Roadblocks are Initiations

All roadblocks are initiations of testing ourselves, our limitations and deepest fears.  As we come upon any roadblocks and if we become stuck, we can perceive this as a personal test. 

These tests are the most beneficial parts for us because they really are our greatest potential beneficial opportunities to expand, grow and evolve to other stages or levels of sovereignty or ascension, it’s all love growth. 

Growing and continuously being a love transformer while maturing into an actual Sovereign Infinite Love Being and gaining more empowerment and responsibility (response-abilities) manifesting our desires.

3 Important Awareness of Choices
at any Crossroad

Being aware of these 3 choices whenever we come to any roadblocks or crossroads in our infinite journey will make all the difference for us in whether we stay stuck or evolve further.  Knowing that all roadblocks are initiations that test ourselves and are catalysts of testing opportunities for us to conquer or pass to evolve as a result.  Meaning we have the knowledge and use the testing of initiations to experience what we know and it becomes our new way of living.   

We have 3 Choices at Any Crossroad

1.      Revert and react as we have in the past

2.      Stay stuck for a length of time and experiencing more unpleasant drama

3.      Move the roadblock with all responses of Love

    If we still have polarity of the dual judgment nature of negative (fear) and positive (path of love), automatically when we come to these roadblocks or feeling stuck, and react with the polarity of more negative perception about whatever we are going through, it will seem confusing and sometimes even hopeless or so impossible to go any further.   This means we are still reacting and perceiving with the filters from memories of the past, instead of the powerful present momentum that’s available on the love journey.

 At these different stages, reminding yourself that roadblocks are initiations that you go through, and the more that you successfully get through different stages, it becomes easier and with less effort.  The reason being because as we streamline a different timeline of reality, especially of higher love consciousness that is void of fear and has more potential memories, or embedded information of accomplishments and information that’s helpful instead of confusing or doubtful.

Guidelines or Steps of Evolving Initiations 

This webpage was inspired by one of our infinite manifesting friends in a submission for an actual page on the website of a list of steps or guidelines when we come to roadblocks as we continue on our evolving journey.   I appreciate and am thankful for his suggestion as it may also help others that come upon roadblocks in their life and journey too.

Step OneAwareness, Fear or Love

Peak Awareness in Realizing 2 Energies, Fear or Love

     No matter what roadblock you come upon, if it’s a roadblock and you become stuck, the most beneficial thing to do is sit in contemplation with focused peak awareness to notice if your reaction is from the past, fear or the powerful knowledge of the present, love?  While keeping in mind that these two appearing different columns of Fear or Love are actually just different notes, vibrations that we tune to experience different expressions of. 

 Under each column, remembering that fear has lists of everything that is contained within that energy of lower consciousness of;  past reactions and experiences, hate, anger, frustration, confusing, doubt, stuck, pessimism, judgments, disease and so on.

 So it’s really all one energy source, and it’s our own perception that changes the expression to be in the fear range, or going octaves higher into the higher energy ranges of love.  Love contains emotions of trust, divine esteem, knowing, being the law giver in all situations, joy, bliss, fun, excitement, open to higher wisdom and so on.

 So just by keeping this in mind at every roadblock, and asking yourself the Powerful Question, “am I reacting (subconsciously entertaining) from fear or love” allows it to be simple. 

 Keeping in mind that all past keeps the fear drama going to keep us doubtful or confused, and the love energy melts that all away until absolute trust is eventually established as we go through these amazing beneficial powerful realization that all roadblocks are initiations and steps that gives us the greatest opportunities to pass through another challenging initiation test to get to a higher level.

This step 1 is reminding yourself to keep noticing which energy vibration you are choosing and creating your experiences, moment to moment, and then we go onto step two.


Step Two…  Love Choice

Making Your Choice Consciously now with Your Focused Awareness

     Whenever you are at a roadblock and especially if you become stuck, it just means you were or are still stuck in the past without realizing it.  So step two is being aware that you made a choice from step one, and since your path is evolving then you will choose the love vibration at every experience you come upon as a roadblock.  As you now know that all roadblocks are initiations to further and expand your growth into more of an adult maturing sovereign infinite being on the love transforming path.

 So you have made your choice of responding of the love energy, and that brings you to step three. 


Step 3  Love Choice Focus & Response

Constantly Reminding Yourself to Stay on the Love Energy Path of Responding.

   Keeping your focus on continuously responding of the love vibration through whatever it is you are going through.  Doesn’t matter what your desire is, staying focused on the outcome, as if it’s already your experience is the love path higher vibration.  This roadblock is another initiation that will test you as another reminder from one of the 3 choices listed in the headline 3 Important Choices that will be either, past, stuck or present momentum of love. 

 Again, remind yourself, that you have chosen love, so that’s what you are perpetually focused upon and responding at every opportunity throughout your day when any roadblock appears, or any thoughts or fulfilled. 

We may go back and forth, fear and love for awhile until our focusing on our one choice becomes naturally habitual.  Also be aware not to judge yourself through any of these experiences either because that's a past reaction that swings you back and forth too.


Step 4…  Create a Trigger Sign

   This step is optional.

      Creating anything that surfaces for you from higher intuition or insight as a symbol or sign that will easily create an anchoring trigger as a reminder.  For myself I choose, IM with a heart around the letters, so whenever I was doodling, or throughout my day and at any roadblocks, my IM symbol would naturally pop up in my mind to remind me to stay focused on the love path as a love being transforming everything to love in every way and situation, experience. 

If your desire is healing a disease, you keep your energy and focus on the outcome at all times, especially if any fear surfaces, just delete that old past thought and refocus on you’re already healed and healthy.  This keeps you on the love path and creates the reality of your preference and you pass, move through the roadblock of your initiation.   

On another page on my website, you can also check out Trinity Impact Shift, I have also used TIS as a trigger reminder too.  The TIS page expands on using the power of the present momentum as our opportunity to choose what we desire as an outcome as if it already is manifested of our experience, and just expect it so it can be quicker than ever.  By doing it often it will create it to be a natural and occurring way we become to respond all the time. 

Summary of
Roadblocks of Initiation
in 3 Steps

We all go through and come upon roadblocks as our greatest opportunities to see it as a test to pass through to get to the next stage or level of our evolution.  Conquering all our limitations.  We continually will go through different personal and or collective stages, and the most important thing is doing it until it becomes habitual and natural to do, all of the time.

Step 1 … Choices, Fear or Love

Step 2 … Choosing Love

Step 3 … Love Focusing Responses

Step 4 … Reminder Trigger Sign (optional)

Roadblocks are Initiations and Can Include
Many Different Experiences

We will come upon many different roadblocks are initiations that will test our new knowledge that will become our wisdom from experiences when we pass the initiation tests.  We are changing all the time from old past beings into newer love sovereign beings through every initiation we pass through. 

After we are on the other side of the test, passed it, we then get to experience more and more powerful and amazing abilities that come with the passing newer levels of reality.  So there’s so much to look forward and keep that in mind as you go through these types of initiating testing crossroads.

Different Life Areas of Change
and Evolutionary Growth
Knowing Roadblocks are Initiations

Here’s a list of different areas that many of us go through as we evolve of higher consciousness as we come upon roadblocks are initiations that really test us, and get to realize and know that all roadblocks are initiations to get us to the next sovereign level.

 Conspiracy Theories

It may start out with conspiracies of many different levels at these knowings of roadblocks are initiations.  This opens the door to realizing that so much has been going on below the surface of lower consciousness hypnotic conditioning, and we may entertain and stir in that drama for a while.   However once we realize that we are the ones responsible for tuning into different reality timelines, eventually we refocus when we realize all these conspiracies were a big catalyst for us to see through so many of these illusions until we were ready to go further.  Then we go on to more loving and beneficial experiences instead of doom and gloom or any loss of our own control or sovereignty.

 Belief Systems

Realizing and coming to these types of crossroads really open the door too.  We become to know that everything is neutral and has no meaning, and the only meanings we have been living are someone else’s beliefs or conditioning.  After some experimenting in our own beliefs and experiencing that they really only have the meaning we give it personally, it breaks down a big roadblock.  We are able to create anything we desire to be of a streaming of information about anything we eat, drink, consume, actually about everything.  We bring everything to neutral, no meaning, and insert our own meaning instead.


When we experience enough roadblocks are initiations tests to realize that we are so sovereign that we get to choose our reality timeline, just as we do with everything and at every level. This part is great to pass because not even the government can get in our way.

 Medical System

This is a real biggy .  When we cross this roadblock and no matter how long it takes us to eventually become our own authority of our own body in every way, we no longer need or use the medical system.  We have learned and grown to trust our own self over anyone else and eventually after we go through many different bumps in the road and crossroads.  Always remembering that these may be the biggest opportunities that roadblocks are initiations in this area, and we have total trust in our self only, and this is a major sovereign leap in evolution for us.

 During this process you may even come upon the “death urge” “death habit” reality of death even as a concept of the fear energy that can also be transformed when you are ready for it.  I will write more about this in future newsletters.  Most importantly is passing the test of the initiation of illnesses to health again, no matter how scary it can become.   Once you pass successfully through this especially if death became a part of the experience in any way and you overcome it yourself is the most amazing experience of passing this test of roadblocks are initiations.

 This also goes along with and may be a part of one process or a linear progressive process or spontaneously of final elimination of dental and veterinarian services, and other loving beings as healers for you too.

 Masters and Teachers

Yes we’ve all had our share of many of the same master teachings from master teachers that have lead the way and most probably all of them received their intuition and guidance from other sources too because everything always did exist and always will exists.

All these great teachings are so amazing and beneficial to help us along to get past many of the really challenging roadblocks are initiations.  Most ascended masters and any alien or higher beings are the ones that have streamlined information for evolving.   Other teachers have colored many other great teachings with their own experiences, which give it such a rich diversity so that all can resonate with at some level and point.

However we can come to a big crossroad to realize just how sovereign and creative we can become knowing that all roadblocks are initiations.  And all that amazing power that comes with it, to become so infinitely creative that we listen to the most leading edge intuition and create our lives, our desire with only that focus, no matter how grand and outrageous it is.  

As we come upon the real resonating truth of the nature of reality that really all and everything is possible, we have available to us when we are ready in realizing that there are infinite reality timelines of infinite possibilities, and we get to choose.

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