What would if Feel like to Create Everything You Want?

What would it be and feel like to win $50,000,000.00 from a lottery?

What would it be and feel like to have totally no pain in your body?

What would it be and feel like to be blissful every single day when all hell is breaking loose?

We all know or heard all the teachings and knowledge that we do create our own reality, but do we really? Do we really take it to brain and heart every day through every experience we have? Do we know how to fake it till we make it? Because that is what it does take to experience the created reality we want.

These are important questions if we want to truly change, truly create so that we can experience the life we want to be experiencing. But we will never experience it if we do not take this knowledge into serious consideration and contemplation, not once in awhile or not for some things yet not other things. We have to consider it the truth for everything.

For any negative experience we are involved with or comes into our life is when we must take the most consideration and contemplation about it so that we can create the reality we want to experience. This take respons-ability, meaning the ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ differently then any negative way we have reacted previous, because that will be what continues to create more of the reality we do not want.

We really have to become so aware that we are creating every bit of our reality and always have the choice in how we respond that will be the next creation to be experienced. It is on going whether we believe it or not, we are always creating our reality dependent on our thoughts, reactions and feelings. How long we stay not changing our reality is all dependent on our own self.

So then we must ask … What emotions are we addicted to?

Remember that whatever we give our attention to expands!

Let’s use 3 examples from 3 major areas in our life.
1. Our Body
2. Our Finances
3. Our Relationships

Our Body is like a painting and we are the artist, whatever we are putting our attention on and how we react will be the end result of our painting, our body. Just as an artist cannot not blame someone else for the end result of the art or picture that is drawn. The body will only be whatever is going on in our own mind and our body will be the external creation. We must ask ourselves, do we wake up every morning thinking and feeling as if we have the healthiest and great well being in our body. Or do we give in to pain instead? Because the experience will be the reality created by our own self and what we have been giving our attention to. Are we giving the attention to pain, or are we giving the attention beyond the pain, to feel good first to then let the body take on those changes?

The same is with our finances too! Do we wake up every day thinking and feeling how it would be and feel like to have so much money we would never have to think of being concerned about lack of money again? Or do we wake worried about bills and how we will get more money? It will make all the difference … it will be what is creating the unfolding reality of our experiences.

Relationships are another important part of our life because we first must realize that every relationship is always a mirror of some part of ourself and how we are perceiving another. Do we think … some people we get along with and that’s great so we include them in the nice list and yet others are harder and more challenging to get along with, so they go onto another list. Yet in true reality, the individuals that are the biggest challenge for us are the ones that can show us how we are perceiving to begin with. They will only change when we do the changing through our perception of them first, then we will experience the changes in another. Never the other way around.

It takes a courageous human being to do this expanding work on yourself, it takes a dedicated, committed person who has a calling from their higher self and is taking the steps and guidance to keep going when the going gets so tough. One who can keep the faith when sometimes there seems like there is none to get a hold of … and that is why it’s defined as ‘keeping the faith’ in the mist of the fog. Keeping the faith in the mist of challenges.

I know because you are reading this right now!

You are taking that beyond step to know more about yourself and the nature of reality! And I know if you keep on with it by putting your most attention on what you DO want instead of what you DO NOT want, YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT! You will create your body, or and your finances or and all your relationships to be as you want them to be, if you just keep going until it all transforms, by you.

So when your body screams in pain, you know you have 2 choices,

give in and keep hurting or turn your attention on the well being feeling long enough until your body becomes that well being.

When your money is crying out not enough, you know you have 2 choices, give in to the poor me syndrome, or think beyond, put allot of attention on what it would feel like to be the opposite. To have won lots of money or to have created lots of money, whatever way you choose to attract to create it. The choice will always be up to your own self.

When others are behaving as you do not want them to, go beyond that to sit and pretend and feel would it would be like if you perceived them the way you want them to be, while they are being what you do not like in the moment. Instead of sitting there creating judgments instead see it as a mirror reflecting back to you what you need to learn and grow from it. So that it changes your own perception … perceive them the way you want them to be first. Even if it does not change in the moment! By doing this long enough I guarantee you will see the changes eventually. The length of time it takes will be dependent on what and how long you are putting your attention on what you want instead of what you do not want. Reversing the energy so that it can transform.

You will only know by practicing this long enough to see the proof for your own self.

Will you start tomorrow, or next week, or NOW! Knowing that NOW is already creating your future as it will be unfolding in its creation, so NOW has the MOST POWER always! By letting the NOW be the most powerful awareness you work with, will change everything.

You can also check out my 'what's new page' on my website about manifesting wealth by clicking on “what’s new” blog. If you have not heard of Cynthia Stafford yet then check it out, she won 112 million dollars from the California lottery by visualizing. More proof that what we visualize, believe and know, will manifest!

So Know You are Worth It ... Anna Antoski

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