Infinite Blueprints
Will Keep You
on the Leading Edge 

I am choosing this label, Infinite Blueprints as in the most creative reality, stories because it simply and easily defines new blueprints to live out from intuitive higher infinite consciousness  that doesn’t have anything to do with any past that we have been conditioned to believe.  That means not living other especially lower consciousness ideas or stories, whether it be religions, cultural, family history values and so on.  It really can be quite surprising when you become in such peak consistent awareness to notice how often throughout each day of our choices, decisions and reactions or responses are based from past conditioning's.

This may sound simple and easy, however even though I have been doing allot of this for years, and I know you have too, it took peak constant awareness throughout every day with absolutely everything to really realized how much I was still living from the past of other people’s stories or conditioning's.

Sure we’ve read it, we’ve heard it from so many teachers in some way to let go of the past and use the powerful present moment as a momentum as much as we possibly could, and to make up new stories when we want a certain desire or changes in our lives.  You’ve probably done allot of what I have done with changing beliefs or data of info until we experienced the changes, example changing allergic reactions to food or anything that creates the body to react.  Healed yourself or others, the list can be so long, and we have all done allot of that already, however how about absolutely seeing everything as an old outdated story or lie or illusion or false truth of reality?

In whatever we have already accomplished, example healing, who and from what instructions did we actually do it from, someone else who already so lovingly shared their experiences with us, and then we were able to reciprocate it.  So how often have we really done anything that is not a belief, value or conditioning from some past?

Leaving the Past Behind and Not Looking Back

We must leave the past behind to create infinite blueprints or new stories for ourselves to live day by day, to be different than what we have done in the past, in how we have reacted and really take a good long look at what and why we do what we do.  Instead, we can use the most advanced creative intuitive soul reaching new infinite higher consciousness knowledge to create these new infinite blueprints. 

Though it does take laser like focused peak awareness throughout each day to notice and recreate as much as we possibly can.  It’s so exciting and creatively fun especially when we experience more and more proof for ourselves of this truth of the newest infinite blueprints of stories we manifest for ourselves.

Infinite Ideas
Higher Infinite Evolved Consciousness

We might think or believe that we are coming up with something so fantastic and new for our own infinite blueprint of ideas.   And we can own it if we want to experience it for ourselves, however we can’t take ownership of it in the way that we think we actually created it from ourselves when we realize that there’s an infinite hologram of consciousness that’s going on all the time. 

Any thought, idea or story that comes to us that seems so out there or new, already exists in infinite consciousness.  The only thing that changed is our own self.  When we change we become a different tuner, so we will tune into more unlimited infinite ideas and consciousness of realities.  So the most important part is choosing something different from our own past, and past conditioning, which does take letting go of the past by keeping ourselves aware as much as possible so that we can STOP and RECREATE with a new story or new idea or new belief that’s different than what’s already out there in social lower consciousness being constantly recycled.

Ready to Take the
Infinite Blueprint Challenge for One Week?

If you are game and can keep some kind of a journal so that at the end of whatever week you put your best effort into it, you can come back here and share it with us too.  You can share any part of this challenge and the process or experiences you went through, and or how hard or how easy it was.  We are interested to hear whatever you have to share about this infinite blueprint challenge.

 The Infinite Blueprint Challenge for 7 Days

Reminding yourself when you awake, and all through the day until you go to sleep for 7 days to stay in peak awareness of everything you do, and why you do it?  So that you can notice how much of your days in all that you do is done from the past of other’s conditioning or just your own. 

For myself when I did this and if we measure it in a percentage system so we can really get a deep insightful awareness,  it was still a bigger percentage of what I did still from past conditioning or others influence.   I was really surprised, after all this consistent work to realize and be in more peak awareness to reach for infinite thoughts.  So it’s a win win experience to get us to do more than what we are presently doing.

Infinite blueprints may be a blueprint for a while until you are able to keep using that infinite blueprint until it becomes a natural habit, then it’s no longer a blueprint, it’s the new infinite way you live life.  You no longer need the blueprint, and can do another 7 day challenge to let go more of the past and create and use a newer higher blueprint to go on and so on.

Infinite Blueprint Challenge Examples

I wake and perk my coffee.  I asked myself, “why do I perk and drink coffee when I wake?”  My reply, because I enjoy the taste and pleasure of it, and it actually helps wakes me and gets my day started.  Now, doesn’t that seem as I am doing it not from any past but just because I want to and like it.  However where did that association of pleasure with coffee actually come from originally?  Other people and commercials too, which is subliminal messages. 

I actually didn’t like coffee and didn’t start drinking it until I was 37.  I drank juices and water before coffee and it was other people who said, coffee will help get me through night shifts, but I was getting through night shifts fine before coffee.  So the real truth is when it comes to coffee it became added into the 95% because I realized through this peak awareness that it really was not my idea, it was other people’s ideas and conditioning that I choose to follow and integrate in my own life.  Though I did create it to be a pleasure still to this day, I can continue to drink coffee or not, it doesn’t really matter unless at any point I create anything negative to it that would affect my body in any negative way.

As my day continued in peak awareness, I became more and more amazed as you can imagine, or if you do your own daily awareness, that most of what we do we are doing from what we have learned have been from others.

Taking it a Step Beyond

Then I came to another realization that if I actually take what I already love about what I am doing, for example making and drinking coffee, I can create it with an infinite blueprint that can create for myself to be of a highest potential benefit up until now.  So I decided to create it to be like a magical potion.  Why not?  Other people, whoever they may be that I took subconscious cues from to create coffee to taste good, and enjoy and even need it each morning.  Now I decided to take it a step beyond and create it to be like a magical potion, so that when I am even actually making it and waiting for it to perk the ingredients and aroma is already activated in my senses of the magical potion.

When it's ready to pour in my cup and drink it, with every sip now, I remind myself that this substance, coffee is activating my body cells to regenerate with blissful love energy that overflows perpetually.  That my body cells are dancing to this loving rhythm, while the coffee's perking, and while I am sipping on it, creating my body to dance of the highest potential love rhythm that goes on all day.  All from drinking one or two cups of coffee.  We can create it to be whatever we want it to do for us, it's purely unlimitied with endless possibilities.

Once this becomes a natural habit, we can do it with everything, create it with our moisturizer we put on our face or cream for our hands.  The creative list can extend into everything, and create changes all day long with everything we also come in contact with.  And watch how amazing your day becomes to unfold. 

Also keeping in mind that it can never become a "crutch" because we know we created whatever we do in our associations to things in the neutral state, so we can always change or let it go too.  It's all part of being empowered on our becoming sovereign.

Deciphering between Choices
Lower or Higher Consciousness

This is very helpful when being aware to notice if you’re tuning an picking up information from lower or higher consciousness because that can make quite the difference for our choices to use it as our infinite blueprint or not.

Keep the Good Stuff
and Let Go
of what no Longer Serves You

We can keep what serves us as beneficial for ourselves and let go and change the rest into infinite blueprints or new reality stories.  Or we can use some of this old conditioning to experiment more on changing it to better serve us.

To really work the infinite blueprint challenge to its max, I found it exuberantly fun and exciting to take some really bigger stories or past conditioning's or beliefs to more extremes.  An example, I noticed a cold starting, I came into peak awareness that allowed me to take notice and change to revise my old experiences of colds to newer blueprints for my highest potential, or reality idea of an infinite blueprint that yes I am experiencing a cold starting. 

Of course I already know I subconsciously created it for whatever reasons, old beliefs or things that I have reacted subconsciously to, either way, I know it was my own creation.  That in in itself already has embedded that I have the ability also to not only heal the cold but to create even a more newness about it, an infinite blueprint or story about it.

I decided to create it with a new knowing that this cold that’s starting is now ending, it’s done, no more time of believing someone else’s story that it has to last for so long, or go through a process to eventually be gone.  I wanted it to be gone, stop it right when it began.  So my infinite blueprint became a one hour cold, and I kept my focus upon that infinite blueprint, and that became my experience, a cold that lasted only one hour.  The past blueprint or story would have been that the cold would of lasted at least for a few days with many more symptoms, but by being aware and putting the brakes on it, and recreating it all, was such an exuberant fantastic experience.

We can Only Know by Our Own Experiences

What truly, deeply and absolutely can we really know for absolute sure about anything of an idea or information that comes through to us?  The one absolute that we do know is by having our own experiences that prove it as truth for ourselves, other than that, we will not know until we experience it for ourselves.

Use Infinite Blueprints
New Stories with Everything

We can do this with any discomfort, pain, infections and so on.  We can do it with food, we can do it for everything.  Do we have to grow in gray hair when it’s just another outdated conditional automatic belief/blueprint of the past?  The same with aging, just as with any diseases or lack in any way. 

You can see how the list can perpetually expand to create the most creative infinite blueprints.  And when it actually works so that we experience our own proof that it does work, that means the successful neurons are wired that creates the expectation for us to expect whatever we change to continue to work that way.  Until we decide to change it, it will be the experience for now on.

Our new truth, our newest stories that changes our lives to be more empowered to be our own authority, which is loving ourselves enough to be one with the infinite divine that also allows us to become the most creative and sovereign than ever before with our infinite blueprints.

Share Your Infinite Blueprints and Experiences?

Share with us your newer ideas, stories, infinite blueprints and your experiences of the changes as a result.

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