Reality Timelines

Reality timelines have always been going on, however, when we are only seeing through linear perception. it would appear that there’s only one consistent consecutive time line of past, present and future.  We’ve already explored allot throughout this website of these types of illusions as we experience remote viewing, out of body and different dimensional experiences. 

A great example is ascension, enlightening body symptoms because so many of these symptoms are surfacing in our body as more higher vibrational energy is flowing into our bodies, and it’s essential to not react in fear.  Most importantly we must take it to neutral point zero energy and meaning to give it the highest meaning that only radiates with pure unconditional love and for our highest purposes.   

Getting Past this Trick
is Essential to
Reality Timelines of Preferences

I found this to be tricky because when we have done so much work already, we may think that we have come so far that fear and judgments are no longer an issue.  Yes that’s always the biggest test.  It’s always our own reactions or responding that creates the state of being that will be what shifts our reality timelines that we are experiencing. 

Just like pressing a remote converter to change channels on our television set.  Except what we are using is our vibrational energy frequency, which is our state of being we are in, that is our own frequency signature that changes realities of different timelines of channels to the reality we are experiencing.  When we are really in peak awareness we see so much now through these old illusions and actually see the differences from one time line to another.

Preferred Version
Changing to Preferred Reality Timelines

When did the reality channel of experience change?  When I contemplated long enough and deep enough to penetrate the heavy bubble to pop that brought many of my fears to the surface, to really look at and no longer deny.  No matter what the fears are, all fear is the most blessed opportunities to walk through so we can see from higher perspectives.

It's also when we begin to notice these sometimes slight and sometimes major changes in other people, even from one moment in a conversation to another moment.  By being aware to take notice, we will notice more these switches going on. 

If a person you were talking to was depressed or angry, and within a short time limit during the conversation you notice the person becomes optimistic and exciting about the very things that previously were bringing them down.  Our old perception we may have believed that our influence actually helped the person change.  However, when we look deeper, it may just be reality timelines we were switching through that are not noticeable until we observe them with the newer knowledge of reality. 

The shift may then of occurred because we responded differently than the past, we actually switched reality channels of timelines to our preferences that appear so subtle.  When we experience enough of it occurring this way, doubt does fade and we become more empowered because we actually begin to really comprehend the importance of perpetually working on ourselves and not on others.

Have you done it enough times to notice the differences of switching reality timelines?  We can use any situation or encounters as opportunities to only focus on love because any fears that are still deep within you will surface.  Once and for all we have to release all fear to the higher energies to graduate to the next level.


The more knowledge we learn and expand in higher consciousness, the more responsibility we have, it’s all part and parcel of one package kind of thing.  These are the greatest tests of graduating to next levels or different noticeable reality timelines.  It’s our prime opportunity, the tests that we come upon as our roadblocks of initiations that can switch our reality timelines.  So we can know how much we do trust ourselves and use our focused intentional energy to transform whatever is surfacing of fear, which will be pain in the body to love. 

Creating it to be what we desire it to be.  Remembering that only we are the creative story teller now, we can release the past and create new reality timelines from using infinite blueprints for our body, and the  reality we manifest to experience of our preferred conscious timelines.

If we continue with fear thoughts and emotions we will create disease and illness.  This is the infinite crossroad that we must pass to bring all fear and body symptoms to neutral and transform it to love.  Love ourselves so much that we choose life, once we do from the deepest of our soul, spirit, our body is then encoded with that infinite love, we are just naturally healthy and in harmony with everything and everyone. 

When we get to this full blown realization for many of us on this infinite journey, we also get to the level or deactivating the death urge, and this is something I will go more in depth in the next newsletter.  That will be the transformer of our state of being to switch us to our preferred reality that we will then be living and experiencing.

Putting Timelines into Practice

I have been experimenting quite a bit lately on putting timeline shifting into practice.  Whenever I am in conversation with another person, and they are talking about something that I'd rather have them speak differently, or in a more positive evolved way, this is what i now practice. 

As they are speaking, I am multitasking because I am listening, however at the same time I am also rewording in my mind how I prefer for them to be actually saying, how I would like to hear it as.  It's quite amazing after doing it over and over how naturally it has become to do, and more amazing to actually experience the preferred changes too.

Have You Experienced Reality Timeline Shifts?

Do share any experiences you have had of reality timeline shifts and changes.

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