we are transforming consciousness realities into the higher realms all layers seem to merge in one knowingness with everything combined. So there’s no final specifics, this is more of a general overview created from my own experiences from many great teachings.

When you combine your vibration frequency code and your transforming consciousness realities together they will inspire you while showing you where you may be stuck or have blockages while on your spiritual infinite journey. Both are of your highest benefit when being aware of the transformation levels you are at so you can move yourself beyond.

Transforming Consciousness Realities

Reality Level One
Birth into Physical from an Infinite Dimension

Our infinite spirit which is the whole of our self chooses to birth into a physical body or bodies to experience in the physical plane of existence for many purposes. Whether it's amendments with others from other lifetimes, eventually in the higher levels we realize it all really starts with our self. Everything is a reflection like a prism that we work through transforming consciousness realities of everything being of our own reflection intermingled with others.

To experience realities through physical senses adding to our soul memory as we are transforming consciousness realities. For newer experiences while we ascend the levels of limitations with the purpose of transforming the limitations of the low vibration frequencies of
consciousness into higher vibration frequency’s of consciousness.

Being birthed in limited consciousness with amnesia of where we just came from into a world to find our way to experience pure divine unconditional love and bliss in a physical body with sensations of feelings and experiences. To break through as many limitations and amnesia as possible and remember great wisdom to be recorded into our brain and body cells through our physical limited evolution of spiritual infinite empowerment for the experience.

Reality Level Two
Thirst for Knowledge Amnesia Lifting

For many individuals this level starts in their teenage years, however because of limited and negative conditioning the rebel stage may become squashed into conformity. Until one finally acquires enough knowledge or infinite recollection and finally follows their infinite spirit, soul and heart to break through the conformed conditioning and follow the evolving transformation stages.

This can last decades either through perpetual rebelliousness or suppressed rebelliousness yet with the deep infinite intuition that never gives up. Feeling different than others is experienced for short or long periods of time as we go through fear with many different disguises.

Even though fear can be disguised in so many variations with so many attachments with layers upon layers to have to peel or melt through, each individual has their own unique flavoring of fears like anger, frustration, depression, blame and so on. Including many lifetimes of going through different specific fear themes.

The bubble so to speak becomes to burst as we had the marker in consciousness of 2012 as a breaking point to finally bring fear to its head once and for all. Without this 2012 marker it may have extended into many more lifetimes of limitation of fear, and for many who are still not ready to take the infinite journey they will be oblivious to this evolution. However for us on the infinite journey I believe for many of us we have subconsciously programmed ourselves before our physical birth to have 2012 as an anchored marker to remember and use it for our highest evolution this time around.

Psychic and paranormal becomes intriguing and important while learning or remembering that limitation perception is a fear stage in the transforming consciousness realities. The norm has not conformed to the reality of the paranormal yet and has allot of fear judgments about it. As we will see in later stages this is the most important part of evolving consciousness.

On the transforming consciousness realities this stage is perceived as reincarnation and is still working from the program of linear perception in consciousness of past lives and reincarnation as in the past that spills over into our present and future.

Note in the later transforming consciousness realities this programmed belief becomes merged as time becomes more flexible in perception and reincarnation is then perceived as simultaneously going on multidimensionally.

Reality Level Three
Nature of Reality

Through our thirst for knowledge we either have already lifted from our amnesia or have read, researched so much knowledge about the nature of reality and how we always have created our own reality from our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Once this knowledge is absorbed we become passionately consistently working on creating our reality into our daily lives. We at first experiment consistently until enough proof is established for ourselves and is downloaded through rewiring our brain into actual beliefs that are like the new programs we continue to live our lives as a result.

Some individuals may become stuck in this stage or even stop and discontinue forming the beliefs needed to continue depending on their own journey or land up giving up on it all and revert back to disbelieving it. Realization sets in that our body is a creation from our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The individuals who passionately with consistently continue this part of the transforming consciousness realities flow into the next stage.

Reality Level Four
Knowledge Transforms into Wisdom

Through Our Own Experiences this part is really the beginning of sovereignty transforming consciousness realities because we shift from absorbing so much data of information until it saturates our brain’s rewiring that creates all the chemicals and proteins to cascade through our body.

Our heart and spirit is so into our evolution that our passion perpetuates overflowing with love that sustains our continued journey.

You no longer just continue to accumulate knowledge, instead your passionate desire is to experience all the knowledge that you have downloaded from your soul into your embodiment and the desire is overwhelming for the experiences of all that you have learned.

This is a crucial period through the evolving transformation stages because at this stage many of us can become stuck if our passion varies. Or and if different fears begin to surface again as they can through many levels of transforming consciousness realities. This stage can go on also for years or decades depending on the individual’s passion to continue, give up or stay stuck for awhile or some never get passed this stage in their present lifetime.

In this part of transforming consciousness realities your own experience is everything, you no longer are influenced from another about your own beliefs that have become your knowingness. You are no longer wishy washy, teeter tottering or persuaded in your wisdom because you have learned to trust your infinite self that has become by your own knowing experiences from your soul and heart.

Though this had dawned on me so many times throughout my own journey, I again realized it the other day while I was listening to some youtube video’s to add to my web pages for this month’s newsletter.

Years ago I read Dr. R. Hawkins book Power vs Force and decided to include his levels of consciousness and energy in my page on vibration frequency code to combine with transforming consciousness realities . As it really gets to the point of understanding how important our energy of emotion by using levels of consciousness as a guide.

I did become side tracked and land up watching many of his video audios, some from his earlier years and some from his later years. One in specific was his video about his opinions of the occult. First I was shocked that turned into surprised in noticing his beliefs in the paranormal or psychic as he became older. What first surfaced in my mind was the famous words from Timothy Leary, “Think for Yourself, Question Authority” and then along with it came many more attachments from not only everything else I learned and experienced but also many great ancient and present teachings. It came rushing through past the speed of light it seemed and saturated my beingness. It was almost like the last test, so to speak for myself of how committed I am to my own self be true kinda of thing.

I questioned and pondered David Hawkins beliefs as he became older and more fearful? Listening to the videos when he was younger he was so in tune and then in his later years how the dogma and fear took him over. Then I realized how persistent and deep fear can be and how important it is to follow my excitement that lead me to another unraveling layered fear to surface in my awareness. I realized since I came across this video I also realized that I can only attract what is still a frequency energy program in my beliefs. One last residue of lingering toxin of paranormal intertwined with dogma in me left to transform. It puzzled me because as you know I have experienced so much paranormal already in my life, yet lingering residue of religious dogma once again surfaced to transform for the last time.

United Perception, Paranormal is Now Normal

This experience showed me is that my beliefs are now so absolute and strong about not only this infinite spiritual journey in physical, and the invisible dimensions that are thinning. Also that I no longer see any of the psychic or paranormal as abnormal but as normal and soon evolving even quicker for the norm to perceive it that way. Or switching to the reality that it’s all going to be accepted as normal.

The occult video triggered my seeming last trigger of attached old limited memories to work on and finally release to experience my complete trust in myself and connection to infinite spirit. There was no wondering if he was right or if I was right because I realized that was judgment that teetering from negative and positive, the ying yang, paranormal or normal. In the earlier evolving transformation stages I would of and have with other teachers became defensive and played around in fear’s domain for awhile. This time I was YONG, no more duplicity of swinging back and forth, I realized that I was experiencing a lingering opportunity to know my own wisdom and not be altered any longer by anyone else, authority or not.

I was true to myself. I didn’t judge Dr. Hawkins instead I was thankful for the experience and realized he has his journey and I have mine, it was genuine acceptance, appreciation and unconditional love.

This is the differences in the different transforming consciousness realities we go through. We will always know through our own heightened awareness and doing the work through every single experience in our daily life. It also shows me again by following my joy by watching all the video’s for hours until I came across the one that I needed to experience what I did and grow from it. Instead of feeling guilty for sidetracking I was aware and went with the flow that felt best to go with.

Reality Level Five
Processing and Releasing Past Lower Frequency Memories

We become to realize that all of our past memories and triggers of low vibrational frequencies must be dealt with by bringing them to the surface. Processing and purging them and allowing the experiences of whatever way it takes to finally release all the past lower attachments.

Transforming all low vibes to higher thoughts and feelings of consciousness and continue to do this perpetually. We realize to know forgiveness is the doorway to infinite love has all our highest benefits. We become on the journey of being a love bliss transformer. We also realize that genuine self love is the high frequency that heals everything and everything flows of our own perception as our reflection. We are becoming conscious responsible creators of unconditional love.

Reality Level Six
Passionately Committed
Experience All Possibility

In this part of the transforming consciousness realities we are heart, soul and spiritually committed, our ego is merged lovingly with our infinite spirit. We no longer perceive separation, we experience everything as part of the ONE, everything.

In this higher consciousness it’s all about we only do to another what we would want done onto ourselves. This may seem uncomfortable when we are in the early stages however it really does change our perception when we absolutely know that everything is part of the whole, one.

If we still teeter back and forth a bit, all that means is we teeter between realities but no longer alter our own knowingness because our own experiences is our security. We are taking our guidance now from higher consciousness instead of social consciousness of the lower frequencies. We are guided effortlessly by infinite source or spirit, higher self. Doubt, confusion, anxiety and all that goes along with the lower frequencies and are no longer even triggered.

Naturally and effortlessly we just know the best path to follow in regards to decision making and everything else in our lives.

Everything is so easily transformed to bliss because we have realized it’s for our highest benefits and also one of our major purpose that we came here to do. Simple, easy, effortlessly, clarity, peacefully and blissfully is how we experience everything. The referral of heaven on earth, bliss and ecstasy in our physical experiences, even if we teeter back and forth of different levels we now fee more naturally comfortable in higher consciousness.

Reality Level Seven
Immortality, Illusion of Death
Is Realized that Death is a Choice

In this level of transforming consciousness realities the memory of Immortality urges us to explore like a residue memory of our infinite spirit in the journey of physical. When we have merged our ego totally, lovingly with our infinite self becomes one, there’s more excitement to experience.

This is when immortality becomes interesting and we recall and resonate with the knowledge, for myself it was from a Ramtha teaching that we have already incarnated for many of us thousands of times into physical bodies for many unique reasons. When we evolve to this transforming consciousness realities we remember this as many past lives have already surfaced and we now see them as simultaneously in the non linear dimensions of consciousness. So it’s no longer reincarnation, it’s now perceived as multidimensional lives as time is becoming so fluid and flexible, almost timeless.

We feel the excitement of new adventures because we’ve had enough of the same old realities through transforming consciousness realities and we now want to experience the adventure of being the creator of our reality in every dimension of it. Which means being able to control by command our body cells to reverse the aging process, sustain our desired physical appearance, this time not of vain but for the evolving experience. We’ve come far enough and now revel in this new immortality adventure to be experienced with a physical body with all of our memory intact.

Reality Level Eight
New Adventures to Experience
Infinite Dimensions

Through the transforming consciousness realities this level is similar as graduating to a new plateau of realization from all the experiences we have already had of creating our reality and now want to take it to the next level. Living a desired hundreds of years if we want to, the body is at our command now, we are the law giver and we know it.

Since ego has already merged there’s no vain, or caring about what others think, we are infinite beings experiencing andexperimenting in transforming consciousness realities now. We probably seem so kindergarten still compared to higher beings or alien beings in these new dimensions in consciousness however to the social consciousness we would appear more Christ or God or Creator like. Which I do believe is part of the infinite evolutionary journey as we activate our Creator DNA gene.

As far as I have absorbed as knowledge about immortality and this stage of consciousness we then become excited about teleportation and bilocation. And walking through walls, levitating, instant manifesting, seeing what appears invisible to others in the earlier stages become visible. Switching to parallel or infinite dimensional realities is what we are doing. We no longer question or wonder if it’s true or not, we have already done that in the earlier through transforming consciousness realities.

In this stage, we know it’s true and we want to experience it for ourselves along with all the other evolving experience that go along with it.

We communicate with others who have passed from this dimension to the other dimensions, no matter where we or they are. We communicate with beings from many infinite dimensions of higher consciousness.

We know there’s no separation anywhere in the infinite dimensions, all we have to do is dial or tune in with no static. We already know through transforming consciousness realities that death is no longer an ending and beginning, death is a choice.

We know we’ve experienced death thousands of times and no longer follow that path because we want a newer adventure of experiences of making more unknown known. We are fearless and all knowingness and continue into more adventures. Beyond this stage will be another chapter to our journey once we experience this stage.

We are transforming and our body symptoms we go through mimic old illnesses that are new upgrades our body is adjusting to as we tune into higher frequencies.

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