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Are you Ready for the Next Infinite Crossroad?
March 01, 2014

Are You Ready for More Creative Crossroads?

Great cheers. Wow, it still amazes me how fast time is flying by, well in my experiences it is. Considering it was December since the last newsletter which seems to like it was yesterday. On this evolutionary path we are on, we all come to many roadblocks where we contemplate our next crossroad, and some of these crossroads can be very challenging and we test what we know and choose the next higher crossroad to take. If you are at one of these roadblocks of initiations or want some reminders of steps to take the high road, click this link. Or you can also find the roadblocks webpage under the navbar heading at the website, Leading Edge Wisdom" it's the first box link if this link does not work for you.

I Know We All Have So Much in Common

If you are still reading this newsletter, I know you are unstoppable, you are passionate, you have been through hell and back, against all odds, following your divine blueprint of your spirit and soul, and nothing, absolutely nothing will get in your way on your infinite journey of enlightenment. That means you, we really are doing what we came or rebirthed here to do, which is to evolve into enlightenment, ascension, whatever we want to call it, it is going beyond and being on the leading edge because it’s a calling, urging of our higher infinite self, oversoul.

My infinite intuition also comes through that every one of you that agrees with the above paragraph is also a part of our oversoul, and that’s probably the very reason we all seem to feel like family, have such a deep connection to each other. Whether it’s through connecting through email, phone, submissions, and or just reading anything that’s in alignment with this evolution, if it resonates with our heart, soul, spirit and embodiment, we are part of this infinite oversoul.

We are Evolving and Working on Similar Paths

We can safely and trustingly discuss anything, even the most outrageous things with each other because we are on the same oversoul path. We have learned so far or are on the way of completely releasing all judgments on ourselves which overflows into everyone and everything, and releasing all past that no longer fits in with our higher path and purpose.

We have learned or are learning to become detached yet more unconditionally loving than ever. This is the reason we feel so comfortable, safe and trusting of one another because we may be from the same oversoul and working along the same infinite path in our lives. Though we may have slightly different desires, the one big desire that passionately sustains our evolution of higher consciousness is to become as sovereign as we can.

Being the Realty Timeline of Your Desire that Already Exists

Have you been working on or have you let go of beliefs all together? To stay only focused on the present continuous momentum of the already end results that creates a present perpetual state of being that actually, literally switches you into reality timelines? I found this to be the simplest, easiest way to become into the reality we desire to experience. Click here to read more on Reality Timelines

Creating the Newest Blueprints or Newest Stories

Taking a really good look at the life you are living and all the beliefs, ideas, stories, all and every part of it to actually see who’s reality of programs you are really living day to day. Though I knew this, it took a great friend of mine to actually remind me that this can be done with every single thing, and it was like a big light bulb went on, and since it has expanded every single day for me.

In peak consistent awareness I am now questioning absolutely everything so that I can delete and create the newest infinite blueprint to live out. How about you? I found this to be still yet the greatest step to really owning myself in the most creative sovereign and expanding way. Click here to read more of Infinite Blueprints

Keep Honoring the Divine in You

Infinite thanks for being on the leading edge and staying connected as you have with us all in these newsletters and infinite manifesting’s website. We all together appreciate each others input in every way. Energy is energy in whatever ever way we are energizing it, and nothing else matters but the love in our spirit, soul and hearts of being who we truly are to be.

Let’s keep going beyond because there’s so much more exciting adventures, abilities for us to experience, while we leave all old past behind that is no longer of service to us, or for humanity as we evolve as we continue to leave our footprints.
Infinitely Anna

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